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This is our most sought-after scent, Holy Grail, in a Eau De Parfum cologne format so you can sport the enticing scent of oud wood anywhere and any time. One spritz can easily last you throughout the day.

Our cologne packaging includes a protective, outer aluminum canister wrapped around an interior glass vial that houses .27 fluid ounces of cologne. The spray nozzle fully retracts within the protective canister when you give the canister a twist. You'll love the packaging almost as much as you love the fragrance.

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Product Information and FAQs
Size: .27 fl. oz. (8ml)
Suggested Use: Daily
Fragrance Concentration: Eau De Parfum
Spray onto clean, dry skin from 3-6 inches away. Target pulse points, such as your inner wrists and neck. Let dry for several minutes for alcohol to evaporate.
How to Use Cologne

Applying cologne isn’t as simple as a couple of pumps of your fragrance bottle. Using cologne is relatively easy, and it’s something most Kingsmen know already, but there are a few tips and tricks you may not know that will help your scent last longer.

Follow along with our steps to use the best cologne for men, and you’ll get the deepest, most long-lasting results from your favorite Kingsmen premium cologne.

  1. The best time to apply cologne is after you get out of the shower and dry your skin off. Applying cologne to skin that has not been washed may reduce its lasting power as the oils on your skin can prevent the scent from bonding to your body. Skin that is free of dirt and oil will allow your Kingsmen Premium cologne to grip the surface more efficiently and stay there for much, much longer. After you get done shaving and rinse and dry your skin is also a great time to apply cologne to your neck and behind the ears. The key is to start with fresh, clean skin.
  2. People have sung the praises of spraying cologne in the air and walking through it as droplets descend to the ground. This method is inefficient and wasteful. Your bathroom floor will end up smelling better than you do. Instead, you’ll want to apply the cologne directly to the skin.
  3. Locate your pulse points. These are the spots on your body where your blood is closest to the skin. The warmth from your blood under the skin will help keep that scent activated throughout the day. Examples of pulse points are your wrists, the nape of your neck, the inside of your elbows, and the delicate skin behind your ears.
  4. Once you’ve chosen the pulse points, you want to spray, hold your cologne about 3 inches away from your skin and give it a light spritz.
  5. This step is crucial and may seem counter-intuitive but trust us! We made that Holy Grail cologne so you can smell better than everyone; we’re not going to lead you astray now. Do not rub the cologne into your skin. After you’ve sprayed your pulse points, Kingsmen, just let it dry. It will dry fast because we’ve included ingredients to aid in the drying process. In a minute or less, your cologne will be dry, and you’ll have the best concentration of fragrance on your pulse points for a head-turning scent that lasts as long as possible.
  6. If you find that the scent of your men’s cologne is too overpowering throughout the day, or perhaps you’re not noticing it as much as you’d like to, adjust the amount you’re using. Even the best smelling cologne for men can become too much when it’s over-applied. Eventually, you’ll find that sweet spot and get into a rhythm with the right amount to use for your preferences (and sometimes the preferences of those around you!)..
  7. Every fragrance applied to the skin will wear off as time goes by because we sweat, we wash our hands a lot, and our skin rubs against clothes, scarves, hats and gloves. Feel free to reapply as needed when you notice the fragrance has worn off.
  8. If you’re prepping for a special occasion, consider layering your scent with Kingsmen premium beard care or grooming products in the same fragrance.

That’s it, Kingsmen. There’s not much to it, and if you follow these steps, you’ll find that you smell great for a long time, and your product will last you before having to purchase it again.

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Seaford V.
United States

Very long, lasting scent always use it thanks

Like I said before the wife loves the sense so that makes me happy. Thank you again.

Megan S.
United States United States


Smells great and lasts for a good while

Eric G.
United States United States

Fit for a King!

Very good quality and amazing scent! Easily portable to stay regal in any situation!

Dennis P.
United States United States


Always a great experience

connor d.
Canada Canada

Wonderful product

The product I never knew I needed. A portable scent of my all time favourite beard oil. I recieve complements whenever I I wear Holy Grail in both the oil & cologne. Can't go wrong with either!

michael k.
United States United States

Holy grail cologne

Compliments every where I go A Scent like no other. Love it !

Ryan D.
Canada Canada

Worth the price

Get the holy grail scent for whatever you're buying non negotiable.


Kingsmen Premium

Thank you for the quick review Ryan! Glad you love the "Grail"!

Peter B.
United States United States

Holy Grail cologne... Good to me and to my wife!

Great manly fragrance without being overpowering or cheap smelling. Good stuff!

Dyvek O.
United States United States

Great product

Great experience! Best beard products I’ve ever used, hands down!

Matthew M.
United States United States

Compliments for days

This cologne projects extremely well. I also get constant compliments when I wear it, and it lasts for hours!

Randy Z.
United States United States


It! It’s a very distinct fragrance and I just love it! Well done, Kingsmen, well done.

terry s.
United States United States

Terry NC

Love the body wash! Butter ! Cologne! Holy Grail works nicely withTemplar Knight.Keep up the great work. I’ve been a customer for a while. Better now than ever.

