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***New 8 Ounce Bottles and Natural Formula!***

Kingsmen Premium Beard Wash is a gentle but hard-working natural beard cleanser for your mane. Packed with moisturizing elements, our beard shampoo won’t strip your whiskers of its natural oils but it packs a punch when it comes to removing product build-up. Carefully sourced beard wash ingredients are chosen for their moisturizing and gentle cleansing abilities that will break down the day’s balm, wax, or butter build-up, replace it with nourishment and leave your beard feeling fresh and clean.

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Beard Wash Scents
Black Knight - A premium cologne-like fragrance uniting lavender, citrus, berries, sandalwood, and rum spice.

Chainmail - Chainmail is a bright, summery blend of citrus fragrances.

Dragon - Patchouli and supporting fragrances invoke warm, earthy notes while calling on hints of incense and campfire.

Holy Grail - Our flagship scent is an ambrosial ode to history’s kings and noblemen. The exotic and intoxicating oud wood scent is a time-tested classic cologne aroma that powerful men have worn for centuries.

Kings Court - King’s Court is a classic, inviting fragrance with delicious sandalwood and vanilla notes.

Unscented - Unscented is for the man who prefers to smell a product’s carefully selected ingredients rather than added fragrances. This is easier on a sensitive nose and is better suited for those Kingsmen who suffer from allergies.

White Knight - A blend of lemon, sage and lavender to create a subtle, clean, and sunny fragrance.

Wizard - A tangy, sweet and bright blend of blueberry and thyme that will energize your senses.
Product Information and FAQs
Size: 8 fl. oz. net
Suggested Use: 1-3 times per week
Hold Strength: None

Test for allergies first. Wet face and neck. Apply Beard Wash to the palm of your hand and massage into your facial hair. Let sit for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Aqua (Water), Decyl Glucoside, Lauryl Betaine, Xantham Gum, Sodium Chloride, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice Powder, Citric Acid, Phenonxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, and Fragrance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Use Beard Wash

Beard wash is simple to use and doesn’t differ much at all from regular shampoo. Here’s a quick step-by-step to get you going:

  1. Always make sure you’re washing with lukewarm water. While the instinct is to get into a piping hot shower, lukewarm water is less harsh on your sensitive facial hair and skin. Hot water will extract natural oils that your beard and skin need. On the flipside, cold water will prevent your beard and skin from releasing the grease and dirt that your beard wash needs to extract.
  2. Wet your beard, making sure to get the skin underneath wet as well. We recommend working with a sopping wet beard that has been in the water for a minute or two.
  3. Start with a quarter-sized amount of beard wash in your palm and apply it to your beard.
  4. Work the wash into a lather, ensuring you’re reaching all parts of your beard and the skin underneath. Use your fingertips to work the lather into the roots. If you’re unable to get good enough suds, you might need to use more beard wash, but as is the case with most beard care products, a little goes a long way.
  5. Rinse your beard thoroughly, making sure every last bubble is gone. You should be able to feel when your whiskers are clear of any beard wash residue. You can use cooler water for this step if you prefer, as it aids in closing up the pores on the skin and hair, ensuring the nutrients and extracts in the beard wash are fully absorbed.
  6. Always follow up with Kingsmen Premium beard conditioner and use as directed. Quick tip: use the same fragrance as your beard wash to prevent scent confusion. Or, if you’re going with a beard wash with a woodsy scent, choose another woodsy scent for your beard conditioner.
  7. After a quick towel dry, always apply your beard oil (once again, in the same scent) and let it absorb before you use any other product on those whiskers. It’s important to hit this step while your beard is still damp. Damp hair absorbs more oil!
  8. It’s good Kingsmen practice to wash your beard only a few times per week, so don’t overdo it! Exceptions are, of course, a beardsman who works or spends time in a dusty, dirty environment. Outside of that, use your common sense and wash your beard when it needs a cleanse.
  9. It’s the same routine at the sink, as well. Wet your beard, lather up your beard wash, rinse, condition, towel-dry and always follow up with your favorite Kingsmen Premium beard oil.

Can I Use Regular Shampoo on My Beard?

No. Regular shampoo will dry your beard out as well as the skin on your face, leading to beard dandruff, patchiness and dry whiskers. Shampoo is designed for the thicker skin and more dense hair on your head and contains harsh detergents that can damage your beard.

What Does Beard Shampoo Do?

Simply put, beard shampoo or beard wash cleanses your beard. Very gently, it removes dust, debris and dirt while nourishing the skin and each individual hair down to the root.

How Often Should I Wash My Beard?

