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Est. July 2018

Black Knight

Black Knight Testimonials

I'm all about the Holy Grail oil, but the Black Knight oil does not disappoint, actually, I can't imagine any product from Kingsmen being less than awesome. Black Knight is a fantastic oil, leaves my beard feeling hydrated and shiny without feeling super oily! The scent profile (to me) is very refreshing and clean, that out of the shower type scent, just better:) It's not an overpowering scent, it's probably strong enough for most people though. If anyone reading this is on the fence about this oil, don't be, it's a quality product with amazing all natural ingredients, you'll be glad having it on your beard shelf. I've been wearing it for the past couple of days and I'm really digging this scent:)

Jason R. Webb

I purchased Black Knight Oil and Balm. Let me start by saying the Presentation of the package i received was outstanding! Now as far as the Scent goes i give it an 11 out of 10, it smells cologne like and My Girl loves it. Thirdly and possibly most Important, Its a top notch Quality oil and recommend to anyone looking for a good quality and Nicely scented oil. Looking forward to trying Holy Grail

Tyler Lyons

Est. June 2016


Chainmail Testimonials

I can’t get over how chainmail smells exactly like skittles and I love it! It’s straight skittles crammed in a jar for weeks to let it sit and smell the jar up that’s exactly what chainmail smells like. If you love candy scents or skittles like I do you’re gonna love this beard oil! Not only does this smell like skittles, but it’s awesome great natural ingredients, it’s light oil and conditions my beard well cause it’s natural oils with skittles essential oil. Awesome product would buy and recommend to candy and skittle lovers alike!


When I first opened my first impression of the scent was just like fruity pebbles cereal. Thinking I was crazy, I asked my wife and without any hints of what the oil was supposed to smell like she said fruity pebbles. It is a citrus scent but it’s a sweet citrus smell. If that was the intent, then we’ll done! If it wasn’t, then I’m pleasantly surprised! The oil is great in beard and really helps my beard look great all day.


Est. May 2019


Dragon Testimonials

Dragon has a strong and unique smell - imagine sitting by a campfire in a forest. It is a warm and sharp scent that I can only describe as woody/earthy mixed with black pepper.

The product itself is the same high quality as all the others, it goes on easily and doesn't leave my beard feeling greasy.

Eric Taylor

I ordered the Beard Balm sample pack as a first time customer to see what the fuss was all about. After trying all the scents, Dragon beat out all others. Earthy, woodsy, and somewhat spicy; it will be my new everyday go-to for the office. And Kingsmen beard balms are definitely the best around.

Jeremy Jackson

Est. June 2016

Holy Grail

Holy Grail Testimonials

I received an order through the post from Kingsmen today and instantly felt compelled to write this review. The Holy Grail beard oil is probably the single most beautiful thing I have ever smelled in this life. I started my beard oil journey about a year ago and, through extensive research (and a lot of YouTube Channels) came across the Kingsmen brand. Frank has definitely inspired me (I was growing weary with the same old woodsy/citrus/vanilla scents the European Market only provides) and he has single handedly reignited my love for scents. What he's done with this Oud is create a "million dollar product" and that is not an easy feat. I want to thank Frank again and wish him the best of luck with his business and future success. Thank you for bringing this vision you had into the reality of so many beard enthusiasts.

Michael Rogers

I have tried many beard oils, balms and butters. Many are in my rotation and will always be. I was directed to the Kingsmen by Dan C Bearded on YouTube. A favorite scent segment that had the Holy Grail at #1. "Ooh Whee", the Oud scent is out of this world! Another oil has entered into my favorite rotation. A bit pricey, yes, but that didn't stop me from buying the balm to. The smell can't be matched and all the carrier oils they use are good for your skin and beard. Think about this for a second, Oud is greatly sought after, not to mention, it is probably in the top 7 highest costing essential oils in the world. All that said, I am very pleased with my purchase y'all at Kingsmen and I will definitely be back.

Mitch Evans

EST. June 2016

Kings Court

Kings Court Testimonials

Man I Love this scent! It smells So Good!! You can really smell the Vanilla in this which is my Favorite scent. The Oil immediately made my Beard feel and smell great! I got the Balm and the Wash and Co-wash with this scent as well and they are all Fantastic! This is a definite rebuy when it's gone! Love the Packaging it all comes in too. All very Classy looking. Looks Great sitting on my Beard Shelf 😁👍

Mark A. Ensign

While back on a visit to the United States, I picked up some of the Kings Court Beard Balm. It's been the only balm that manages to keep my beard in perfect shape and face hydrated without the dreaded itching. Working in Taiwan its either hot and humid or raining and you definitely need a quality product in your beard . After applying the King's Court Balm you are not left with a heavy oily feeling . The sandalwood, vanilla and rosemary are perfectly accenting each other in the King's Court Balm. This is the ticket for a great looking and clean beard when working abroad in a hot and humid environment.

Justin Hamilton

EST. June 2016


Unscented Testimonials

I love this oil. I am a blue collar worker who takes his beard to work everyday. I am not always wanting to smell like a night on the town ( as in Holy Grail ) especially when it's a day in the shop. But I do want my beard to stay soft and healthy. This oil fits the bill exactly. I love the way my beard feels. My wife loves the oil as well, she will use it herself on her hair because it is such good oil. I have mixed this oil with Holy Grail for a lighter smell for those in between days. Definitely a great product worthy of a Kingsmen.

David Messmer

Great product. been using this for a couple weeks now with the balm and it gets the job done. I work in a dusty environment and I'll occasionally comb through my beard when i get a break to straighten a bit. No problem combing my beard. Very smooth. My beard continues to keep a soft nice feel the whole day through.

Danny Hazlewood

Est. Mar 2020

White Knight

White Knight Testimonials

I actually got the white knight beard oil and butter for my brother for his birthday. He really likes the scent and says the butter is soft and smells amazing. I did smell the white knight also and wow is phenomenal!!!!!


First of all I love the soapy cologne clean scent of this oil. It was not overpowering and pleasant. The thing I have to rave on was the way my gray beard felt after a shower and this oil. This is my first Kingsman oil. The oil soaked right in and never felt greasy, and then my beard felt amazing! I don’t know why, but it feels different and more conditioned than I’ve had with any other oil. I’m now ordering more! Thanks Kingsman!

Chad A. Nemecek

Est. Nov 2019


Wizard Testimonials

What an amazing scent. The blueberries shine through with this one. The thyme is there to keep it from being too sweet/candy like. The end result is just amazing. I ordered this oil with the corresponding butter and two other items late on a Sunday night. I had an email the next morning saying my order has been packed and is on the way. It was received Wednesday morning - super quick turnaround. I will definitely be back for more.


Wow, you guys knocked it out of the park with this one. Probably my favorite scent of all the Kingsmen products. Just got my Wizard oil and beard butter. It’s absolutely unreal. The scent is described as Blueberry Thyme and it very may well be. Kinda reminds me of Grape Big League Chew. Odd I know! I’m not the best at describing scents but PLEASE do not miss out on this, it’s fantastic.