Long Beard Styles That are Trending Right Now

There’s no denying that men look amazing with long, full beards that turn heads. Choosing a long beard style is a commitment and a waiting game, but the payoff makes everything worth it. If you want to grow a long beard, choosing a beard style to aim for can make the process easier and help you to keep up the look once you’ve achieved the length you want. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular long beard styles right now, so you can choose the style that best suits you and your lifestyle. Let’s get into everything there is to know about growing a long beard and the most popular styles to choose from. 

Growing a Long and Healthy Beard

If you’re wondering how to grow a beard, growth is largely determined by genetics but there are a number of lifestyle factors that can get in the way of healthy whiskers. Even beardsmen with the most stubborn beard genetics may be able to see some improvement in the growth of their mane by making a few different choices in their daily routine. Below, you’ll find tried and true methods for helping to coax out the long, thick whiskers you’ve always wanted. These tips will give you the best chance of growing a full mane.

Diet and Exercise

Diet & Exercise

Your beard needs nutrients to grow properly and whether or not it gets enough is going to depend on your diet and exercise habits. The first step, of course, is to make sure you’re consuming the nutrition required to get enough vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that your whiskers love. A food diary app like MyFitnessPal can help determine whether or not you’re hitting your daily recommended intake of beard-friendly nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, and E, zinc, B vitamins, iron, biotin, protein, and essential fatty acids. A diet rich in lean proteins, fiber, loads of fruits and veggies and whole grains will give you everything you need to grow a healthy beard. Of course, half of those nutrients won’t reach your facial hair follicles without good blood flow, which is something that daily exercise can drastically improve. If you aim for a beard-healthy diet and exercise, your mane will have the best chance of regular, even growth.

Beard Care Products

 Beards are made up of hair that is much different from the hair on your head. They also grow out of skin that is far more delicate than the skin on your scalp. As such, products intended for the hair on your head are not going to work as well on your beard. In fact, many of them, such as shampoo, will simply be too harsh for the hair and skin on your face. If you’re looking to grow out a long, bushy, healthy beard, you’re going to need to invest in some quality beard care products packed with the nutrients and moisturizers your facial hair and skin need. 

Start with a beard wash, which is far more gentle than hair shampoo and won’t strip your natural oils nor leave your beard dry and brittle. Always follow up a good wash with a beard conditioner to infuse moisture and nutrients immediately after cleansing. These two steps should always be followed by a quality beard oil applied to a damp beard. Beard oil is a step that should never be skipped. Apply it daily in the morning whether you have washed your beard or not and remember that the nutrients are more easily absorbed when your beard is slightly dampened. Beard oil helps to care for the skin underneath your beard, which is crucial for growing a thick beard. 

For styling, start with an all-natural beard balm or beard butter, ensuring the ingredients will add moisture to your beard and help to protect it as well. Cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, and beeswax are all ingredients you want to see in your beard styling products. Mustache wax is also a great tool for a stronger hold, but make sure the wax you choose is clean and all-natural, as well. Stay away from products that have drying components in them such as alcohol and don’t be afraid to reapply beard oil, beard balm, or beard butter throughout the day if your beard or skin feels dry. 

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Regular Trim and Shape

Regular Trim and Shape

Long beard styles can tend to thin out at the bottom giving them a less full look. That’s because, over time, your whiskers become more brittle, and split ends and breakage become more likely. Trimming off the thinning ends will help provide a full look and keep everything healthy and growing. 

Choosing the Right Shape for Your Face

Your face may be round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular, and heart or diamond-shaped. Each face shape has beard styles that suit the facial features. For instance, if your face is round, a boxed beard or circle beard might suit you best. For oval faces, most beard styles are flattering while a beardsmen with a square face might prefer a Van Dyke style beard to soften out the edges. Rectangular face shapes benefit the most from beard styles that are shorter on top, while the bottom has the longest whiskers. Triangular face shapes can achieve a less pointy chin with a full, rounded thick beard while heart-shaped faces suit a similar style. Finally, diamond-shaped faces look great with shorter hair on the cheeks and longer hair on the chin. This will highlight the jawline and give you a chiseled look.

To shape your beard, read our piece on how to shape a beard so you can achieve the style that best suits you. 

22 Best Long Beard Styles for 2022

1. The Hipster

Best Long Beard Styles - The Hipster

The hipster beard has a wild and unruly modern look but there is a lot of care involved. You can identify a hipster beard by the mustache that is grown out as long or nearly as long as the beard itself. Often paired with a meticulously styled head of hair, the hipster is half mountain man, half keynote speaker, and suits men with diamond, round and square faces, although most beardsmen can pull off the look. Despite its haphazard look, a hipster beard requires a lot of care. Frequent trims to keep the split ends at bay, as well as a lot of beard oil and other beard care products to ensure the hair is moisturized and protected from root to tip. You won’t be able to live without beard wash if you choose to rock this style, as long, unruly beards tend to catch everything from dust and dirt to half of your craft beer on Friday night.

