What is Beard Conditioner? And How to Use It

What is Beard Conditioner? And How to Use It

Beard Conditioner

As beards become more fashionable, more men are learning how to maintain a glorious, soft and manageable mane. No beard care routine is complete without a quality beard conditioner. A premium beard conditioner can be truly transformative, taking any dull, dry and brittle beard and turning it into soft, touchable whiskers that do what you want them to. Let’s take a closer look at beard conditioner.

What is Beard Conditioner? And How to Use It 

Beard conditioner is the yin to your beard shampoo yang. They go hand in hand. A great beard wash is going to be gentle on your beard and have moisturizing properties, but any time you use it, you’ll still be washing away a lot of the good oils that keep your beard soft. You need to replace that moisture. The best way to infuse your whiskers with a whole load of moisture right after you wash is with a quality beard conditioner. 

How is beard conditioner different from beard oil, beard balm and other products that condition the beard? 

How is Beard Conditioner Different than Beard Oil

An after-wash beard conditioner is going to be a much more powerful conditioning treatment than anything else you use in your routine - that’s why it’s best to rinse it out. A beard conditioner is specifically designed to follow your in-shower beard washing routine. It’s designed to replace the moisture you may have lost in the washing process. A good beard conditioner will also lock in the moisture as your beard dries, leaving your mane easy to tame and touchably soft. 

When do I use a beard conditioner? 

Ideally, you want to use your beard conditioner immediately after you rinse out your beard wash. The best setting to apply beard conditioner is in a steamy shower, where pores are coaxed open by the humid air. Your beard is already primed to take in the moisture your beard conditioner can deliver. Always follow a beard wash with your beard conditioner, especially if you struggle with itchy, flaky skin or a dry, brittle beard. Washing without the conditioner follow-up can exacerbate any of these issues. As often as you use body wash for men, use your beard conditioner for men.  

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How do I use a beard conditioner? 

Man in barber chair after using beard conditioner

Using beard conditioner is easy, but you should keep a couple of things in mind: 1. Always ensure you rinse it out thoroughly and 2: a little goes a long way. After you wash your beard with your Kingsmen Premium Beard Shampoo and rinse it out completely, put a dollop of conditioner in your hand. Now, work it through your beard to reach every hair all the way down to the roots. You’re going to get the best results from your beard conditioner if you let it sit in your beard for a few minutes. Take that time to wash your body, or even just bask in the warm water. Once five or ten minutes is up, rinse your beard thoroughly. Towel dry, apply your favorite beard oil and you’re done!

What benefits do I get from a beard conditioner? 

Beard conditioner is packed with moisturizing and nourishing agents that offer a multitude of benefits. Your beard conditioner will give you a fuller, softer beard which is going to make it easier to control and style. Regular use of a good beard conditioner also helps to prevent beard dandruff and itchy skin. If you struggle with a wiry, brittle beard, or with any sort of patchiness, or growth issues, a beard conditioner is going to prime your beard for healthy growth, healthy whiskers and a healthy, hydrated mane. 

Benefits of beard conditioner

  • Deep condition your beard
  • Moisturize your skin and hair
  • Prevent itchiness
  • Prevent flakey skin
  • Smell great
  • Give your beard a slight, healthy shine
  • Achieve a fuller looking beard 

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Kit

How much beard conditioner should I use? 

Beard conditioner should be used according to the length of your beard. If you have long, glorious locks, you’ll need a little more than the guy with stubble. Make no mistake, though, beard conditioner is great for both of these sorts of beards. We usually recommend that you start with a small amount, maybe the size of a nickel or a dime. If you feel it’s hard to work it all the way through, add some more. 

Signs you’re using too much beard conditioner 

  • It’s difficult to rinse out of your beard
  • Your skin under your beard feels greasy
  • Your beard feels oily
  • Your beard appears wet all day

Signs you may not be using enough beard conditioner

  • You’ve noticed the occasional flake on your clothes under your beard
  • Your skin is itchy
  • Your beard feels dry and brittle
  • Your beard is dull and lacklustre
  • It’s hard for you to work your conditioner all the way through your beard 

Does beard conditioner help beard growth? Man examining his beard in the mirror after using beard conditioner

Beard conditioner is full of moisturizing and conditioning ingredients that are going to get to the root of each individual hair. Your beard conditioner also does wonders for the skin beneath your beard, too. What you’re going to find when you keep your skin and beard nicely conditioned, is that there is going to be a lot less dry skin, flakiness and beardruff. This sort of debris on your skin can collect at the base of your facial hair and impede growth. If it’s not there, your beard is free to grow at a healthy rate. Kingsmen Premium Beard Conditioner is formulated for your beard’s optimal health, leaving the perfect environment for growth. 

What is the best beard conditioner? 

Your beard conditioner’s main purpose is to moisturize your hair and skin. Your beard conditioner should have those moisturizing elements in it. Kingsmen Premium offers a beard conditioner with serious moisturizing power. It’s made for optimal skin and hair health so you can look your best with a soft, full, healthy beard.  

Kingsmen all over the globe keep coming back to our formula and to our unique scents. Black Knight is reminiscent of a cologne scent with its blend of lavender, citrus, mixed Berries, sandalwood, and rum spice. Chainmail a clean scent made of citrus essential oils. The Dragon scent is made with authentic patchouli essential oil. You won’t easily forget the deep earthy notes, campfire, and a subtle cologne-type scent. Holy Grail is our Flagship scent with an Oud base. Oud was worn throughout history by noblemen and elites the globe over. Oud has a complex scent that is strongly reminiscent of dense honey.  It can also smell like green grass, dark woods and leather. Many Kingsmen have claimed it smells like catholic church smoke. Kings Court is a blend of natural sandalwood, vanilla, and rosemary essential oils. White Knight is a soft and clean combination of lemon, sage, and lavender. Wizard is a refreshing blueberry-thyme scent.  

Of course, you can also opt for our unscented beard conditioner if all you want is to get the job done.

No matter which scent you choose, frequent use of Kingsmen Premium Beard Conditioner is going to help you ensure your beard and skin are moisturized, healthy and full. 

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