Dwayne the Rock Johnson's Beard

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Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson's Beard


Ageing isn’t so great, and almost every human on Earth agrees with that. If you are a man and you are growing old it is natural that you start losing strength, your hair will slowly turn gray, and of course same goes for your beard. However, Dwayne Johnson isn’t just some average Joe that will sit back and do nothing about it. The Rock posted a video where he explains how you can grow older and go gray with dignity!

This summer The Rock took to Instagram to discuss his ‘fresh’ facial hair. He shared his experience and also advised numerous male followers on what to do when your beard goes gray.

‘Yeah, I know you very well,’ Dwayne said. ‘Right now, you’re looking, you’re like, ‘Damn, DJ, look at that beard, okay.’ It’s for Skyscraper, I’m growing this out.’

And it seems like he never shaved it off completely after that.

An expert on facial hair spoke his mind on the matter, and fortunately, he too thinks that Dwayne has been slaying with his gray beard game so far. Kirk Riley, a barber and co-founder of Otis & Finn in New York said: ‘The main thing The Rock is doing right is maintaining his beard and keeping it trimmed while still keeping it natural in color and shape. He is very likely using a high quality all natural oil to condition as well. The combination of natural color, conditioning, and shaping suits him much better than if he had the beard lined up.’

Even though growing a beard seems easy you have to pay attention to some things and take some measures if you want your beard to look as good as The Rock’s. Riley claimed how Dwayne has ‘a unique beard.’ He continued by adding ‘It’s two-toned salt and pepper and is the luck of the draw based on his genetics and age. My advice would be to keep the sideburn and cheek of your beard tight and let your barber know you want to keep the goatee a little darker and thicker, if possible.’ Of course, everyone is different, and there are no two exactly same humans on earth so you’ll probably want to consult your barber first before going for a cut.

Dwayne Johnson Beard

That is not all as you’ll have to visit a barber every now and then, but it’s worth it. If you want to stay home, you’ll have to buy yourself a solid beard trimmer or a razor. Other than that you’ll want to keep the neck and above your lips cleaned up. It doesn’t matter whether you want a short beard or a long one, you have to pay attention to those two things. On the other hand, if you still don’t know how to feel about growing a gray beard barber Riley says that you should ‘rock’ it with confidence. And yes, maybe it goes without saying but, do not color your beard okay? Please don’t.

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