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8 products

Beard Butters by Kingsmen Premium

The Perfect Addition to Your Beard Grooming Routine

Beard butters are quickly becoming one of the most popular products in beard care, and with all the benefits these natural products offer, it’s no wonder. Beard butter is truly transformative, offering deep conditioning, the promotion of growth, softness, shine and overall beard health. 

Bearded men around the world are discovering the neverending benefits of regular beard butter use. Kingsmen premium beard butters are the cream of the crop, boasting all-natural, plant-based ingredients that will have your whiskers looking glorious in no time.

What is Beard Butter?

Beard butter falls somewhere in the middle of a beard balm and a beard oil. Your beard butter is going to offer hold and control like beard balm while conditioning and moisturizing your facial hair like beard oil. 

Regular use of beard butters will keep dry skin and brittle hairs at bay, preventing beard dandruff and itchiness and promoting even, healthy growth throughout your mane. Designed for use throughout the beard, sideburns and mustache, beard butters are transformative products that will take your beard from dull and unremarkable to glorious overnight.

Beard Butter vs Beard Balm

Beard balm and beard butter often get mistaken for each other, but they are two different products. When it comes to beard butter vs. balm, the difference lies in the level of hold each product offers. Balm is used for a higher level of control, taming unruly flyaways and holding shape. 

Beard balms are made with wax for a stronger hold, whereas beard butters are often made with a base of shea butter or cocoa butter. Your beard butter will still offer hold, but it will be minimal. When it comes to conditioning and moisture, though, beard butter is going to win out over beard balms as the thinner consistency allows for more absorption. 

Used together, beard butter and beard balm are a moisturizing and styling force to be reckoned with. Bearded men rocking a longer mane will benefit from regular use of both. Those with a beard that tends to misbehave or who want every hair in its place would prefer the use of beard balm, while those after a more natural, tousled look might prefer a beard butter.

Beard Butter vs Beard Oil

Beard oil offers more conditioning and moisturizing than beard butter but none of the hold. Intended to be fully absorbed by the hair and skin underneath, beard oil is the consistency of olive oil or sunflower oil. Beard butter is thicker, intended to smooth over some flyaways while also soaking into and conditioning each hair. Beard oil and beard butter make a great combo, like a one-two punch of deep hydration, leaving your beard looking soft, healthy and moisturized. Beard oil should be used after a shower when the hair is damp. Then, you have to let it absorb for a few minutes. After that, apply beard butter for style, hold and more conditioning. You’ll also reap beard butter’s benefits by applying it before bed as an overnight deep-conditioning treatment.

How to Use Beard Butter

If you’re freshly bearded and new to beard butter, there are best practices to get the most out of your product. Here’s how to use beard butter as intended: 

  1. Scoop a dime-sized amount of beard butter and place it in your palm.
  2. Rub your hands together to distribute the beard butter through to your fingertips and warm it up.
  3. Start with the oldest growth, working your fingers through your beard to the newest growth.
  4. Work your hands through your beard to disperse the product, remembering to get the skin underneath. 
  5. Use your fingertips to distribute the product through your mustache. 
  6. Follow your beard butter up with a quick brush through using a brush designed for beards. 

How to Choose the Best Beard Butter Scent for You

Kingsmen offers a full line of scents to choose from, from cologne-like aromas to bright and fruity clean scents that give you that shower-fresh feeling all day. Choose a scent that compliments where you’ll wear it. 

Our warm, cologne-type blends like Black Knight, Dragon and the coveted Holy Grail are the best beard butters for more formal events and dates. If you’re looking for an everyday scent to wear to the office, a clean, energetic fragrance like Chainmail or White Knight make the best beard butters.

Beard Butter: Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Beard Butter Do?

Beard butter is a natural way to condition your beard deep down to the follicles while also delivering moisture and nutrients to the skin underneath. Your beard butter is going to offer a little bit of hold and control to tame those stubborn flyaways. Beard butter can prevent beard dandruff, itchiness and dry, brittle hair. Regular use of beard butter will fight patchiness and make your beard appear more full. This product also promotes growth, beard health, softness and shine and makes your beard smell great until the end of the day. 

Does Beard Butter Help Beard Growth?

Though beard butter was not designed to help beard growth, it is a happy side effect. Beard butters are natural products packed with deep-moisturizing oils and butters that deliver nutrients and hydration right down to the roots of each hair. The natural ingredients actively promote hair strength which prevents breakage and split ends, giving your beard a more full look while also clearing debris from the base of each hair, allowing it to grow normally. Regular use of beard butter will do wonders for bearded men with patchy manes. 

How Often Should I Butter My Beard?

The answer to this question depends entirely on what you want from your beard butter. If you need it to control your flyaways and give your beard a neater look as you work all day, then daily use in the morning is perfect. If you’re just using your beard butter to deep-condition your beard, once or twice a week is going to deliver results. Daily use is going to be great for your beard, but if you only use your beard butter once or twice per week, your beard will still benefit.