Jason Momoa is known for sporting the hipster beard but other celebs have briefly rocked the look as well, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal.

2. The Polished

Best Long Beard Styles - The Polished

This high-maintenance look is full, bushy, and wild but manicured to perfection along the edges. It takes time to create and maintain this perfectly trimmed beard style but it’s a great look for round faces and those beardsmen who need to look put together for work. You’re going to need a quality beard comb or beard brush to keep each hair in place, as well as some good beard balm to hold the shape.  

Chris Evans has been known to wear the polished beard between stints playing Captain America and Idris Elba can also be spotted with a polished beard from time to time. 

3. The Harden

Best Long Beard Styles - The Harden

Named for the Houston Rockets #13, James Harden, this beard is styled after his gloriously bushy head-turner that can be spotted from the nosebleeds. This look is deceptively rugged, but a closer look reveals the bottom is neatly trimmed parallel to the jawline. Choosing this look means frequent trims to maintain the shape, and lots of beard oil to keep everything looking healthy. 

Aside from James Harden, Jeff Bridges has worn this beard style with impressive success. 

4. The Pompadour with Beard

Best Long Beard Styles - The Pompadour with Beard

Similar to the hipster beard, this modern style pairs a wild, bushy beard with neatly styled hair. Specifically, the hair is combed over into a sort of wave. If you want to picture the hairstyle in your mind, think Elvis. This is another relatively high-maintenance look, requiring regular trimming to keep the split ends and breakage at bay. Beard wash and beard oil are essentials for beardsmen rocking this style of mane. It is perfect for the man who likes to spend time styling his hair and it’s a great look for creative spaces.   

David Beckham is known for his pompadour often rocked with a short beard as is Jake Gyllenhaal from time to time. 

5. The Long Goatee

Best Long Beard Styles - The Long Goatee

The long goatee is perfect for a round face and a long one makes it look even better. A detached beard and mustache with shaved cheeks are how this look is styled. This is a pretty low-maintenance look with trims now and then and maintaining shaved sides, but you’ll definitely be wanting to apply your beard oil daily and give those whiskers a good comb-through.  In this subsection, provide a short description of this beard shape and make a recommendation for who it would suit. 

Brad Pitt and Idris Elba have both worn this look and turned heads with it. 

6. The Two-Tone

Best Long Beard Styles - The Two Tone

The two-tone beard can help any beardsman achieve the silver fox look. The easiest way to get this look is to let your gray grow out naturally, so your beard is two-toned. However, it’s easy to use a little dye to achieve the two-tone if your natural beard color won’t cooperate. This is a high-maintenance look if you have to use dye, otherwise, it’s relatively easy to maintain. This beard looks great on men who are a little bit older and can complement any face shape. 

Mark Ruffalo and Jefferey Dean Morgan both know how to use this style to their advantage.

7. The Fade

Best Long Beard Styles - The Fade

Fades look great in your hair, but they can also make your sideburns and beard look incredible. The Fade features those faded sideburns and short cheek hair. This look requires frequent visits to your barber to maintain so it’s definitely one that is best suited for a man who loves to go for a haircut and beard cuts. You’ll need styling products for this look so you can keep everything looking neat and tidy. Beard balm and beard butter will be your favorite tools. This is a great look for a square face or someone who wants to show off their cheekbones. 

Idris Elba and Drake both rock this look on occasion. 

8. The Razor’s Edge

Best Long Beard Styles - The Razors Edge

The Razor’s Edge keeps everything well-manicured, including the cheeks, the sideburns, and the bottom of the beard. The mustache is grown out long and styled with slight curls at the tips. This look is known for its pristine lines. It’s a great look for any face shape but can give men with round or oval faces more defined cheekbones. 

Kristofer Hivju of Game of Thrones fame knows how to rock this look and so does Jeff Bridges. 

9. The Boss

Best Long Beard Styles - The Boss

The boss is a high-maintenance clean look that commands respect in any room. The sideburns are neatly faded and the beard is brushed, combed, and styled to perfection after frequent trims and shaping. You will need a lot of beard balm and a great beard brush for this look, which is great for the corporate world or formal events. 

George Clooney is a master of this beard style, and Ryan Reynolds has been known to sport it as well. 

10. The Bold-Shaped

Best Long Beard Styles - The Bold

The bold-shaped beard is identified by the square-cut bottom, trimmed mustache, and tidy side-burns. There's a bit of maintenance involved in keeping the square shaped-bottom neat, and you’ll definitely want to invest in some beard balm and a beard comb to keep everything in its place. Great for a round or oval face, the bold-shaped will look good on any beardsmen.  

David Beckham and Travis Fimmel have both rocked the bold shaped beard.

11. The Viking

Best Long Beard Styles - The Viking

The Viking is wild, full, and glorious. Often worn with a few braids or beard beads in it, the Viking beard look pairs well with a top-knot hairstyle to complete the overall warrior look. This is a low-maintenance look but you’ll want to make sure you’re using a good beard wash to keep that long mane clean. Creative types tend to gravitate to this look, which would compliment any face shape. 

