What is Beard Balm? And How to Use It

What is Beard Balm? And How to Use It

Beard Balm

As the beard care industry continues to boom, beard balm has emerged as one of the most popular products on the market. It’s a relatively new product, however, so there is bound to be some confusion surrounding it. What is beard balm? How should we use it? Can I use it in place of my beard oil or beard butter? We’re going to cover all of these questions and more, so get ready to learn all there is to know about beard balm!

What is Beard Balm? And How to Use It 

Like beard butter, beard balm has three different purposes: the first, of course, is nourishment and conditioning. A good beard balm is going to make your beard softer, more manageable and healthy. The second purpose for beard balm is styling and hold. Beard balms are great for taming those flyaways and stray hairs and keep your mane under control. Last but not least, a great beard balm is going to help your beard look more full. This is especially useful for all of you Kingsmen out there who struggle with patchy areas in your facial hair. In short, beard balm is kind of a Swiss Army Knife for your beard. It conditions, it styles and it volumizes.  

How is beard balm different from beard wax, beard oil, and beard butter?  

How is beard balm different from beard wax, beard oil and beard butter? 

Mustache Wax

Shopping for your beard can be confusing. There are so many products that appear to be so similar. What is the difference between beard butter, beard balm, beard oil, and wax, and are they interchangeable? The answer depends entirely on your own beard’s specific needs. Beard balm is going to have a harder consistency than beard butter and beard oil. While beard oil is used purely for nourishment and moisture, like beard butter, beard balm adds styling to its repertoire. However, beard balm has a beeswax base, and beard butter has a shea butter base. This means the balm will have a stronger hold than the butter.  A beard or a mustache wax will have even more beeswax in it, which makes it the strongest product for your facial hair if all. If you’re looking for something that conditions your beard while offering a stronger hold than beard butter, beard balm is the way to go.  

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When do I use beard balm? 

If you struggle to maintain your beard’s shape and you’re constantly fighting the flyaways, you’re going to want to include beard balm in your daily beard routine. But when should you incorporate this step? The best time to use beard balm is, to put it succinctly, whenever your beard needs it. As beard balm’s main purpose is for hold and styling, you want to use beard balm when you feel your beard needs some hold or control. This can be in the morning to shape your beard and control flyaways in preparation for your day. We recommend using it as the final step in your morning routine, that way, you won’t disturb the magnificent shape you created with your balm by using another product afterward. Reapply throughout the day as you need to control and shape your beard. Beard balm offers a strong level of hold for your beard, however, so you shouldn’t need to reapply too often. Once is often enough. 

There are a couple of things to keep in mind while using beard balm. First, make sure you’re using it on a dry beard. Beard oil works its best magic when your beard is damp, but beard balm won’t have its optimal strength unless you apply it to a dry beard. The best practice is to apply your beard oil to a damp beard right out of the shower, go through the rest of your grooming routine, and finish it up with your beard balm when your beard is dry. You also want to consider the fact that beard balm is going to deliver the best results on a clean beard. Use your favorite Kingsmen Premium Beard Wash, followed by beard conditioner, a few drops of beard oil, and once dry, your locks are ready for the balm. 

How do I use beard balm? 

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There are a couple of ways to approach this. The first way to use beard balm is to distribute it throughout your beard for deep-conditioning effects, and the other is to use it on the outer layer of hair to control the shape. If you’re using your beard balm in conjunction with beard butter or beard oil, or even both, you don’t need to double up on the conditioning. Your oil or butter is going to do a great job of this. 

No matter how you want to use it, keep it in mind that your beard should be completely dry and clean to get the results you’re after. 

To get the most out of your beard balm, start with a pea-sized amount and rub it in your hands until it emulsifies. If you want to distribute it throughout your beard, focus on your fingers and fingertips and then start at the roots. Get your fingertips right in there and work the balm through your hair while agitating it for maximum distribution. If you’re using your balm to shape your beard, keep the emulsified product on your palms and gently apply it to the outer layer of your beard with a wiping motion, paying attention to flyaways and any problem hairs. Use your mirror to create the shape you’re looking for and go about your day!

What benefits do I get from beard balm? 

