What Does Beard Balm Do?

If you’re new to the beard care game, you’re probably pretty confused about what beard care products do. Beard oil, beard butter, beard wax and balms all seem to do similar things and contain similar ingredients. Make no mistake, though, these products are all very specialized to achieve different results. Today, we’re going to look at beard balm. 

What Does Beard Balm Do?

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is a styling product designed to soften facial hairs, making your beard look and feel healthier. Beard balms often contain moisturizing ingredients as well as fragrance. Think hair pomade but for your beard instead. This product appeals to the Kingsmen who wants a neat and tidy beard, or to combat flyaways and shape and control his facial hair. Beard balm usually contains some form of wax, often beeswax, so it’s a thicker consistency than other beard products and doesn’t fully absorb into the beard like beard oil. This works to keep your style in place but will leave a residue that can build up over time, requiring more frequent washes.

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What does beard balm do?

Beard balm locks your whiskers in place, keeping the shape and style of your beard. Whether you want to make sure your beard looks tidy, or you’re sculpting those whiskers in a work of art, beard balm is going to be your tool of choice. Locking away your stray hairs and keeping everything in line, beard balm also makes your mane smell great. A good beard balm is also going to nourish your beard with moisture-rich ingredients to keep your facial hair looking great long after you’ve styled your beard. 

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What are the benefits of beard balm?

  • It helps you style your beard
  • Beard balm tames flyaways
  • It will hold your style 
  • Beard balm prevents itchy skin
  • It promotes even growth
  • It promotes a thicker beard
  • Beard balm prevents dandruff
  • It prevents brittle beard hairs
  • It prevents split ends and breakage
  • Beard balm improves the overall health of your beard
  • It smells great

Beard balm helps you style your beard 

The most common use for beard balm is to style your beard and lock it into place. You don’t have to be a beardsman with an elaborate style to benefit from the shaping benefits of your favorite beard balm. Use it to keep the mane tidy, too!

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Beard balm tames flyaway hairs

Your beard balm is going to tuck those flyaway hairs back where they belong and hold them there. The same shaping power that helps you style your beard also helps you control it. 

Beard balm will hold your style

Once you’ve used your beard balm to style and shape your beard the way you like it, the product is designed to hold it in place as well. It varies depending on your beard length, style and thickness, but beard balm can hold your look in place for hours at a time.

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Beard balm prevents itchy skin

Itchy skin under your beard can lead to blemishes and dandruff. Beard balm contains deep moisturizing ingredients that, when applied from root to tip, moisturize your skin as well. This keeps any itchiness at bay. 

Beard balm promotes even growth

The moisturizing properties of beard balm reduce the frequency of dead skin flaking off and collecting around the roots of your hair. This means your follicles are free and clear to grow at the speed they are meant to. 

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Beard balm promotes a thicker beard

Your beard can appear thicker with the use of beard balm, both through strategic styling and promotion of healthy growth. 

Beard balm prevents dandruff

Those very same moisturizing ingredients in your beard balm that prevent itchy skin are going to prevent flaky skin and the embarrassing fallout on your shirt.

Beard balm prevents brittle hair

Ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil all work together to keep your beard feeling soft to the touch.

Beard balm prevents split hairs and breakage

The moisturizing effects of beard balm significantly reduce the frequency of breakage and split ends, which, in turn, slows down any thinning of your beard you might be experiencing.

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Beard balm improves the overall health of your beard and skin

The powerful ingredients in a good beard balm are packed full of nutrients keeping your beard growing, soft and moisturized.

Beard balm smells great

You’ll always smell great wearing your favorite beard balm, but if you’re sensitive to scent, you can always opt for an unscented version. 

It’s clear beard balm comes with a great many benefits, kind of like a Swiss Army knife for your whiskers. If you want to learn more about how to use beard balm and how to choose a good one, check out our beard balm FAQ here. Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter for more beard care tips. 

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When should I use beard balm?

If you struggle to maintain your beard’s shape and find yourself constantly fighting flyaways, we recommend using beard balm in your daily beard routine. The best time to use beard balm is - whenever your beard needs it. 

As the main purpose of beard balm is for hold and styling, you want to use beard balm when you feel your beard needs some hold or control. This can mean adding a step for beard balm in the morning to shape your beard in preparation for your day. We also recommend using it as the final step in your morning routine, that way you won’t disturb the magnificent shape you created with your balm by using another product afterward.