You only need to wash your beard a few times per week. However, if you work in a dirty environment or your beard gets grimy more often, then it’s better to wash when it needs cleansing.

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Richard M.
United States United States

Excellent scent!

The scent is very good! I’ve worn it every day since I’ve gotten it!

Brian R.
United States United States

Oil, balm and butter

I learned about Kingsman products earlier this year. I just made s as another purchase.. this order I got beard oil, balm and some butter.. all in holy grail.. that scent is amazing.. I used to wear cologne regularly and since discovering the holy grail scent I no longer use other colognes..


Kingsmen Premium

Welcome to the Holy Grail fan club Brian! I hope you're getting compliments out in the real world as well!

Andrew H.
United States United States

Smells great

Love it


Kingsmen Premium

And I love hearing it! Thanks Andrew!!!

Andrew H.
United States United States

Beard Butter

Great stuff. Really noticed a difference in the softness of my beard.

Kingsmen Premium Beard Butter Routine Kit Review

Kingsmen Premium

Thank you for dropping in some photos with your review Andrew!

Jennifer H.
United States United States

Awesome scent

My boys love these beard butter scent products- must try Chainmail


Kingsmen Premium

Thank you so much for the review!!

Marc A.
United States United States

By far the best products!!

Everything is made with such high quality. The beard wash and conditioner make my beard clean and soft the oils keep my skin healthy and smelling amazing and the butter keeps my beard hydrated and smelling amazing!


Kingsmen Premium

Thank you so much Marc!!!

Andrew C.
United States United States

Amazing Products

I don't feel that offering a bigger size of shampoo/ conditioner constitutes the drastic price increase. I personally run out of the beard butter before any of the other items so if anything they should have increased the size of the butter jar that comes with these kits. With this said, i would still recommend this product to anyone. I do love that in my last few orders I've gotten a hand written note saying thank you, this makes me feel good supporting a small business. I did also receive a free jar of the scent of the month beard butter in this order too! Thank you Kingsmen!


Kingsmen Premium

You're so welcome Andrew! Thanks for the review!!

Eric L.
United States United States

Better than k expected

The scent of the Holy Grain Beard Butter is amazing and it lasts all day! The consistency isn’t greasy at all and it works perfectly to hydrate and style my beard. I will definitely confusing this product!

Kingsmen Premium Beard Butter Routine Kit Review
United States United States


First use I don't know yet, but it will get better, right? :) And thanks to Dana

United States United States


First use I don't know yet, but it will get better, right? :) And thanks to Da

Lenny F.
United States United States

Smells great

I am impressed on how good it smells and my beard is soft.

David W.
United States United States

Great Product

Great! I have been using the butter & oil for a little over a year. The oil helps with dry skin and the beard butter helps shape well. I love the great scent too! It is not too much and is one I like a lot.

Kingsmen Premium Beard Butter Routine Kit Review
Nick K.
United States United States

Great quality

Love the viscosity of this oil and the smell is additionally very good.

Kingsmen Premium Beard Butter Routine Kit Review
Douglas K.
United States United States

Black Knight and Holy Grail

Love these scents. Will be ordering again.

Nick K.
United States United States

Dragon oil

Smells good. Certainly patchouli and slightly smokey. The quality of this medium weight oil is perfect for my medium density beard. Absorbs and nourishes well.

Kingsmen Premium Beard Butter Routine Kit Review
Jim T.
United States United States

New customer

This company is great! Fast shipping and great packaging. Even took the time to send a hand written note, this says volumes to me about the customer service. Products feel great on my beard and have a wonderful fragrance (chainmail) these guys are someone I’ll continue to use and highly recommend others give ‘em a try. You won’t be disappointed

Kingsmen Premium Beard Butter Routine Kit Review

A classic mistake beardsmen make is washing their beard with regular shampoo, bar soap, or shower gel. As a result, they can experience dry, brittle beards and flaky, itchy skin. Beard wash is a tool better suited for the job, as it’s specifically formulated for the sensitive skin and hair on your face. Beard wash is a cleansing product meant to be used as part of a complete beard care routine, replacing bar soap, regular shampoo, and shower gel.

Discover What Makes Kingsmen Premium Beard Washes the Best

If you’re a Kingsman making the switch from other forms of soap and shampoo to a Kingsman Premium beard wash, you’ll experience a true beard transformation. That’s because regular shampoo, shower gel and bar soap are all designed to wash tougher, more oily skin. Shampoo, for instance, is formulated to cleanse your scalp which has a higher density of hair follicles and thicker skin. More hair follicles mean more oil production, so the most effective shampoos often have harsh detergents and other oil stripping ingredients that are more effective for the skin on your head. They’re meant to tackle an oily mop, not a dusty mane.