Todd B.
United States United States

Great cologne

This cologne is everything you think it to be, a great way to layer the Holy Grail scent

Jason J.
United States United States

Decent Cologne

Initial scent smells like alcohol and burnt wood, in my opinion. As the day goes on it gets better and has a more woodsy scent which is nice. If you can get past that top scent and let the heart and base notes come out, it's a pretty good cologne.

A Kingsmen Premium Customer
Jimmie T.
United States United States

Wife LOVES the smell

This little spray bottle literally sends the kids to bed early, every time. Totally worth every penny!!!

A Kingsmen Premium Customer
Jeremy L.
United States United States


Smells exactly as you’d expect for something called holy grail.

Oud – An Homage to the Kings

You’re about to be let in on an ancient secret. The scent of oud wood cologne has been extracted from the deep woods of South Asia since the third century and possibly earlier. The oud aroma has stood the test of time better than any other scent known to man, and there is a good reason for that: it’s intoxicating. Oud cologne has been the perfume of history’s great men for thousands of years, enchanting their subjects with a memorable aroma even if they’d just barely caught a whiff of cologne as an oud-sporting nobleman breezed by.

Experience the Luxurious Agarwood

What is an Oud Fragrance?

The oud fragrance for him is a warm aroma featuring rich musky base notes, reminiscent of nutmeg. When you breathe in this captivating fragrance, you’ll notice smokey middle notes mingling with a woody, earthy feel reminiscent of sandalwood. There’s a subtle dose of calming vanilla in the ambrosial top notes of oud that trigger the brain’s pleasure centers, permanently lodging itself in your memory. This scent is warm, woody, and rich without being overpowering. It’s pleasurable, memorable, and rare. There’s a reason this fragrance is called liquid gold. This is a scent that people have gone to great lengths and expense to retrieve for thousands of years, and though this drives up its cost, every ounce of effort is worth it.

What Does Oud Smell Like?

The intense perfume of Oud cologne for men comes from the resinous, innermost golden flesh of the agar tree. Agarwood resin is melted down to create the warm, deeply pleasing perfume that has been worn by Kings and Emperors for most of human history. Perhaps the most notable thing about oud cologne, aside from its unforgettable scent, is the fact that it can only be extracted from an Agar tree that has been overcome with a specific fungus. A healthy tree will not produce the perfume humanity’s elite has celebrated for thousands of years. As such, the scent is rare and challenging to harvest, but it’s worth every moment of effort to retrieve it because oud is undoubtedly a scent you won’t soon forget. Agar trees, particularly agar trees that have been consumed by Phialophora parasitica, the fungus that helps produce the men’s oud perfume, are found in South Asia. They’re native to dense tropical forest regions in places like Vietnam, India, and the Philippines. These remote locations, combined with the need to find fungal-infected trees make oud a rare scent, which adds to its mystery as well as the cost of production.

Pair Our Oud Cologne with Other Holy Grail Products

Kingsmen Premium’s flagship scent is dominated by the warm, vanilla and nutmeg-like oud fragrance. Holy Grail has been the most coveted and wearable of Kingsmen fragrances since its inception and the best oud cologne for men. This intoxicating aroma truly comes alive when it’s layered, using multiple Kingsmen beard care and men’s grooming products in the same fragrance to create depth and a balanced, long-lasting scent. Start in the shower with your Holy Grail beard wash, beard conditioner, body wash, and sea salt scrub. Replenish your beard’s moisture after washing with Holy Grail beard oil, a tried and true product Kingsmen all over the world swear by. Just read our customer reviews. Next, style and shape your beard with Holy Grail beard balm or beard butter and moisturize your skin with our Holy Grail lotion. Finally, top it all off with our Holy Grail oud cologne. Layering the best oud fragrances will ensure a balanced and captivating scent of oud that will stay with you all day.

Discover Our Men’s Oud Perfume and Other Masculine Scents

While oud is certainly a favorite among kings and noblemen going back centuries, it may not be the scent for you. Every Kingsman has different fragrance preferences, which is why Kingsmen Premium offers various scents. Our fragrances range from cologne-based scents to a crisp and clean scent that leaves you smelling shower-fresh all day. We even have an unscented version of each of our most popular products for those Kingsmen who have sensitivities to fragrance. No matter what your scent preferences are, we’ve got a product you’ll love. Shop the full line of Kingsmen Premium beard care products as well as men’s grooming products and find the scent you love.

Why choose us?

Kingsmen Philosophy

Kingsmen Premium develops and sells premium grooming products that help our customers look and feel like a king.  We are laser focused on responding to our customers’ needs and providing world-class customer service backed by our complete confidence in our products. 


I've been trying a lot of different companies and oils over the years and I must say that this is the best by far. The feel of it, the scent, everything. I have finally found the one for me. To quote highlander, there can be only one.

Sir E. Juvel

These products are awesome!! Period!! Every scent smells fantastic, Holy Grail is my favorite but I honestly love every scent. The quality is top notch and my beard is always looking good, feeling good and smelling great.

Sir S. De Medeiros

Feel like a king...

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