Beard balm can offer your glorious mane a number of benefits. A good beard balm is going to offer nourishment and moisture. You’re also going to be able to use it to shape and hold your beard in place. Beard balm can completely eliminate dandruff or “beardruff” You’ll be able to fight any itchy, dry skin under your beard and you’re going to smell fantastic all day long. Beard balm can also offer a bit of shine, so your beard looks healthy and moisturized all day long. Depending on the ingredients in the beard balm you’re using, your benefits may vary. Kingsmen Premium Beard Balms contain shea butter, beeswax, and other nutrient-packed ingredients that ensure you’ll get all of these benefits. 

Kingsmen Premium Beard Balm 

Benefits of beard balm

  • Shape and control your beard
  • Moisturize your skin and hair
  • Prevent itchiness
  • Prevent flakey skin
  • Give your beard a fuller look
  • Smell great
  • Give your beard a slight, healthy shine
  • Achieve a fuller looking beard 

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How much beard balm should I use? 

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The amount of beard balm you use is going to depend on several factors. 1. How long is your beard? Are you rockin’ a ZZ Top-Style flowing mane or is it a shorter beard like Captain America in Infinity Wars? 2. You’re going to want to consider how unruly your beard is on an average day. Ie. How much control do you need to keep your whiskers looking nice and holding their shape? 3. Do you have patchy spots that you’re hoping to fill in with a little bit more fullness? All of these variables are going to go into assessing the right amount of beard balm to use. What we suggest you do is start with a dime-sized amount and go from there. If you find your beard is kind of hard and uncomfortable the rest of the day, or even a little bit greasy, dial back the amount you’re using. If your beard is struggling to maintain its shape throughout the day, you might need to increase it.  

Signs you’re using too much beard balm 

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  • There are grease marks on your shirt or collar
  • Your pillow has grease stains
  • Your beard feels oily
  • Your beard appears wet all day

Signs you may not be using enough beard balm

  • You’ve noticed the occasional flake on your clothes under your beard
  • Your skin is itchy
  • Your beard feels dry and brittle
  • Your beard is dull and lackluster 

Does beard balm help beard growth? 

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The short answer is yes! Beard balm is full of moisturizing and conditioning agents that are going to get to the root of each individual hair. Your skin gets similar benefits from the regular use of beard balm as well. What you’re going to find when you keep your skin and beard nicely moisturized, is that there is going to be a lot less dry skin, flakiness and beardruff. This sort of debris on your skin can collect at the base of your facial hair and impede growth. If it’s not there, your beard is free to grow at a healthy rate. Kingsmen Premium Beard Balm also contains shea butter, which is your best defense against patchiness. It has properties that will make your beard look fuller, healthy and promote growth.


What is the best beard balm? 

When you’re choosing your beard balm, you should keep several things in mind. The first is that you don’t want to be putting harsh chemicals near your face on a daily basis. Our best advice is to pay close attention to the ingredients in your beard balm. Are they natural? Do you recognize them? Do they sound like lab-developed chemicals or do they sound like something that can be harvested? Stick with clean ingredients and you’re going to get the best results. 

Kingsmen Premium offers a beard balm with a powerful hold and a clean, natural formula. Our beard balm contains sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, cocoa Butter, shea butter, and essential oils and fragrances. It’s made for optimal hold and styling while ensuring the health and condition of your beard. 

Kingsmen all over the globe keep coming back to our formula and to our unique scents. Black Knight is reminiscent of a cologne scent with its blend of lavender, citrus, mixed Berries, sandalwood, and rum spice. Chainmail a clean scent made of citrus essential oils. The Dragon scent is made with authentic patchouli essential oil. You won’t easily forget the deep earthy notes, campfire, and a subtle cologne-type scent. Holy Grail is our Flagship scent with an Oud base. Oud was worn throughout history by noblemen and elites the globe over. Oud has a complex scent that is strongly reminiscent of dense honey.  It can also smell like green grass, dark woods and leather. Many Kingsmen have claimed it smells like catholic church smoke. Kings Court is a blend of natural sandalwood, vanilla, and rosemary essential oils. White Knight is a soft and clean combination of lemon, sage, and lavender. Wizard is a refreshing blueberry-thyme scent.  

Of course, you can also opt for our unscented beard balm if you’re looking more for utility than you are a scent.

No matter which scent you choose, daily use of Kingsmen Premium Beard Balm is going to help you maintain the look you’re going for while ensuring your beard and skin are moisturized, healthy and full.