12 Best Beard Combs in 2022

best beard comb

Beard culture is booming and that means as a beardsman, you’re being bombarded with new products for maintaining a magnificent mane. Many of these products are great for your beard, it’s true, but if we had to whittle it down to the core essentials for your whiskers, a great beard comb would be near the top of that list. But how do you know which comb to buy? And what should you look for in a good beard comb? This guide aims to answer these questions and more. Let’s jump into the 12 best beard combs of 2022. 

Why Do You Need a Beard Comb?

A beard comb may look like a simple tool, but there’s a craftsmanship to producing a beard comb that can provide real benefits for your mane. Yes, you read that right. Beyond tidying up the look of your whiskers, a beard comb can offer a multitude of benefits for the beardsman, including preventing and reversing in-grown hairs, detangling whiskers, increasing blood flow to the follicles thereby promoting regular growth, increasing hydration, preventing beard dandruff and finally, a good beard comb can actually help to keep your beard clean. 

Your beard comb is also going to assist in distributing products like beard oil and beard butter throughout your mane, allowing the nutrients in these products to reach each hair and reducing the amount of product you have to use to saturate the mane. 

Using a Beard Comb

Of course, a beard comb is also an invaluable tool when it comes to neatly trim your whiskers, as it allows you to achieve an even trim throughout. 

In short, any beardsman with whiskers longer than stubble will reap numerous benefits and uses from a beard comb, making it one of the most important tools in your beard grooming routine.

Beard Comb vs Beard Brush

Though a beard brush and a beard comb are different when used together, they help to amplify the other’s benefits. These tools are at their greatest when used together. Beard brushes offer coarse bristles which can exfoliate the skin beneath your beard, freeing up product build-up and dead skin cells from blocking pores and follicles. A daily brush can help to promote even growth, hydration, and blood flow. Followed up with a comb for detangling, added blood flow stimulation, and product distribution,  a comb compounds on what your beard brush can do while offering things it can’t. For instance, your beard comb can be used on wet whiskers without damaging follicles and causing breakage down the line. Beard brushes should only be used for brushing dry whiskers so there is no risk to the follicles, but a comb is great in a damp beard, especially when you’re working out some tangles.  


A beard comb is also far more portable than even the best beard brush, which gives you the opportunity to control flyaways and strays throughout the day. 

Choosing the Right Beard Comb

No matter what you’re looking for in a beard comb, opting for a high-quality beard comb isn’t going to set you back much and it’s going to be infinitely better for your whiskers than a cheap comb from the Dollar Store. 

There are many different kinds of beard combs, made with different materials, and teeth spacing and they all come in different sizes. The beard comb you choose will depend on several of these variables, so let’s take a closer look at each of them.


The beard comb you purchase may depend on what your budget is, but no matter what you want to spend, you’ll find a quality comb. Beardsman can grab a superior beard comb for under $10. More expensive combs can run as high as $50 and each will vary in what you get for your money, so we also suggest looking into a beard comb and brush set if you can to maximize your savings. 

Some combs are handmade with costly, although beautiful, materials while others may be double-sided, offering two different teeth spacing options for different stages of growth. You might also find that you’re paying for a brand name, but with some of the best brand names in the business, comes quality, loyal customers, and often, a beard comb that will last a lifetime. 


As you shop for a beard comb, you’ll find that they come in many different materials. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at some of the most common materials used in making beard combs:

  • Wood: Natural wood-made beard combs offer a variety of benefits. They’re much more effective in dispersing your natural oils throughout your beard as well as any product you’re using. They’re also sturdy and will last a lifetime with proper care. However, handmade wooden combs tend to be more expensive.
  • Plastic: There are different varieties of plastics that beard combs are made with. Some are made with biodegradable natural materials like cellulose acetate, and some are made with cheaper plastics, often found in beard combs sold at the drugstore or dollar stores. Cheaper plastic won’t last as long as a higher quality plastic you can often find in beard combs sold by online men’s grooming vendors. Plastic combs are lighter, easier to carry around with you, and can tend to be more affordable.
  • Metal: Metal combs are stiff and heavy, which makes them harsher on delicate hair and more intrusive to carry around with you. They’re also not as effective in distributing oils and products throughout your mane. However, they do last a long time.
  • Size

    The size and shape of each beard comb vary a great deal. Combs can range from 2-3 inches long to 6 inches long and beyond. The size you need will depend on where you’re using it. We recommend purchasing two sizes: a larger beard comb, which will be more effective in dispersing your product during your grooming routine, and a smaller comb to carry in your pocket for quick jaunts to the mirror to take care of strays and flyaways throughout the day.

