What is Beard Oil? And How to Use It

Blog posts What is Beard Oil? And How to Use It

Beard Oil

Beard oil is an essential step in a great beard maintenance routine. For eons, men didn’t feel they needed to take any special care of their beards, but we know now that healthy facial hair requires just as much attention as the hair on your head. Maintaining a healthy beard has benefits for your skin, it helps your beard look more full, your beard will smell fantastic and it will feel softer to the touch. And all of this starts with top-notch beard oil. 

What is Beard Oil? And How to Use It

Beard oil is probably the most important step in your beard care routine, especially when you use it after proper cleansing. Often beard oil comes in a small bottle with a dropper. Just a few of these drops a day can transform your beard, giving it a fuller, softer look all while promoting growth. That’s because beard oil is packed with nutrients carefully chosen to boost the overall health and appearance of your facial hair through long-lasting, deep conditioning. Your beard can go from dull, brittle, and dry, to luscious, soft, and voluminous while at the same time, benefiting the skin under your whiskers as well.  

What’s the difference between beard oil, beard butter, beard wax, and beard balm? 

Whats the difference between Oil, Balm, & Butter

So, you have a bunch of beard products on your bathroom counter. Are they all interchangeable? Do they all do the same thing, more or less? The answer here is no. You can’t replace beard oil with beard butter or a balm. Beard oil serves its own unique purpose when it comes to caring for your beautiful mane. Unlike beard butter, beard wax, and beard balm, beard oil does not offer any hold or styling benefits. It is purely used for beard nourishment. Beard oil boosts the overall health of your beard as well as the skin beneath. You will need a balm, wax, or butter to control or style it.

When should I use beard oil? 

  • After a shower
  • After washing your face
  • If your beard begins to feel dry a few hours after the initial application
  • Anytime you feel the fragrance has faded

So, you’ve bought yourself some beautiful-smelling Kingsmen Premium Beard Oil. Now what? At what point in your grooming routine should you include the use of your new beard oil? The short answer is that you can use it any time you want, but if you’re looking for the best results from your beard oil, you’re going to want to apply it right after you get out of the shower. Any time you wash your beard, you’ll strip some of the good oils along with all the dirt and dust. A beard conditioner can help to counter this, but nothing compares to working a stellar beard oil into your locks while your bathroom is still steamy. Of course, it’s just as effective after a quick sink beard wash, as well. 

You should always use good beard oil after washing your beard, but you can also use it throughout the day as needed. If your beard feels dry or brittle to the touch, there’s no need to wait for your next shower. Apply a little as your beard requires. This can be a more common necessity for Kingsmen who work a lot in dry, dusty locations or who have to wear a mask all day. Your beard is going to dry out a lot faster in these situations, and it’s going to need a little extra TLC.

For all those Kingsmen out there with stubble or short beards, don’t think this doesn’t apply to you! Great beard care has immense benefits for your skin as well as healthy hair growth. Don’t skip this step just because you sport a short beard! 

Using Beard Oil dropper

How do I use beard oil? 

Beard oil should always be used on a wet beard. It doesn’t have to be dripping, but at least fresh-out-of-the-shower damp. If you’re not applying beard oil after a shower or a beard wash, get a little spray bottle, fill it with water and dampen your beard before applying your favorite oil. 

Most beard oils come with a dropper in the lid. Using that dropper, you want to squeeze a couple of drops into your palm and then work it around your hands, focusing on the fingertips. This makes it easier to get that beard oil all the way back under the beard to help prevent dry, itchy and flaky skin. It’s important to make sure you’re reaching your skin because that’s where beard health begins. Once you’ve started at the skin, comb your fingers back through your glorious mane, shaking them for ample coverage. Next, pull your fingers up from underneath your beard, again, combing them through and agitating the hair as you do. Don’t forget to get your mustache as well! Rub any excess oil that may still be on your palms onto the beard and then comb through your luscious locks with a good, wide-toothed beard comb. Check out our Kent Beard Combs and Brushes here!

Sometimes, you might find specific areas of your skin or beard are extra dry, itchy, brittle or flaky. It’s okay to take the dropper and directly apply oil to that spot. It’s important to be in tune with the unique needs of your beard. As you make use of beard oil on a regular basis, you’ll get to know exactly what your one-of-a-kind beard needs and when.  

Man in bathroom after applying beard oil post shower

Why should I use beard oil? 

