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4 products

Men’s Body Care – Kingsmen Premium Collection

The Kingsmen Premium vision for quality products with hard-working men in mind began in a garage, as all good things do. We have since maintained its small batch quality using labor sourced right here in the USA. There’s no outsourcing here. We are connected to the ingredients that go into our face, skin, and hair care products and the people that make them, so the end user gets high-quality, American-made men’s grooming products that will transform your hygiene routine. 

Kingsmen Premium Body Wash for Men

Set down the traditional soap bar and pick up a bottle of Kingsmen Premium’s body wash for men in your favorite Kingsmen scent. This body wash is designed for the skin of men of all shapes and sizes and gently scrubs away dirt, oil, and dust whether you’ve been working in the soil all day or sitting at a desk. It can even gently break down sunscreens, oils, and other skin care products you might use throughout the day. Unlike a soap bar, this body wash won’t dry out your skin or strip your natural oils. What it will do instead is create a foamy lather like bar soap and leave your skin feeling soft to the touch and smelling great. 

This product is best used when men shower in place of a soap bar. It is designed to be used as a daily body soap that will leave you feeling fresh and clean all day long. To use Kingsmen Premium’s body wash for men, work a dollop of body wash into a washcloth and massage into the skin all over the body until a rich, foamy lather forms. Work the lather to loosen dirt and oil and apply more body wash for men to your washcloth as needed. Rinse the foamy lather off your skin well and towel dry your body. While your skin is still damp, quickly follow up with Kingsmen Premium’s body lotion in the same fragrance for a layered scent effect and deep moisturizing action. Then, just toss your old soap bar in the trash!

Kingsmen Premium Sea Salt Scrub

For men, hygiene products like exfoliators are an often ignored part of a complete hygiene routine, and the best way to get it done is with an all-natural sea salt scrub made with just one ingredient and fragrance. Kingsmen premium’s sea salt scrub will gently work away dead skin and clear dirt, oil, and product build-up out of your pores. After just one use, your skin will feel soft and clean. 

Every man’s skin will benefit from a gentle exfoliation from time to time, especially if you work in a particularly dirty or dusty environment or you use a lot of product on your skin. Kingsmen Premium’s sea salt scrub is gentle enough to exfoliate the skin on the face as well. 

To use Kingsmen Premium’s two-ingredient sea salt scrub as part of your grooming routine, wait until you’ve been in a warm shower for a few minutes first, so the steam can open your pores and soften your skin. Grab about a quarter-size amount of the salt scrub, and work into your skin on your body and your face in a circular motion. Replenish the scrub in your hands as needed until you’ve exfoliated everywhere it’s needed. Gently rinse away the product, and then towel dry your skin before applying Kingsmen Premium’s men’s lotion to restore any moisture lost in the washing and exfoliating process. Be sure to store your sea salt scrub with the lid on tight to avoid it drying out.

Kingsmen Premium Men’s Lotion

Kingsmen Premium’s Men’s Lotion is a moisturizer designed to work hand in hand with the sea salt scrub and the body wash as part of your skin, face, and body care routine. When you apply our expertly formulated moisturizing lotion to freshly washed and exfoliated skin on your face or body, you won’t just have soft, hydrated skin. This moisturizer will also fight dry, scaly skin, itchiness, and redness, and you’ll even prevent the signs of aging. For men, skin care is often overlooked, but it’s as easy as this simple-to-use lotion for the skin on your body and face.

Lotion or moisturizer should always be applied to any skin, whether it’s your face or body after it’s been washed to replenish any moisture lost in the washing process. Men of any age will benefit from protecting their skin with Kingsmen Premium’s men’s lotion. 

To use this moisturizer expertly formulated by Kingsmen Premium for men, towel-dry your skin after each shower and, while your skin is still damp, warm and soft from your shower, work the lotion into your skin all over your body, paying close attention to the areas that tend to dry out quicker. Doing this right after a shower allows your skin to absorb the product with greater ease as it has been primed to accept moisture through the showering process. Allow the product to absorb into the skin before dressing or using any other product. Layer your men’s lotion with other Kingsmen Premium products in the same scent for a deeper, longer-lasting scent experience.