    Teeth Spacing

    A fine-tooth beard comb is always the best beard comb for shorter beards or patchier areas, and they’re also perfect for precision styling. But, as your beard grows, the narrower teeth may snag and cause breakage. A wide-toothed comb is great for combing tangles out of long beards. Some beard combs come with both, making these tools extremely versatile and all you’ll need for all stages of your beard’s growth. 


    Combs for your facial hair also come in some specified types. These include: 

  • Mustache comb - a mustache comb is small to get neatly in between the hairs of your mustache.
  • Electric comb - electric combs allow you to apply heat to your beard to straighten it out.
  • Pick comb - a pick comb is designed to build volume in your whiskers.
  • Top Beard Combs in 2022 

    Kent Men’s Handmade Beard Comb

    Kent Combs and Brushes are known to most seasoned beardsmen. It’s a brand that’s been around for generations, manufacturing men’s grooming products since 1777. In that time, Kent has learned a thing or two about the best beard combs and brushes. 

    Kent’s handmade beard comb is crafted with cellulose acetate. There are no cheap plastics in this product, which means you get a durable tool that will last. These combs are light and perfect for popping in a pocket for beard touch-ups throughout the day. 

    Kent combs come in a number of sizes, but no matter the teeth spacing on your Kent comb, you won’t experience any tugging or tearing as you might with other plastic combs. Each comb is hand-carved from a sheet of acetate and hand-polished, ensuring that when Kent manufactures a comb, there are no jagged edges or sharp seams. 

    The sizes of Kent Beard Combs are: 

    Baxter of California Beard Comb 

    Baxter of California’s luxurious top beard combs are manufactured in Switzerland from cellulose acetate and hand-polished just like Kent Combs. The Baxter of California beard comb has both a fine-toothed side as well as a wide-toothed side, making it useful for all stages of beard growth. 

    Many opt for the Baxter of California beard comb due to its polished tortoiseshell design and light design, making it easy to carry around in a pocket. Baxter is known to be a more expensive brand, so expect to pay a little bit more for the brand name when you opt for a Baxter of California beard comb. 

    Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb

    Our first wooden comb on our list, the Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb is one of the best wooden beard combs and is great for distributing oils throughout your mane. This comb is two-sided with a fine-toothed design on one side and a wide-tooth comb on the other. That means you get the detangling power of a wide-tooth comb and the precision styling of a fine-toothed comb all in one. 

    This good beard comb is also extremely light and compact, making it easy to carry around with you throughout your day. With the included travel pouch, it’s perfect to pack for road trips or flights, so you can look your best even while you’re on the go. This is an affordable comb, making this beard comb one of our top choices.  

    Parker Premium Wide Tooth Beard Comb

    The Parker Premium Wide Tooth Beard Comb is a wide-toothed comb that is shaped to fit easily into your hand, giving you more control.  It is handcrafted from 100% solid North American Indian Rosewood, making the comb itself anti-static and smooth so it won’t yank or grab at your hairs.  

    This comb comes with a travel pouch as well and is small enough to pocket and use anywhere. This comb is particularly good at distributing product and detangling those whiskers gently and effectively. 

    The wide-toothed design of the Parker Premium comb makes it perfect for beardsmen with longer beards. 

    Art of Shaving Natural Horn Beard Comb

    Made from bone, the Art of Shaving Natural Horn Beard Comb feels smooth as you use it and won’t snag on your facial hairs or cause breakage. It’s another great instrument for dispersing your beard oil and other grooming products from follicle to tip of each whisker. 

    As a material, bone is durable, which means this comb could potentially last the life of your beard. It’s also got some weight to it, giving the comb a more luxurious feel. It’s a smaller comb, which makes it great for fitting in your pocket. Bone is a naturally anti-static material, so frizz won’t be a thing, even with continued use. Additionally, a wide-toothed side and a fine-toothed side give you the best of both worlds. Detangle and disperse with one side and hit those shorter hairs with precision using the other. 

