What is Beard Wash? And How to Use It

Blog posts What is Beard Wash? And How to Use It

Beard Wash

Beards get dirty. Even if you work in a clean, quiet office and keep a tidy home, your beard is going to collect junk throughout the day. It’s easy for dust and bacteria to get caught up in your beard and every meal poses a significant threat to your beard’s cleanliness. In this article, we’re going to talk about the best practices to ensure you’re getting rid of all the unwanted gunk and grime in your beard while keeping it looking healthy and smelling great. Let’s jump into beard wash and everything you need to know to keep a squeaky clean mane.

What is beard wash? 

Beard wash is exactly what it sounds like: soap for your beard, just like body wash for men is for your body. It can come in bar form or liquid form and it’s designed to gently cleanse your facial hair without stripping too much of your natural oils. Like shampoo for your hair, beard wash is made to be worked into a lather in your beard and rinsed out, leaving your beard thoroughly clean, smelling great, and moisturized.  

Bearded man about to use beard wash in a bath tub

How do you wash your beard at home?

If your beard has been out in the world all day, sporting your Kingsmen Premium line of products and collecting dust and dirt, you need to give it a wash. The best way to do this, of course, is to hop in the shower with your favorite Kingsmen Premium Beard Wash. You’re going to want to work with lukewarm water for the best results. Hot water is going to strip more of your natural oils and leave your beard feeling dry and brittle. On the flip side, cold water doesn’t help to release the oil and dirt from your whiskers. So, lukewarm is the happy medium your beard is looking for. 

Once you have the perfect temperature, get your beard nice and wet. Pour a quarter-sized amount of beard wash in your palm and work up a lather with your hands. Massage it into your beard, getting the suds all the way down to the roots. Really work that lather in there. If you’re unable to get good enough suds, you might need to use more beard wash, but as is the case with most beard care products, a little goes a long way. Once you feel you’ve lathered every last hair up, give your beard a rinse. This is where you want to use colder water to close up your pores and leave your beard extra fresh. Always follow up with a Kingsmen Premium Beard Oil, preferably with the same scent as your beard wash to prevent fragrance friction. 

It’s the same method at the sink. Ensure you have a towel handy and wet your beard with lukewarm water. Work the beard wash in, ensuring the lather reaches each and every hair, right down to the roots. Rinse with cold water, towel dry, and apply your Kingsmen Premium Beard Oil right away.  

Beard wash closeup

What is the difference between beard wash and shampoo?

A lot of men want to know why they shouldn’t use shampoo on their beard because it seems like an easy alternative to having a separate wash for your facial hair. The problem with shampoo is that it is made to offer a much more aggressive cleanse. There are a couple of excellent reasons for this. First, your scalp is generally thicker up top. It can handle the detergents that are often in your shampoo. There are also more hair follicles up there and the surrounding skin produces more natural oils than the skin on your face. You can really see the grease in hair that hasn’t been washed in a long time, but beards don’t really get greasy on their own. You need a wash for your hair that’s going to clear out some of that heavy build-up and prevent the oil-slick look of a dirty mop. 

Beard shampoo is much gentler. It’s designed to moisturize the hair on your face because that hair is far more coarse than the hair on your head. It craves moisture, so we don’t want to strip it by washing it with your favorite shampoo. Use your beard wash. You’ll be glad you switched.  

Man rinsing out beard wash

Do I really need beard wash? 

The answer is an enthusiastic “yes!” Think of your beard as a filter, and the hairs within are the fibers. Just like your car’s engine filter or the filter in your furnace, these fibers collect and cling to dust, dirt, bacteria, unwanted scents, and more. You don’t want to use regular bar soap or body wash anywhere near your glorious locks because these products will strip the natural oils just like your shampoo. You need something specifically designed to heighten the overall health and look of your beard. A beard wash is developed specifically for your facial hair and the often-forgotten skin underneath. Using the wrong product can promote “beardruff”, itchy skin, and dry, brittle beards. Incorporating a proper beard wash into your grooming routine is going to take those glorious locks to a whole other level. 

How many times a week should I wash my beard? 

It all depends on where you’re taking that mane of yours every day. If you’re in construction or demo, or you’re out there working in the yard all day or in a wood shop, you’re going to get more debris, dust, and dirt in your whiskers. If your day-to-day activities bring you in contact with a lot of dust or dirt, you’re probably going to want to give that beard a good scrubbing daily.  If you spend your days in a cleaner environment and you find that your beard doesn’t appear to be that dirty or dusty at the end of the day, washing it two or three times per week will be fine. It’s important to pay attention to any dryness that might come from the daily use of beard wash. If you find that your beard is brittle, wash it less and make sure you’re replacing any lost natural oils with a good beard oil immediately after you wash your beard each time. If you can feel product build-up in your beard, you may not be washing enough. In fact, sometimes the product build-up calls for a double wash. Bringing your beard to a lather with Kingsmen Premium twice in a row is good practice for those days when you’re really feeling the build-up. Each beard is different and will have its own needs, though. Pay attention to your facial hair and go with what your beard is telling you.


Beard being towel dried after washing

How much beard wash should I use? 

If you’re using too much beard wash, you’re going to dry out your beard hair and the skin underneath. It can cause flaky and itchy skin, a dull beard and brittle hairs. That’s why we suggest starting with about a quarter-sized amount and adjusting based on your own specific needs. The amount you use should create a rich lather throughout your entire beard and it should not dry it out.

Kingsmen Premium Beard Wash

Beard Wash

What’s the best beard wash? 

The beard wash you choose should have moisturizing elements in it. This is critical for maintaining a healthy, full mane. Kingsmen Premium offers a superior moisturizing and beard-nourishing wash packed with vitamins and gentle cleansers to keep your whiskers looking their best. Kingsmen all over the globe keep coming back to our formula and to our unique scents. Black Knight is reminiscent of a cologne scent with its blend of lavender, citrus, mixed Berries, sandalwood, and rum spice. Chainmail a clean scent made of citrus essential oils. The Dragon scent is made with authentic patchouli essential oil. You won’t easily forget the deep earthy notes, campfire, and a subtle cologne-type scent. Holy Grail is our Flagship scent with an Oud base. Oud was worn throughout history by noblemen and elites the globe over. Oud has a complex scent that is strongly reminiscent of dense honey.  It can also smell like green grass, dark woods and leather. Many Kingsmen have claimed it smells like catholic church smoke. Kings Court is a blend of natural sandalwood, vanilla, and rosemary essential oils. White Knight is a soft and clean combination of lemon, sage, and lavender. Wizard is a refreshing blueberry-thyme scent.  

Of course, you can also opt for our unscented beard wash if you’re looking more for utility than you are a scent.

No matter which scent you choose, routine use of Kingsmen Premium Beard Wash is going to be a great addition to your daily grooming routine and keep your beard looking healthy, soft,  and squeaky clean.