10 of the Best Beard Memes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Alright, Kingsmen, you already know that memes power the entire internet. But did you know that there is a whole mess of beard memes out there, too? That’s right! 

Nothing is safe from the meme, including our magnificent, glorious beards! 

There are so many beard memes out there to sift through, so we thought we’d bring you our ten favorites for a good laugh. Without further ado, let’s see some beard memes!

1. “A beard makes all the difference” Office Quote

“A beard makes all the difference” Office Quote

If you’re an Office fan, you’ll know who these people are and you may have even seen some version of this meme before. The original version includes Rainn Wilson as the third row, but we got a kick out of the version where Angela Kinsey transforms into Woody Harrelson with a beard. 

2. “Beards go straight to third base” Meme

“Beards go straight to third base” Meme

Do we have any baseball fans out there? We think this meme is talking about the confidence beards give a good sportsman on the field. We can’t think of what else this meme might be about. Can you?

3. Beerd Memes

Beerd Meme

For the Kingsman who takes his beard and his beer seriously and let’s face it, that most of us, isn’t it? Now if only we could find a way to jimmy-rig a cooling system so those brews aren’t lukewarm when we crack ‘em.

4. “Chins are overrated” Beard Meme

“Chins are overrated” meme

What is to love about chins, especially if you’re rocking a post-pandemic collection of them. Keep ‘em under that glorious mane and no one is the wiser. 

5. “Why do I grow a beard?”

“Why do I grow a beard?” meme

Epic beardsman Nick Offerman answers the age-old question, why grow a beard? It’s simple! Because chins are for women and children.

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6. “Our eyes are up here”

“Our eyes are up here” meme

The female beard gaze is hard to miss, but sometimes a Kingsman wants to be recognized for more than his mesmerizing whiskers!

7. Beard Shaving Meme

Beard Shaving Meme
Another Beard Shaving Meme

There are so many versions of this beard meme around the internet, including TikTok videos, tweets and panel graphics like these two. Shaving your beard takes 30 years off your age, we hear!

8. “I’m sorry” Beard Meme 

“I’m sorry” Beard Meme

I can’t hear you over the majesty of my beard. If ever there was a relatable meme for Kingsmen everywhere, it’s this one. 

9. “Content warning: weapons of mass murder ahead.”

“Content warning: weapons of mass murder ahead.”

Content warning: weapons of mass murder ahead. Sensitive Kingsmen may wish to scroll no further! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

10. “Manliness is not seasonal” Beard Memes

“Manliness is not seasonal” Beard Memes

Sporting an epic beard can certainly draw the questions, can’t it, Kingsmen? We like the snarky answers this meme is selling. 

What Beard Memes are Your Favorite?

Those are our top ten beard memes that make us laugh. We know there are a lot more beard memes out there, though, so tell us about your favorites! Make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list for more on facial hair trends and beards in pop culture!