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Kingsman Beard Club - Wait they offer more than just Holy Grail? Full Kingsmen Review. Samples!


What's going on, guys, it's Matt with No BS Beard Reviews today, we're talking about Kingsmead Beard Club. Now you probably know Kingsman Beard Club by their famous beard oil or Beard Scent, the Holy Grail, probably one of my favorite OUD scented beard oils. It was, you know, the first scent I ever tried is the scent that I fell in love with that really made me love OUD. And so, I wanted you all to know, though, that they have six other sense that many of you guys had never tried, never even heard of.

Now, I want to give you a breakdown of those six other scents, because they're fantastic and because Kingsman has just launched a samples program. So, you can now get these beard oils in this little 1/8-ounce dram here. This goes for $4.99 for these. You can also sample their beard butter. Look at this. Either I have huge hands, or this is a cool thing of beard butter.

So, you can get this little 1/4-ounce beard butter again $4.99. They also sell their balm as well as their mustache wax in these little samplers. Now, each one of these is the fourth of an ounce it's going to last year. While it's going to get you to know if you like the actual product, you know, if the scent is for you. So very cool that they offer these small. So, you normally never see at least mustache wax balm and butter and samples.

Yes, beard oil. Some companies offer those and samples, but rarely do we ever get to try a butter in a sample, which is really, cool. So, let's jump in. I want to talk to you about the six different scents. They also have a seventh if you count unscented as a scent so that you offer an un-scented oil. But let's jump right in here.

I've got six of these little 1/8th-ounce drams. First one here is the Black Knight.

Now, Black Knight is going to be lavender, citrus, mixed berry sandalwood, rum spice.

So right off the bat, I'm telling you, this is a cologne sent to me. Oh, it is so good.

I'm going to put each one of these on a different finger now. I've worn all these multiple times. All right, so I get the lavender. That mixed berries are unique, that really makes the scent pop. And kind of sandalwood really mellows everything out, the rum spice gives a little sweetness. But yeah, overall, this is a great Cologne's cent, absolutely love that one. And again, that was the black knight. So next up, we've got Chainmail.

So, Chainmail here is a blend of different citrus scents.

I love citrus scents like the spring and summer. Hmm, I get. I smell that right, right, citrus on this one. It's more of a. an orange, almost tangerine type citrus scent. I don't get a ton of like lemon. It's a good citrus scent, this is probably one of the better scents since I've used it in the past. Next up, we've got one of my favorites. This is Dragon. I've done a whole video on Dragon before with a full review on that.

Go check out that video. Maybe I'll be fancy. I'll add a card for it right there. But Dragon is straight up patchouli. And I used to think I didn't like patchouli until I tried Dragon. Oh, it is earthy. It is. A little bit a campfire in there. I've always thought the dragon was a very masculine, manly scent. It's not overly strong, it's like a subtle cologne, but just a great scent. A lot of guys, it is very subtle.

I will mention that a lot of guys got this originally and didn't think the scent strength was that strong. But it is one of those. It's for your significant other. You know, you can smell it throughout the day. But Dragon really made me love patchouli or made me a fan of patchouli, which I never thought I would say.

Fourth one here we've got Kings Court, Kings Court is sandalwood, vanilla, and a rosemary. So sandalwood vanilla is kind of a common sense throughout the beard world. This rosemary gives it a nice little pop. Yeah. Yeah, you get the sandalwood vanilla. But the rosemary really adds a little bit of complexity there, makes it kind of unique if you're a sandalwood vanilla fan, I would absolutely recommend Kings Court. I think it's a great one to try to, you know, kind of change things up and give you a little out of the box scent there.

All right. Finally, well, not last, but second to last, we've got the White Knight. So, we had the Black Knight earlier. White Knight is lemon, sage, and lavender. Yeah, I get that sage. I get the lemon. And the lavender, this is a unique, kind of mellow and this is a good nighttime scent. Hmmm, this is a good relaxing, calming set. Yeah, White Knight That's another good one.

And then finally, this is the last one. This time we've got the Wizard. And so, the Wizard is a blueberry thyme. It's pronounced time, but it's spelled thyme, as you know, blueberry thyme scent, blueberry times scent... man, I’m killing myself tonight. All right, off the bat, blueberry, the fight, the time really settle some earthiness, a little bit of bite. This here is like a 14 plus hour sent, you know, I put this on in the morning, take my shower later that night, I'm still smelling it as I'm washing my beard.

So. So that's it, guys.

Six other scents for you to enjoy out there besides the Holy Grail, which, again, is an awesome, awesome scent. Absolutely. Recommend you try that one as well. You've never tried any of these, but there's something for everyone with this line. Again, sample sizes. I would say pick three of these, you know, 15 bucks, you're getting three different cents and you can really see what you like, or you could spend 30 and get all six.

So, there you go again. Printing press with these I mean, this is a nice little plastic container. You can see I've sampled that one, this is the Wizard, so good man. So, so good. So, if I had a room, I give you two or three to order right now, I would definitely say the Wizard, if you like blueberries, black night for sure. I Black Knight. It's probably my favorite out of all of these.

That's the first one I talked about the cologne scent. I would go Black Knight.

This is me personally, Black Knight, Dragon  and then probably Chainmail to get you a good citrus scent in there.

So that's where I would go personally. That's just my preference. But all of them are good, all of them are good. And of course, if you don't have Holy Grail, you got to check that out as well. So.

All right, guys, I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you all so much for subscribing.

And thank you for watching. God bless you. Take care of yourself. Take care of yourselves. Take care of yourselves and stay healthy, guys.

We'll talk to you soon.


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