Kingsmen Premium Solid Cologne for Men

Now, you can get your favorite Kingsmen Premium scent in a long-lasting, wax-based solid cologne for men for your grooming routine. Kingsmen Premium fragrances like Black Knight, Wizard, and the highly coveted Holy Grail are all available in this economical product that will last you a long time. Layered with our other body care products for men in the same scent, this cologne packs an even mightier punch, ensuring you smell great for hours. 

A perfect date night addition to your normal hygiene routine, or even for a night on the town, this solid cologne is packed with moisturizing ingredients that are great for your skin. 

To use your Kingsmen Premium solid cologne for men, scoop a tiny amount with your fingers from the tin and rub it between your finger and thumb until it’s warm and softened. Once it has become more like an oil, rub it on your pulse points, including your wrists, temples, and neck. It’s as simple as that! There is no harm in reapplying Kingsmen Premium’s solid cologne as needed throughout the day for a fresh burst of your favorite Kingsmen fragrance and it works even better when you layer this product with other Kingsmen Premium products in the same scent.

Kingsmen Premium Holy Grail Oud Cologne

One of Kingsmen Premium’s most popular scents for both men’s skin care and beard care products, Holy Grail is our flagship fragrance. Centered around dominating oud wood base notes, this soft, warm scent also gives off notes of vanilla. The scent of oud has been worn for centuries by noblemen and royalty, which gives Kingsmen Premium’s oud cologne a regal feel and will turn heads everywhere you go. 

This oud cologne is easy to spritz as needed, making it a great fragrance to take on the go. Busy men who want to smell good often will love this product. It’s perfect to pop into your gym bag, your briefcase, and even your toolbox to freshen up in the middle of a long, hard day on the job site.

To use Kingsmen Premium’s Holy Grail oud cologne, spray a small amount on your pulse points, including your neck and wrists. The best time to apply it is after you’ve used Kingsmen Premium’s body wash for men in Holy Grail, as well as Kingsmen premium’s men’s lotion in the same scent. The scent will stick around longer on clean, hydrated skin. After your skin is dry and the lotion has been absorbed, spritz a little oud cologne to put a smile on your face and smell great the rest of the day. Don’t forget to allow this luxurious product some time to dry!

Discover More Kingsmen Premium Products

Kingsmen Premium is a men’s grooming company that began in a two-car garage as a quality, American-made line of beard care products in unique scents that men all over the world have come to love. From the shower-fresh, clean scent of Chainmail and Wizard to the warm, earthy notes of Dragon and Holy Grail, you won’t soon forget a Kingsmen fragrance.  Our beard care products include beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, beard conditioner as well as beard butter and mustache wax. Each of which is available in the same scents as our hair, face, and skin care products, including body wash for men, men’s lotion, sea salt scrub, oud cologne, pomade, and solid cologne. That means that from your beard to your skin, you can layer your favorite Kingsmen scent for the longest-lasting, shower-fresh fragrance for men.

Our products are designed to work best together, providing amazing results for your skin, body, face, and hair. Each has been formulated using high-quality ingredients that deliver moisture, deep nourishment, and an unforgettable scent to your hair, skin, and body. When combined into one powerful grooming routine, the Kingsmen Premium line of products produces softer skin and hair than you’ve ever experienced before, all while smelling like a Kingsmen. Your beard, hair, face, and body will look, feel and smell amazing.

The best part is that you’re buying these premium products manufactured in the United States by hard working Americans for hardworking men all over the world. What began as a beard care brand has expanded to offer you the quality you expect from Kingsmen Premium in all your men’s grooming products, so you can smell and feel great knowing you’re using a high-quality product that’s great for your body and hair.  So, shop the full line of Kingsmen Premium’s products for men’s body care today for better skin and hair tomorrow.