Jason Momoa is known for his iconic beard look. Paul Rovia, formerly of the Walking Dead, also likes to rock this look now and again.

12. The Wild and Free

Best Long Beard Styles - The Wild & Free

This is probably our lowest maintenance look in this entire list and that’s because it’s any big beard that results from just letting everything grow out, including your hair, sideburns, and mustache. It’s the hippie look but you’ll want to keep that mane clean and tangle-free with a quality beard wash and conditioner. This look may not be for everyone but it’s great for beach bums and anyone who loves to pull off the carefree look. 

PIcture Hagrid from Harry Potter for an example of this beard style, but of course, Jason Momoa rocks it as well sometimes as well as lead singer for Slayer, Tom Araya.  

13. The Scotsman

Best Long Beard Styles - The Long Goatee.jpg

The Scotsman is a beard look known for its highly groomed but very long appearance. This beard requires a good beard brush for a comb-though each morning. Often accompanied by shorter hair and a lengthy mustache, you can see the Scotsman as rocked by the members of ZZ Top.

14. The Lumberjack

 Best Long Beard Styles - The Lumberjack

A neatly trimmed and shaped beard that can be long or medium length is accompanied by shaved or very short sideburns and short hair. Sometimes complemented by a handlebar mustache, the lumberjack is perfect for the woodsman or a man who heads into the office every day. It’s a tidy look, so you’re going to need some beard balm, a beard brush, and mustache wax to keep those handlebars in order. 

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto have both sported versions of this look and rocked it. 

15. The Handlebars

 Best Long Beard Styles - The Handlebar

The handlebar mustache is iconic and when accompanied by a long beard, it can be truly unforgettable. This look is for men who want the limelight and it’s great for an oval or heart-shaped face. Mustache wax is your best friend for maintaining your handlebars. 

Pierce Brosnan is one of the few men in Hollywood bold enough to sport this look. 

16. The Twisty Stache

Best Long Beard Styles - The Twisty Stache

A mustache with tight, twisted curls at the end is the perfect accessory to a long beard for any man who wants to turn heads. This is a bold style that accentuates cheekbones and creates a great face shape for those who might have round or heart-shaped faces. In this subsection, provide a short description of this beard shape and make a recommendation for who it would suit. 

In the film, Mortdecai, Johnny Depp rocks the twisty ‘stache and looks great doing it. Now, all you have to do is imagine it with a long beard. 

17. The Rebel

Best Long Beard Styles - The Rebel

The Rebel can be recognized by its long, shaped beard, hard lines at the cheeks, and a fade out into the hairline. It’s a high-maintenance look to keep that fade fresh and the cheek lines clean, but it’s also a powerful look, especially when paired with short hair. Beard oil does wonders for this style, making it look healthy and striking. 

The lead singer of Killswitch Engage, Jesse Leach, is known to sport the rebel from time to time. 

18. The Uniform

Best Long Beard Styles - The Uniform

As the name suggests, this look is for men who need a professional style. Perfect for office life, the uniform is trimmed neatly so that the beard and mustache length match. It’s going to require some trimming every few days and you’ll want to keep a good beard balm on hand to keep everything neat and tidy. 

Jake Gyllenhaal has rocked this style, as well as George Clooney, James Franco, and Paul Rudd. 

19. The Warrior

Best Long Beard Styles - The Warrior

The warrior style is very similar to the Viking and, like that look, can be complemented with some braids and beard beads. However, the warrior is often paired with very short hair. It’s not a lot of work to maintain this look, just a few trims every once in a while to keep the split ends at bay. You will want beard wash and beard conditioner to keep a mane like this clean and tangle-free.  

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has been known to wear the Warrior when the mood strikes. 

20. The Even Beard

The even beard runs down to the chest where it is neatly trimmed. With this look, your sideburns are short and tidy, as well, and your mustache is neatly trimmed above the lip. You’ll need time to keep everything neatly trimmed and you’ll also want to invest in a good beard brush to maintain tidiness. 

Zack Galifinakis has worn this look once or twice and so has David Harbour from Stranger Things. 

21. The Wavy Beard

Best Long Beard Styles - The Wavy Beard

The wavy beard is one of those long beard styles for men that emphasizes the natural waves in your whiskers. Braid your damp beard overnight and in the morning, you’re going to have some epic waves to rock. It takes some effort but it’s worth it. Beard balm will help hang onto those waves all day.

Serj Tankian from System of A Down has been known to accentuate the waves in his long goatee.

22. The Beard Pony

It’s a ponytail for all types of beards. You may have seen Jason Momoa rock one as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones or Kerry King rocking the multi-pony on stage with Slayer. You need a long beard and some ouchless hair ties. Just tie it off where you think it looks good. This is a great look for days when you need your beard out of the way and it can also top off a striking party look when you want to be the center of attention. You will need a beard comb and beard balm to keep everything in check. 

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