5 Crazy Beard Styles

Social media has brought us some strange trends. Remember the Harlem Shake and the cinnamon challenge? Remember planking? How about the 100 layers challenge, where people who accepted it would apply one hundred layers of a cosmetic product from nail polish to foundation or even sunscreen. Well, Kingsmen, we’re a little weirded out to have to tell you, beards have not escaped unscathed in the weird world of social media trends. In fact, here are five very weird social media trends that require a beard. 

  1. Monkey tail beard 
  2. Beard ornaments
  3. Glitter beards
  4. Unicorn beards
  5. Flower beards


The Monkey Tail is one of many crazy beard styles

The Monkey Tail beard

This is exactly what it sounds like. Beardsman all over the world meticulously shave their facial hair to resemble a monkey’s tail. The tail begins in your sideburns, wraps down under the mouth and around ending at the mustache. This wild look caused a social media storm when A’s pitcher Mike Fiers wore it on the mound. I guess the idea was to mesmerize the batters and throw them off their game. As you can imagine, monkey see, monkey do and beardsmen from Helsinki to Yellowstone got in on it. Instagram was a veritable sea of monkey tails. 

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Beard Ornaments seasonal crazy beard style

Beard Ornaments

It’s already weird enough that we ritualistically remove a tree from the deep woods, prop it up in our homes and cover it in silver and gold balls, so why not take it a step further and throw some baubles in your beard, as well? Some beardsmen have already done it. The trend has spread from Instagram to TikTok and has resulted in beard decor businesses popping up around the world. Yes, Kingsmen, I said beard decor. It’s just as weird as it sounds:



Glitter beards have emerged as a crazy beard style

Glitter Beards

If you thought hanging shiny things in your beard was weird, wait until you see the fad that has people literally coating their voluptuous mane’s in glitter. That’s right, Kingsmen, I said glitter. Here’s how it works: you’re going to take some of your favorite beard oil (we recommend Holy Grail so you have an epic scent to go with your epic glitter beard) and work it through your clean whiskers. Then, just shake some glitter in your beard. When it’s coated to your liking, give the mane a spritz with some hairspray and voila! Your beard is now brilliantly bedazzled. Just look at these beardsmen:




Unicorn beards are another unusual beard style

Unicorn beards

Unicorn beard is just a really fun way of saying colorful beard. These are dyed beards, but it’s not your usual dye. This isn’t for covering up grey or deepening your natural colour. No, unicorn beards are, as the name suggests, a little more magical than that. They are all the colors of the rainbow. We’re talking about bright blue beards or neon green beards, hot pink beards and purple beards. We think these are kind of fun, check them out:




Flower Beards are another crazy beard style

Flower Beards

Listen, we put flowers on our tables and around our house in vases. We make wreaths of them and hang them on our door. We can pop a flower in our hair or our lapel, so why can’t we decorate our beautiful beards with a pop of natural color? Celebrate spring or a wedding by filling your magnificent mane with beautiful flowers like these guys did:



Alright, we want to know, Kingsmen, what do you think the next viral beard craze will be? Let us know in the comments and tell us which of these trends you like the best? Would you try it? Subscribe to our newsletter for more weird beard culture, beard care tips and more!