Routinely washing your beard with shampoo, shower gel or other harsh soaps means your skin is probably dry. You’re probably struggling with beard dandruff and your beard is probably brittle and dull. All of these issues can lead to uneven growth and patchiness.

Enter beard wash. Beard wash is made with a specialized formula for your facial hair and the skin underneath. The best beard washes are going to be gentler, leaving your skin soft and your beard healthy and clearing out the dead skin buildup around follicles that can stunt your facial hair’s growth.

Kingsmen Premium’s beard washes are uniquely designed to soothe and nourish the skin and hair, rather than strip it, ensuring a delicate, exfoliating cleanse that doesn’t dry you out.

What is Beard Wash?

There is no escaping dirt and debris in your beard. No matter what you do, a mane is going to get dirty, oily, and dusty from time to time. Product build-up from days of beard butter and balm use is pretty normal and greasy sebum can weigh those whiskers down, making it impossible to style or control. There’s no avoiding it, Kingsmen, beard cleansing is important, but we also need to make sure we’re washing our beards with products that don’t weaken or dull their magnificence.

Think of your beard like a filter, and the hairs within are the fibers. Just like your car’s engine filter or the filter in your furnace, these fibers collect and cling to dust, dirt, bacteria, unwanted scents, and more. You don’t want to use regular bar soap or body wash anywhere near your glorious locks because these products will strip the natural oils just like your shampoo.


You need something specifically designed to heighten the overall health and look of your beard. Beard wash is a gentle cleansing product that has been designed with the beard and facial hair in mind. Kingsmen Premium beard wash contains moisture- and nutrient-rich extracts and ingredients like honey, vitamin E, vitamin D3, and sesame oil to ensure that as it cleanses, it also nourishes, leaving your beard and the skin underneath healthy and looking its best.

You will get a different result from beard wash than you would from a regular shampoo, shower gel, or bar soap because it’s gentler. Made without the harsh detergents commonly found in these forms of soap, beard wash is better suited for the skin on your face as well as a Kingsman’s mane.

Beard washes combined with beard conditioners are a powerful, transformative pair that will take your whiskers to the next level. Kingsmen who made the switch from cleansing with harsh, oil-stripping shampoos and soaps to beard wash report softer, fuller beards that itch less and don’t flake at all. A gentle Kingsmen beard wash will cleanse away dirt and oil, leaving behind important natural oils.

Followed up with Kingsmen Premium beard conditioner, any lost natural oils your beard lost in the wash will be restored. At Kingsmen Premium, we feel the most significant step in your beard care routine is how you cleanse it because that sets the stage for how well other products will work. It doesn’t matter how much beard oil you pile on your whiskers, if you’ve dried them out in the washing process, it’s hard to come back from that. Using a proper, gentle beard wash like Kingsmen Premium’s line of beard washes ensures all your other beard care products will be more effective.

Shop the Complete Collection of Kingsmen Premium Beard Grooming Products

The best beard washes are the first step in a great beard care routine, but it’s important to follow up with products that will keep your whiskers happy and healthy in between washes. We recommend following up every wash with a beard conditioner as well as beard oil, which should be applied every day whether you’ve washed or not.

Get even more beard benefits from nutrient-rich Kingsmen Premium beard butter and beard balm. Grab yourself a gentle beard brush and some mustache wax for styling and control. Beard care is a process with many steps, but each will ensure your beard grows full, soft, and moisturized and you’ll never have beard itch again.

Kingsmen Premium offers a full beard care kit that comes with every step of the beard care process, including the best beard wash, all in the same scent. Grab the full line of beard care products from Kingsmen Premium, or opt into the beard subscription box, and watch as your beard transforms from dry and flaky to touchably soft in mere days.

Why choose us?

Kingsmen Philosophy

Kingsmen Premium develops and sells premium grooming products that help our customers look and feel like a king.  We are laser focused on responding to our customers’ needs and providing world-class customer service backed by our complete confidence in our products. 


I've been trying a lot of different companies and oils over the years and I must say that this is the best by far. The feel of it, the scent, everything. I have finally found the one for me. To quote highlander, there can be only one.

Sir E. Juvel

These products are awesome!! Period!! Every scent smells fantastic, Holy Grail is my favorite but I honestly love every scent. The quality is top notch and my beard is always looking good, feeling good and smelling great.

Sir S. De Medeiros

Feel like a king...

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