How to Use Beard Balm: Tips, Tricks, & Recommendations

If you’re new to the world of beards, and you’re just freshly growing your whiskers now, you may not know how to use beard balm or what it even is. 

You might start with too much and become convinced you don’t like it, or maybe you’re using too little and you don’t feel there is a payoff. You could be using it at the wrong time or with other products that are interfering. This can all lead you to feel there is no need to use beard balm at all. 

Today, we’re going to fill you in on the best ways to use your beard balm and argue the case for why you need it. But before you learn how to use beard balm, let’s take a look at what beard balm is.

How to use beard balm

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is, first and foremost, a styling product. The average beard balm has a medium hold and works exceptionally well for keeping a beard neat and tidy throughout the day. 

The best use of beard balm is for managing any stray hairs or flyaways you’ve been struggling with and maintaining a put-together look for all the occasions you need it. Hold isn’t the only benefit of beard balm, however as this silky substance is packed full of nutrients your beard and skin needs. 

You can keep the dandruff flakes at bay, reduce itchy skin and eliminate dry, brittle hair with regular use of a clean, natural beard balm full of moisturizing ingredients. At Kingsmen, our beard balms contain beeswax to hold those hairs in place, but it’s also got shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil, all of which work together for a healthy, moisturized beard that’s soft to the touch.

How is beard balm different from beard butter?

Beard butter is a deep-conditioning treatment that can tame a few wild whiskers here and there, but the primary purpose of this product is to feed your beard the nutrients it needs while looking great. 

Your beard balm falls somewhere in the middle, packed with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, it’s going to offer you medium hold throughout the day. 

How is beard balm different from mustache wax?

Mustache wax has a higher beeswax content than beard balm and will be more effective for styling elaborate beard creations or taming the most unruly of manes. 

Beard balm is going to offer a stronger hold than beard butter, and a weaker hold than mustache wax.

How to use beard balm

How to use beard balm

  1. To get the best results from your beard balm, start with a pea-sized amount and rub it in your hands until it emulsifies. 
  2. If you want to distribute it throughout your beard, focus on your fingers and fingertips and then start at the roots. 
  3. Get your fingertips right in there and work the balm through your hair from root to the oldest growth while agitating it for maximum distribution. 

How to use beard balm to shape your beard

If you’re wondering how to use beard balm to shape your beard, it’s quite easy. 

  1. First, keep the emulsified product on your palms and gently apply it to the outer layer of your beard with a wiping motion, paying attention to flyaways and any problem hairs. 
  2. Then, use your mirror to create the shape you’re looking for. 
  3. Finally, follow up with a run-through using your boar’s hair beard brush and go about your day!
How much beard balm to use

How much beard balm should I use?

As is the case with most beard care products, we recommend starting with a small amount. You can always add more if need be. A pea-sized amount in the palm of your hand is a good start. If you have a longer beard or untamable whiskers, try using a little bit more. 

Be careful of using too much because it can cause that glorious mane to look greasy and unwashed. If you find that your shirt collar and your pillowcase are showing grease stains, or that the balm build-up is difficult to wash out of your beard, you might be using too much! 

If you’re not seeing the effects you want from your beard balm, you might be using too little. When learning how to use beard balm, it’s all about finding the perfect balance for your unique needs. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different amounts. 

Final recommendations for using beard balms

In short, beard balm is for keeping your beard looking tidy while offering loads of moisturizing and health benefits. Regular use will have your beard looking healthy and tidy. 

We want to know what you love about beard balm? What benefits do you get from regular use? Let us know in the comments and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for more beard care tips in the future!