Washing your beard is a must, especially if we work in dusty or dirty places. Throughout our normal daily routines, there are numerous activities that are going to deposit dirt, grime, crumbs and more into your glorious beard. We can’t just leave it all there. There could be irritants, allergens, bacteria or odors and we have to get rid of them. The problem with washing, though, is that along with the dirt and grime, you may wash out some essential oils as well. You’ll find that if you only use beard wash and you’re not following up with a beard conditioner or beard oil, your beard is going to feel less and less soft. It will look dull and brittle and you might lose your love for your whiskers altogether. The best way to make sure that regular beard washing doesn’t destroy your beard’s magnificence is to condition it, both with an in-shower conditioner and quickly after your shower with beard oil. This one-two punch combo is going to restore the essential oils your beard needs to be resurrected back to its original luster and glory. 

Beard oil has numerous benefits that go beyond just nourishment, improved look, texture and scent. You’re also going to be able to combat any itchiness you might experience on the skin beneath your facial hair. Often, itchiness is caused or exacerbated by dryness. Your first line of defense is to make sure the area is moisturized with a high-quality beard oil. For the same reasons, you’ll also prevent dandruff, or what some in the beard care community are calling, “beardruff”. Regular moisturizing can stop the skin beneath your mane from flaking, which means you can feel free to wear your favorite black shirt any time you want! Beard oil may come in a tiny bottle, but that stuff packs a powerful punch and can truly transform the beard of any Kingsman.


How much beard oil should I use? 

How much beard oil should I use?

Now that we have sung the praises of regular beard oil usage, it’s important to note that you can use too much beard oil. 

Signs you might be using too much beard oil:

  • You’re noticing oil stains on your shirt
  • Your pillowcase is looking greasy
  • Your skin under your beard is breaking out
  • You have to repurchase your beard oil way too often
  • Thirty minutes after application, oil still transfers to your hands when you gently rub your beard

If you’re noticing any of these things, you’re going to want to reduce your usage of beard oil. 

Signs you might be using too little beard oil

  • Your beard still feels dry or becomes dry before the end of the day
  • Your beard and the skin beneath is itchy
  • Your beard and the skin beneath is slightly painful

If you’re noticing any of these things happening after regular beard oil use, you’re probably not using enough. Typically, a dime-sized amount is enough, or about half a dropper, but as you may have already guessed, this is going to vary based on your beard length and beard thickness. The best way to make sure you’re using the right amount of oil on your whiskers is a little bit of trial and error. Each beard is unique and requires its own customized beard care routine. In other words, listen to your locks!  

Man getting beard groomed in barber chair

Does beard oil help beard growth? 

Beard oils contain certain ingredients that promote healthy beard growth. Substances such as jojoba oil moisturize the skin with regular use. Routinely moisturizing the skin underneath your beard will reduce the occurrence of dead skin cells and other deposits that collect around the hair, leaving each hair free and clear to grow at a normal pace. The key to checking if your beard oil promotes growth is taking a look at the ingredients. Kingsmen Premium Beard Oil contains jojoba oil which is known to help promote healthy, regular beard growth. 

Beard Oil 3-Pack

What is the best beard oil? 

Our skin is already faced with a barrage of pollutants every day. The last thing we want to do is add more toxins to it during our beard care routine. That’s why reading the ingredients on all your beard care products is key. Do you recognize each ingredient? Are they all-natural or do they include known irritants and toxins? Can you pronounce everything on the ingredients list of your beard oil? You’re looking for clean beard oil, that is to say, a beard oil that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or pollutants. 

Kingsmen Premium boasts a clean beard oil that packs a powerful punch when it comes to conditioning your beard. It’s bursting with nutrients your locks crave and the best part is that the list of ingredients is short and recognizable. Our beard oil contains sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba seed oil, essential oils and fragrances.  That’s it! There’s nothing else to it. You know you’re getting a clean beard oil that promotes growth and healthy hair. 

Kingsmen all over the globe keep coming back to our formula and to our unique scents. Black Knight is reminiscent of a cologne scent with its blend of lavender, citrus, mixed Berries, sandalwood, and rum spice. Chainmail is a clean scent made of citrus essential oils. The Dragon scent is made with authentic patchouli essential oil. You won’t easily forget the deep earthy notes, campfire, and a subtle cologne-type scent. Holy Grail is our Flagship scent with an Oud base. Oud was worn throughout history by noblemen and elites the globe over. Oud has a complex scent that is strongly reminiscent of dense honey.  It can also smell like green grass, dark woods and leather. Many Kingsmen have claimed it smells like Catholic church smoke. Kings Court is a blend of natural sandalwood, vanilla, and rosemary essential oils. White Knight is a soft and clean combination of lemon, sage, and lavender. Wizard is a refreshing blueberry-thyme scent.  

Of course, you can also opt for our unscented beard oil if you’re looking more for utility than you are a scent.

No matter which scent you choose, daily use of Kingsmen Premium Beard Oil is going to nourish your beard and ensure it’s moisturized, growing and soft. You’ll have a healthy, soft, full-looking masterpiece that any Kingsman would be proud to sport.

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