Do Women Like Beards? Here's What the Experts Say

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder and no matter what the latest studies suggest, you’re always going to have people who love beards and people who dislike them. But is there a majority? When it comes to catching the eye of women, what do they prefer? Whiskers or no whiskers? This question never seems to die and scientists, it would appear, are just as eager to answer it as the single beardsman. 

Man researching do women like beards

Science has proven women are more attracted to men with facial hair

A team of scientists at the University of Queensland set out to find an answer once and for all. Well, they set out to answer some far more complex questions about female mate selection, but they came across some interesting information that could answer the age-old question about whether or not the ladies love a flowing mane. The answer, you’ll be happy to hear, Kingsmen, is that yes. Yes, women love a man with a beard. 

The majority of the women who took part in this study indicated that they found men with facial hair far more attractive. For both long-term and short-term relationships. In fact, the study found that the longer the facial hair is, the more likely the women are to find it attractive. 

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How facial hair makes a man more attractive

There are a whole load of guesses as to why this is the case. Some scientists hypothesize that a beard makes a man’s face look more masculine, and masculine traits can subconsciously indicate strength and dominance. Others suggest that maybe the gender stereotypes and roles that have been prevalent in our society have something to do with it. It could also be due to the fact that men with a full beard might exude more confidence which is always attractive no matter which sex we’re talking about. 

What about the women who didn’t like beards? What reasons did they give not to like a long, luscious, flowing beard? Well, one reason is that they figured they were dirty or susceptible to bugs like lice. At Kingsmen, we already know that’s a myth, but if you’re worried, all you need is some of our premium beard wash. Just sayin’. Another reason women were turned off by men with a beard is because they link an unshaven face to poor grooming habits. But that’s easily defeated, isn’t it, Kingsmen? Just make sure you’re grooming your beard on the daily, and no one will mistake it for unkempt facial growing out of control. A good wash and conditioner, a trim now and again, daily beard oil and your favorite balm or butter to hold it all in place and no one will be able to argue that your beard is a sign of poor grooming habits. 

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There are small segments of women who find facial hair less attractive

One strange side note is that it seems women who want to remain childless found beards less attractive than women who want to be or already are moms. It might be that they associate beards with fertility? Who knows! All we know at Kingsmen is that beards are beautiful and it shouldn’t matter what anyone thinks. All that matters is that you love your beard as much as we do. One thing we do know for certain however, is that every woman loves the smell of a good man, especially one with holy grail oud cologne.

We want to know, would you shave your beard for a romantic interest? Let us know in the comments and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for more about beards in pop culture!


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