How to Achieve Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Beard

If you’re an X-Men fan, you’re more than familiar with Logan, codenamed “Wolverine”. Played by Hugh Jackman, Wolverine is pretty badass, having survived world wars, POW camps, and helping to save the world on a few occasions. 

His signature beard style is unique and just as fierce as he is. It’s no wonder beardsmen around the world want to know how to recreate Logan’s standout mane. 

Today, we’re going to tell you how to achieve this superhero look, so you can recreate it even if you have no plans to save the world.

The Look of The Wolverine Beard Style

The Look of The Wolverine Beard Style

The Wolverine beard style is really less of a beard and more just super long sideburns. It should really just be called “Epic Sideburns” because that’s what it is. 

This look is also known as the lamb chops or mutton chops beard, famously sported by Motörhead frontman, Lemmy and of course, dating all the way back to Colonel Ambrose Burnside, for whom our sideburns are named. 

The look is almost entirely sideburns, so do not attempt to recreate Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine beard without first growing your sideburns out until they’re unreasonably bushy. 

The main features of this look, after the gargantuan sideburns, of course, are the clean shaven strip down the middle of the chin and the mustache that is mostly just stubble. 

Man trimming off his chin hair

How To Achieve the Wolverine Beard

Your first step is going to be growing everything out so you have something to work with. We recommend growing your beard and sideburns out to about 2 inches to look as Wolverine-accurate as possible. This can be slow going and without the proper beard care routine, you might get a lot of split ends and breakage, slowing the growing process down. Make sure you’re using your beard oil every day, and you’re not washing your whiskers with shampoo or bar soap. Using beard wash, conditioner and clean, natural beard care products is all going to help you get to the Wolverine look a lot faster.

Once your beard is at the right length, you’re going to want to shave your chin. A small strip all the way down the chin is going to be enough for the Wolverine look but if you want to go a bit more Lemmy, you can shave your entire chin. You’ll probably need to use a razor for this, and there’s no shame in using a comb to ensure your lines are straight. 

Man using electric razor on his chin

Now you need to shave your cookie duster with a beard trimmer, making sure you’re using an attachment that will leave the amount of stubble you want. Alternatively, if you don’t have a beard trimmer, you can shave your mustache clean and wait for the stubble to grow back. Keep in mind though, that this second option might take a couple of days to match Wolverine’s stubble. 

The final step is trimming the neckline just under your jawline. Use a razor for this as well, as you’ll want it clean shaven to match up with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine look. However, stubble under your jawline also works with this sort of beard style and there’s no reason not to make it all your own. 

Man shaving below his jawline

With all of your shaping and trimming done, don’t forget to finish with some beard oil to sooth your skin and moisturize your brand new Wolverine beard. 

Do You Have a Wolverine Style Beard?

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