Made in America Beard Butter and Beard Balm

As an American small business, we understand the importance of supporting American jobs and fellow American small businesses whenever we can.  In our opinion, sourcing from American companies is critical for manufacturing the high-quality, consistent product that our customers deserve.  We’ve made this philosophy a top factor when sourcing our packaging and ingredients dating back to our founding in 2016.  Let’s take a journey to explore where your favorite American-made Kingsmen Premium Beard Butter and Beard Balm comes from.

Our story begins with the 2-ounce polypropylene jars, lids and heat induction seals that shield and ship our beard butter and beard balms around the world.  These three components are manufactured for us in California. The premium, 2 ounce jar is double-walled to protect and keep our butter and balm cooler during the shipping phase.  This is essential for products designed to melt at body temperature when they are exposed to extreme heat as they ship across different parts of the US and internationally.  The jar lid and embedded heat induction seal is a matched set to the jar from the same manufacturer to ensure a tight closure and environment-proof seal. 

 Why do we insist on the added quality of a more expensive American-made, heat induction seal vs. a cheap Chinese product?  The answer is simple, it provides the best seal available for our jars.  Our Beard butter tends to soften or melt down during transit in the summer months since it does not contain any beeswax.   Our heat induction seal ensures that the jar will not leak if it liquifies during transit.

So, what exactly is a heat induction seal?  It’s a metallic disc placed on the inside of the cap that welds to the plastic of the lower jar when a magnetic field is applied.  We use a handheld electromagnetic induction sealer on each individual beard butter and balm after they’ve been hand-filled with product.  The welding happens after about a second of exposure to the magnetic field and then the jars are ready for labeling.

Moving on to the secret sauce, all the ingredients in our products are sourced from US companies, with the vast majority of the ingredients shipping to us from Ohio. This helps us manufacture using only the finest ingredients and ensure that each of our hand-crafted products meets our higher standards.

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The high-quality labels that cover the top and sides of our jars are sourced from a Nevada company.  There’s no graininess or tough-to-read text here. We are very proud of the print quality of our labels vs. competitors and feel they are a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every aspect of our product.

Finally, we come to the heart of our operations in Florida, where our individual beard butters and beard balms are manufactured, poured and labeled by hand. It’s here in Florida where we warehouse the finished products and ship directly to you on demand.

We hope this was a worthwhile walk through of how our best American-made beard balms and beard butters are manufactured!  Please reach us as if you have any questions!