Beard Beads and Baubles: The Strange New Trend On Social Media

You may have seen it on TikTok, or perhaps you scrolled past a photo on your Instagram. Few social media users have yet to see flamboyantly decorated facial hair, though. 

This colorful new trend is taking the online beard community to strange new places and it seems that there is no limit to where these beard beads and baubles will lead. 

Beard Decorations for Every Holiday

There are now beard beads and decorations for every major holiday and all the smaller celebrations in between. Christmas, Easter, birthdays, you name it, there are beard decorations for it. 

Aside from holidays and celebrations, beard decorations fall into several categories. 

Beard Beads

Beard beads are decorative tubes or rings, often made from some form of metal, that you thread your beard through. If you’re trying to think of a time you might have seen some, look no further than Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones and his long beard.

This brutal warrior sported recognizable beard beads in almost every scene he was in. Check him out in all his Dothraki glory:

Man with beard beads

Beard beads help to keep an unruly mane neat and tidy, but they’re also a great way to spice up your look. You can wear just one beard bead or multiple. And you can wear beard rings on any occasion like a ring on your finger or a piercing. 

Beard Ornaments 

Unlike beard beads, beard ornaments are worn more for festive joy and maybe a laugh than they are fashionable. These beard baubles come in the same shapes and sizes as your Christmas tree ornaments and sort of dangle in your beard, like so: 

man with beard baubles
There are beard ornaments for St. Patrick’s Day: 
man with st. patrick's day beard decor

There are beard ornaments for Easter: 

There are beard ornaments for Halloween: 

Shop these Halloween beard ornaments on Etsy.

Halloween beard ornaments

Beard Lights for Christmas

The name kinda gives it away, but beard lights are lights for your beard. They’re strung together like a string of Christmas lights except much smaller. Beard lights are battery-operated and give your mane a festive glow for holidays like Christmas:

man with lighted beard ornaments

And Beard Decorations for Valentine’s Day: 

Shop these beard accessories here.

Valentine's Day Beard Ornaments

Beard Piercings 

Beard piercings are not what they seem. Different from beard beads, are studs and metal shapes that are embedded into the beard with a hidden coil that blends into your beard. 

All you see, then is, the jewel or symbol floating in your beard as though gravity doesn’t exist. They really are quite striking but there is precisely zero real piercing involved. Check out this anchor beard piercing

Beard Piercings

Beard Coils

Very similar to beard beads, beard coils are also made of some form of metal, stamped with a decorative design and require you to thread your beard through it. They only differ in shape as they come in a sort of spiral rather than a tube or a ring. Here are some beard coil we really like: 

Decorative Beard Coils

Beard Glitter

Beard beads aside, it’s simply not possible to get more festive than glitter. The perfect beard decoration for any occasion, from your brother’s wedding to New Year’s Eve. I mean, just look at this:

View on Instagram 

Beard Bouquets

You’ve heard of buying your girl flowers for a special occasion but have you ever considered becoming the flowers instead? Here are a few fellas who did just that:  

Final Thoughts on Beard Beads, Coils, and Other Beard Decorations

From beard beads to beard lights and beard coils, we are here for this new, colorful movement in the bearded community. We want to know, though, Kingsmen: would you wear any of these?

Let us know in the comments and be sure to tell us why or why not. Also, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter for more about facial hair trends and beards in pop culture!