    Go-Comb Pocket Beard Comb

    The Go-Comb Pocket Beard Comb is made from metal, which means it’s durable enough to pop a bottle opener on one end of it. It’s travel-friendly as well, so no matter where you go, you can take care of those flyaways and pop open a brew as needed. 

    Made from stainless steel, this comb is going to last you a long time. Don’t expect chipping, cracks, or broken teeth. The comb is the precise size of your debit card, so pop it in your wallet when you’re on the go. The stainless steel material has been polished smooth, so snags and tears are unlikely.

    The teeth are wide-toothed on the Go-Comb pocket beard comb, so it’s a great choice for those beardsmen with longer beards. 

    Velvet Noir Beard Comb

    The Velvet Noir Beard Comb is a single-sided comb with finer teeth, making it a fantastic tool for precision styling or shorter beards and mustaches. This is a small comb, while the wooden material is light, making it incredibly portable and perfect for the traveling beardsman. Wooden combs don’t snag or tear, and help distribute your favorite beard oil throughout your mane. 

    This beard comb is made with peachwood and sanded down until smooth, so it glides through even the most coarse beard hair with ease. You’ll find that the narrower teeth make it a great tool for taming your mustache as well as your beard and achieving your style with ease. 

    Badass Beard Care Beard Comb

    Handcrafted using ox horn, the Badass Beard Care Beard Comb is a perfect compromise for beardsmen who aren’t particularly keen on plastic or wood. Ox horn is a durable material and naturally static-free so you’ll have a long-lasting beard grooming tool that doesn’t cause frizz, breakage, or snags. 

    The Badass Beard Care Beard Comb is a wide-toothed comb making it excellent for longer beards that need some detangling. You’ll be able to get your beard oil and beard balm evenly distributed throughout your mane with this one and even if you’re using it multiple times daily, the durable ox horn teeth won’t snap on you. 

    Rocky Mountain Beard Comb

    The Rocky Mountain Beard Comb comes complete with a leather pouch and a box, making it a fantastic gift option for the beardsman in your life. It’s scented as well, though the aroma is just lightly smoky like smoked sandalwood. This beard comb is handmade and the wood material with a smooth finish ensures no ripping or tearing at your hair. The natural material makes it anti-static as well, so you won’t be fighting hair that’s standing on end. 

    The size of this comb makes it great for traveling and popping in your pocket for the odd beard tidy-up. It’s also double-sided, with both wide- and fine-toothed sides so you can use it through every stage of your beard’s growth. 

    Roosevelt Supply Co. Beard Comb

    Handpolished and handmade from cellulose acetate, the Roosevelt Supply Co. Beard Comb comes in several different sizes, and each comb comes with both narrow and wide teeth for the best of both worlds. You can get the Roosevelt Supply Co. Beard Comb in small, medium, and large,  as well as one of the best mustache combs and the prices are affordable. 

    This handsome beard comb is carefully polished by hand with a pumice stone to achieve a smooth finish that won’t cause damage to your whiskers as it runs through your hair with ease. It’s lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket for an easy way to tidy up that beard throughout the day. 

    Nature Boy Beard Comb

    This is a truly unique comb made from bamboo and black walnut wood polished to a smooth finish. If you take a look at the design, you’ll see a couple of carefully carved finger holes for added control as you tame your mane. You’re going to pay a bit more for this one but its wide teeth and strong grip are perfect for detangling long beards. In fact, the wide-toothed version was designed specifically for the long-bearded gentleman. 

    The Nature Boy Beard Comb can come with both fine and wide teeth, making it perfect for all a beard needs no matter the length.

    The Beard Struggle Model Viking Comb

    This folding beard comb is designed to be portable. The Beard Struggle Model Viking Comb is handcrafted using African wedge wood with a smooth finish, which gives the comb its dark appearance and excellent durability. Polished wood offers a smooth glide through the hair with any tugging or split ends. Sleek and elegant at the same time, the style is designed to fit comfortably in your hand as you run it through your mane. The comb folds into itself for easy storage in your pocket or luggage when you’re on the road.  The Beard Struggle Model Viking Comb pocket beard comb is slightly more expensive than some of the other options we’ve listed above, but its wide-toothed design truly performs for the longer-maned beardsman.