The Ten Most Magnificent Beards Of TikTok

The Ten Most Magnificent Beards Of TikTok As TikTok absorbs increasing amounts of the social media market share, stars have begun to emerge from the platform. Of course, you’ve probably heard of the usuals, the D’amelios and the Addison Raes, but TikTok has grown to the point that, now, you don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy it anymore.

It’s true! It seems like every community has a space on the short-form video platform from science lovers all the way to beans and speckled fruit enthusiasts. Yes, there truly is a corner of TikTok devoted to beans, but I’ve strayed from the point. The point is, there’s no shame in enjoying the platform, even as a grown man because there appears to be something for everyone and beards, beloved Kingsmen, beards are no different. It is in this spirit that we’re going to take a bearded tour through TikTok, to discover which popular creators on the platform have the best beards.

Here’s a countdown of the ten most magnificent beards of TikTok


10. Mr. Hamilton

Casey Hamilton made it big on the short-form app when he began posting videos of himself dancing to popular songs. He caught the attention of Lizzo and his video to Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie went viral, and before he knew it, Mr. Hamilton had 5.2 million followers. At Kingsmen Premium, we like to think it’s half due to his glorious ginger mane.


i dunno why #nostalgia #retro #whalenoises

♬ original sound - Casey Hamilton 


9. Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is a well-known pop singer responsible for such hits as Whatcha Say and Savage Love. He’s also a mesmerizing dancer and a well-groomed beardsman, to boot. He may not have the biggest beard, but we all know size doesn’t matter!


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♬ Wiggle (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Jason Derulo



8. Will Smith

If I have to explain who Will Smith is to you, I’m going to assume you were either born ten minutes ago, or you’ve just arrived from another star system. Mr. Smith is one of the most famous and recognizable human beings on the entire planet, and he’s not fittin’ to let that change anytime soon. He’s burst onto social media platforms like a tsunami, taking YouTube and now TikTok by storm. He wasn’t always bearded, but these days, he’s sporting a good-looking, well-maintained mane. 


First time thirst trapping... am I doing it right? #dubai

♬ Gang Shit No Lame Shit - Key Glock 


7. Jason Coffee

Jason Coffee has the ultimate dad-beard. Most of his TikToks proudly feature his kids as they get up to various shenanigans and take part in TikTok trends. He’s got the family man vibe going something fierce, and it’s wholesome as heck.


Guess The Price! how many did he get right 🤔 @peytoncoffee

♬ original sound - Jason Coffee 


6. Donny Dust

Not your average TikToker, this guy is a Marine Corps vet with combat experience. He went on to serve as an intelligence agent for the United States Marine Corps. Now, he lives in the woods. Yeah, you read me right. He lives in makeshift lean-tos and caves and has taught himself how to make rudimentary tools and survive with only the clothes on his back and his dog. He calls himself a professional caveman and his TikToks live up to the hype.


Reply to @yourmightygod #fyp #foryoupage #caveman #survival #bushcraft #sewing #sewingtiktok #diy #bone #makeit #crafting #lifehacks #yeah #manskills

♬ original sound - DonnyDust 


5. Ironsanctuary

Kevin Clevenger, AKA, Ironsanctuary built his TikTok audience when he showcased his road to fitness. Now, just as ripped as The Rock, he tends to show off the results of all his hard work in his videos. At Kingsmen Premium, though, we tend to believe it was the beard that helped him amass 5 million followers. 


Idk why I made this

♬ BGC Drama Effect - whozmanzz 


4. Tizzyent

A conscientious social commentator, Micheal, also known as Tizzyent, posts entertaining and educational TikToks that have earned him quite a bit of recognition. We know that beautiful beard helped!


The secret to my success. #funny #talent #joke #laugh

♬ original sound - 🐰 Michael 🐰 


3. Russian_cheeseman666

This guy loves cheese and I’m gonna be honest with you, watching his short videos makes me hungry, but I digress. The Russian Cheeseman has about the most glorious bleach blonde beard we’ve ever seen.


👋🧀🌲❄❤ ##cheeseman

♬ Gravity Falls - TV Themes 


2. RobertMichaelis

Robert is a motivational, positive TikToker who really doesn’t have to try very hard because that epic beard is motivation enough! This guy needs way more followers than he has!

 1. Owen.Oj

And finally, the top, most magnificent beard on all of TikTok has to go to Owen.Oj. It’s the beard/hair combo for us. Just take a look and you’ll see what we mean:


When I hear my precious (caffeine) calling .... ☕ ##coffee ##ginger ##beard ##longhair ##curlyhair ##film ##cosplay

♬ The Riders Of Rohan - Lord Of The Rings Singers + Orchestra
So there you have it! The ten most magnificent beards on all of TikTok! Of course, we’d need a team of 10 million and infinite time to scour the entire short-form platform, so if you know of a magnificent beard we missed, let us know in the comments!