Nine Beard TikToks We Think You Need To See

TikTok. It’s the home of strange dances, weird challenges and trends we adults just don’t understand. From the outside, it doesn’t exactly look grown-up friendly, but it turns out, it kinda is. TikTok has a fantastic algorithm that learns what you like to see and within a week or two of using it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a clip you don’t like on your “For You” page.  There really does seem to be a corner of TikTok for everyone and that absolutely includes the well-groomed beardsman. 

Here are ten of those beard TikToks we thought every Kingsman ought to see: 

Dave Vendetta

TikTok user Dave Vendetta shows us his morning beard care routine. I wonder if he’s using Kingsmen Premium Beard Wash? That’s a good-looking lather!  

Ella Hallmark

Ella Hallmark wants you to know that men can catfish, too. That’s internet slang for tricking a potential mate into thinking you look better than you actually do. Often, women get the heat for this one when they wear a lot of makeup. Ella says a beard can get the catfishing job done, too: 


Say, fellas, have you ever seen beard curling before? Now you have:   


This guy just wants to break the world record on the longest ice beard. We think he may have done it! Make sure you watch to the end!

Kevin Clevenger

Kevin Clevenger really working out and showing off his beard but his tiktoks are very funny:


Okay, so this isn’t TikTok, but we felt like you needed to see it anyway. Here’s Rick turning his mane into a rainbow:   


In this one, Matthew Santoro, who is usually bearded, tries the No Beard filter.    


Superdad Dillon Cleckler teaches his toddler girl how to use the beard clippers:  


If US Presidents have beards. This one speaks for itself. (opinions in this clip do not reflect the opinions of Kingsmen Premium!  Watch it while muted if you prefer.)

Beards, it would appear, are everywhere on TikTok! There’s even a dedicated #BeardCare hashtag ( ). This platform isn’t just for kids after all! 

Do you have a favorite beardsman on TikTok? Let us know in the comments!