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Scent of the Month
Battle Sky (December SOTM) This is a masculine scent combining both woody and citrus notes. It is an amazing and complex fragrance that includes musk, bergamot, lemon, lime, sandalwood, vanilla, grapefruit, amber, lavender, and more.
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Limited time
St. Nick is back
The pine, citrus and frankincense blend was a hit with Kingsmen the world over with its fresh, clean scent that hits all the holiday notes.
During the month of December, you’ll be able to grab all your favorite Kingsmen Premium PLUS body wash and body lotion in the St. Nick fragrance.
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Beard Oils
Our premium beard oil is packed with nutrients that replace the moisture you lose in the washing process. The organic and all-natural ingredients work in harmony together to fend off itchy skin, brittle beards and beard dandruff.
Beard Balms
Our top rated beard balm will hold your style and control flyaways while giving your beard deep-conditioning and moisture all day.
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Beard Butters
Beard dandruff, itchiness and dry, brittle hair stand no chance against our powerful formula. All-natural and organic ingredients give you a light styling hold and deep conditioning, leaving your beard soft and touchable.
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Beard Conditioner
This transformative product is formulated to deliver nutrients to each individual hair, loading it with moisture and leaving it the healthiest it’s ever been. Your beard will be more manageable, unmistakably nourished and touchably soft after just one use.
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Beard Wash
Our carefully sourced ingredients are chosen for their moisturizing and gentle cleansing abilities that will break down the day’s balm, wax or butter build-up, replace it with nourishment and leave your beard feeling fresh and clean.
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Mustache Wax
Our wax offers a stronger hold so your hair will stay out of your mouth when you’re eating and drinking, and effortlessly preserve its shape. This premium product is all-natural and organic with ingredients we have carefully sourced to perform.
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Experience the softest beard of your life and make your mane more manageable than ever

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