Choosing the Best Beard Brush: 5 Features to Look for

You’re still brushing your beard with that same old comb you use for your hair, aren’t you? It seems like a reasonable thing to do. A beard is hair, after all, right? Did you know, though, that changing the tool you’re using to brush your whiskers can change everything about your beard care routine? It’s true! There are a couple of reasons for this.


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Reasons You Should Be Using a Beard Brush

  1. Your beard hair is more coarse more coarse than the hair on your head. To tame these whiskers, you need something that can match the weight of your facial hair. 
  2. Brushes specifically designed for your facial hair also have exfoliating properties. A good brushing with a beard brush can keep the skin underneath healthy and fight beardruff. 
  3. The best beard brush will disperse product and natural oils more evenly throughout your mane, ensuring your skin and hair are both getting all the moisture they need. 

If you’re using a regular plastic comb in your facial hair, you might notice that it just slips through the coarse hair without really readjusting any single hair’s position. It doesn’t bring your mane together, it doesn’t make it very much neater or tidier. You might even already be frustrated from fighting with flyaways. 

How to Choose the Best Beard Brush for Your Facial Hair

Choosing the right brush for your beard will tame the flyaways and neaten the final appearance of your whiskers whether you’re using product or not. A great beard brush will last a lifetime, as well, so it’s not much of an investment for so much payoff. 

How does a Kingsman go about picking a beard brush that’s going to make a significant difference, though? What should you look for? Here are several things to pay attention to.


Kent Oval Brush


Kent Oval Brush


What to Look for in a Good Beard Brush

  1. The size of the brush head
  2. The firmness of the bristles
  3. Bristle length
  4. Handle or no handle
  5. Material

Brush Head Size

A smaller brush head is going to give you more precision when it comes to styling your whiskers. If you’re a Kingsmen who like to put a lot of shape and styling into your mane, we recommend a beard brush with a smaller brush head. If you have a longer or more coarse beard, grab yourself a beard brush with a bigger head to bring all the hairs together in uniformity, because they cover more area at once. 

The Firmness of the Bristles

The longer and coarser your beard is, the more firm you’re going to want your bristles and that’s because a firmer bristle is going to get more done at once. On the flip side, a softer bristle is great for precision. If you’ve got some intricate styling going on, or your beard is relatively short, grab yourself a softer bristle. 

Bristle Length 

Longer bristles are the perfect match for a long beard, whereas a beard brush with shorter bristles is the right choice for a beardsman with a short mane. 

Kent Monster Brush
Handle vs. no Handle

This is more about comfort when brushing and personal preference, but brushes with handles tend to have less surface area. If you have a longer and fuller beard, you might opt for the military-style beard brush with no handle as it will get the job done faster. 


A plastic comb or brush can have jagged edges from the production process that can damage your whiskers. These sorts of brushes also don’t absorb oils and can catch and pull on your hair more than wood or bamboo would. That’s because these natural materials absorb small amounts of oil as you use them, making them smoother and able to glide effortlessly through your facial hair. 

Final Tips for Selecting the Best Beard Brush

Most of these options come down to personal preference. Is your beard long or short? Do you spend a long time styling it? Is it more coarse or soft? Another preference, however, can be synthetic hair. We know there are vegan Kingsmen out there, and we want you to know there are perfectly good synthetic hair options for your beard brush as well. 

As long as you’re using a brush designed to handle the hair on your face instead of the hair on your head, you’re going to have a healthy and tidy beard in no time. 

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