What is Mustache Wax? And How to Use It

Blog posts What is Mustache Wax? And How to Use It

Mustache Wax

Styled facial hair continues to increase in popularity, and that makes a great mustache wax a necessity. Mustache wax doesn’t just enable a great shape, though. There are multiple benefits and uses for Kingsmen Premium Mustache Wax so get ready to learn why this product needs to be a staple in your grooming routine. 

What is Mustache Wax? 

Like beard butter and beard balm, mustache wax provides hold and control for your facial hair. While the wax focuses on your upper lip whiskers, it can come in handy for your mane as well. If you’re looking for something with a strong hold for your beard, mustache wax can do the job. The wax allows you to style your mustache and beard for long-lasting control and shape while offering natural, moisturizing and conditioning ingredients to keep those whiskers healthy at the same time. 

How is mustache wax different from beard balm, beard oil and beard butter? 

While beard balm and beard butter both offer styling and hold, mustache wax is the strongest product geared toward facial hair that will control and style your whiskers. Beard oil and beard butter are more about deep-conditioning and nourishment, and beard balm is a styling and conditioning product, but nothing beats the muscle in mustache wax. This product offers an all-day hold that might even survive a windstorm. Whether you use it in your beard or your mustache, or both, the shape you create will last longer than it would with any other product.

When do I use mustache wax? 

What is mustache wax and how is it different than beard butter, balm, and oil.

Maintaining your mustache’s shape and style can be a fight. Flyaways, hair in your mouth and wild, out-of-control whiskers are all signs that you might want to include mustache wax in your daily grooming routine. But when should you incorporate this step? At what point in your daily routine should you introduce the wax? The answer is that mustache wax should be used whenever you’re styling your facial hair. Reapplication is best when you feel your whiskers need renewed hold or control. Often, this means the best time to use mustache wax is in the morning, fresh out of the shower. It’s important to note, though, that you should not use wax after you’ve applied beard oil to your mustache. Doing so will reduce the effectiveness of the mustache wax, as the slick, moisturized hair will not allow the wax to truly grip. We recommend using it alone, right after you get out of the shower or at the start of your day. Apply to a clean mustache and don’t use any other products on it after you create the shape you want. 

How do I use mustache wax? 

Mustache Wax closeup with guitar pick scoop

Mustache wax has a hard, pomade-like consistency, so it’s going to be far easier to work with if you warm it up a little bit first. Just pop the mustache wax tin in your pocket for a minute or two and you should be good to go. Alternative methods of warming are wrapping the tin in a warm washcloth or using a hairdryer for a few seconds. Once you’ve got your wax warmed up and easy to work with, grab a tiny amount, maybe the size of a sunflower seed. Work the product between your thumb and finger and apply it to your mustache. Shape your whiskers and when you have the style you want, stop working it though, and as soon as the wax hardens your style will be set for the day.   

What benefits do I get from mustache wax? 

The primary use of mustache wax is, of course, hold. With this use, however, comes numerous benefits. A product with good hold is going to keep those stray mustache hairs from getting into your mouth when you’re eating. Mustache wax will also take care of any flyaways or stray hairs and keep them in place for the entire day. It enables the mustachioed Kingsman to get creative with shape as well, whether you’re sporting handlebars or a tidy, respectable chevron. Perhaps the best benefit of all is that Kingsmen Premium Mustache Wax is packed with moisturizing ingredients, so you’re not just holding your shape, you’re also locking in nourishment for a healthy-looking ‘stache, all day long. 

Benefits of mustache wax

  • Shape your mustache
  • Control flyaways and stray hairs
  • Avoid chewing on your mustache when you eat
  • Moisturize your mustache hair
  • Moisturize the skin beneath your mustache
  • Give your mustache a fuller look
  • Smell great

How much mustache wax should I use? 

Mustache wax pea sized portion close up

Most mustaches don’t require much wax to stay put and look great all day. A dollop smaller than a pea is often enough. However, you’re going to have to do some trial and error here. You might find you need more if your mustache is particularly unruly or if the end shape you desire is more complicated. Our suggestion is to start with an amount the size of about half a peanut.  Work it in and reassess. Has the wax done what you want it to do? Pay attention to how well it does its job for the rest of the day as well and adjust the amount you use as needed.

Signs you’re using too much mustache wax 

  • Your mustache appears to have a white hue to it 
  • Your mustache appears crisp and rigid
  • You’re struggling to wash the wax out during your regular washing routine 

Signs you may not be using enough mustache wax

  • You’re not getting the hold you’re looking for
  • You continue to struggle with stray hairs
  • You’re unable to shape your mustache the way you want to 
Mustache wax pea sized portion comparison to dime

Does mustache wax help mustache growth? 

With regular use of mustache wax, your mustache will become healthier and more moisturized. That means that there will be less flaky skin underneath and lets dead skin building up around the base of each hair. This leaves the hair free to grow at a normal rate.  The hair itself is going to be in a better state for growth, as you regularly feed it nourishment with your Kingsmen Premium Mustache Wax.

Mustache Wax 3-Pack

What is the best mustache wax? 

Choosing a mustache wax can be difficult with all the products on the market these days. However, if you pay attention to several important things, you’re going to narrow it down a lot.  The first thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to be putting harsh chemicals near your face on a daily basis. Our best advice is to pay close attention to the ingredients in your mustache wax. Are they natural? Can you pronounce them? Are they organic? “Clean” mustache care is going to be far better for you, your skin and your ‘stache and less likely to cause any irritation.  The second thing you should pay attention to is scent. You don’t want to be walking around with a scent you don’t like. 

Kingsmen Premium offers a mustache wax with a powerful hold and a clean, natural formula. Our wax contains beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and essential oils. It’s made for optimal hold and styling while ensuring the health and condition of your mustache.  

Man getting groomed in barber chair

Kingsmen all over the globe keep coming back to our formula and to our unique scents. Black Knight is reminiscent of a cologne scent with its blend of lavender, citrus, mixed Berries, sandalwood, and rum spice. Chainmail a clean scent made of citrus essential oils. The Dragon scent is made with authentic patchouli essential oil. You won’t easily forget the deep earthy notes, campfire, and a subtle cologne-type scent. Holy Grail is our Flagship scent with an Oud base. Oud was worn throughout history by noblemen and elites the globe over. Oud has a complex scent that is strongly reminiscent of dense honey.  It can also smell like green grass, dark woods and leather. Many Kingsmen have claimed it smells like catholic church smoke. Kings Court is a blend of natural sandalwood, vanilla, and rosemary essential oils. White Knight is a soft and clean combination of lemon, sage, and lavender. Wizard is a refreshing blueberry-thyme scent.  

Of course, you can also opt for our unscented mustache wax if fragrance is not your thing.

No matter which scent you choose, Kingsmen Premium Mustache Wax is going to elevate your look, keep that ‘stache out of your mouth and give it all the nutrients it needs to grow and look good. 

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