Our Creed

The Legend of a Kingsmen:

Kingsmen Premium was founded in Grand Junction, Colorado in 2016 with the mission to create awesome-smelling, game-changing, American-made grooming products for hard-working men. Although our products are no longer manufactured in a two-stall garage, our mentality hasn't changed. We strive for every one of our tens of thousands of customers to have an awesome experience every time they purchase a Kingsmen Premium product. Our vision is to help our customers to live the best life possible.

Why We Exist:

For decades large international companies have been at the helm of personal care, monopolizing retailer shelves with mediocre products, outsourcing manufacturing jobs overseas, and operating at arms length from the communities they serve. We're here to change all of that. Kingsmen Premium offers only high-quality, small-batch products made right here in the good old US of A. If you're looking for a dull, faceless and soulless company, you've stumbled onto the wrong page. We're real people with real personalities that shine through in our marketing as well as our customer interactions.

Kingsmen Creed:

It is our belief that success is rooted in treating our employees, vendors and customers with fairness, dignity and respect.  In accordance with these beliefs, we strive to maintain a responsive and supportive small-company culture and to provide excellent customer service. 

Kingdom Philosophy:

Kingsmen Premium develops and sells premium grooming products that help our customers Feel Like a King and Smell Like a Hero.  We are laser focused on responding to our customers’ needs and providing world-class customer service backed by our complete confidence in our products. 

Kingsmen Vision:

To help men live the best life possible.