What is beard relaxer and when do I need it?

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Some beardsmen are graced with a glorious mane, naturally well-behaved with soft locks and a tameable shape. But most beardsman have to work to control those flyaways. The longer and bushier your beard grows, the more wild and uncontrollable it becomes. For some, it can become so unruly that it’s a fight every morning just to get it to look presentable. 

If that’s you, you’ll be glad to know there are solutions. You don’t have to shave, there’s no need to hack away your whiskers. Instead, you can use beard relaxers. There are a number of different products that serve as beard relaxers, so let’s go over what they are and how they work. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to turn your unruly nest into a glorious mane that could grace the front page of a magazine. 

What Is a Beard Relaxer?

A beard relaxer is a product developed to soften and tame your facial hair. If you’ve ever used a beard or hair conditioner, you’ve used a mild hair relaxer. It takes wirey, tangled hair and turns it into soft, manageable and detangled locks. Beard relaxers can be creams, chemicals, or even handheld tools. 

Who needs a beard relaxer?

There aren’t a lot of beardsmen with a naturally soft, easily-tamed beard. For most, facial hair is coarse and unruly and, when you grow it out, it can be a time-consuming task to tidy up. If you find yourself struggling every morning just to get your mane into a presentable state, you’re a good candidate for beard relaxers.

So, what are your options for softening your whiskers and making them more controllable? Let’s take a look. 

Beard Relaxers

Beard Relaxing Cream

Beard relaxing cream is probably the most effective beard relaxer on the market, but it’s full of chemicals that can dry out your mane and cause damage to your whiskers and the skin underneath. Beard relaxing cream should only be used as directed and in cases where nothing else is working. Be prepared afterward to counteract any damage with lots of beard lotion and moisturizing products such as beard oil, beard conditioner and beard butter. Pay attention to your skin’s reaction when you use a relaxing cream as well and discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioner is much gentler than beard relaxer and will not cause any damage or irritation to your skin or whiskers. This product is recommended as part of any beard care routine, whether or not you’re trying to relax your beard. Use beard conditioner following every beard wash to soften your facial hairs, and relax them to make them more manageable.

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Beard Balm

Not all beard balms are equal, but if you seek out an all-natural beard balm with softening ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter, it will help to relax your unruly mane. Beard balm is formulated to help style your beard, providing hold that will keep it tidy all day. However, many beard balms also contain deeply moisturizing ingredients that can soften your beard and make it easier to control. As a bonus, you can pick out a scent you love and smell great until your next beard wash. 

Heated Beard Brush

Heated beard brushes are just smaller versions of heated brushes for hair. Heat automatically relaxes hair of any kind, and a heated brush can calm the wiry curls and give you a much tidier beard and facial hair that is much easier to control. There are two things to be aware of, however. First, a heated beard brush struggles to get that heat down to the roots, so you might need to combine your heated brush with another method of beard relaxer to make sure you’re getting each hair from root to tip. Second, excessive heat applied to your facial hair can cause damage if you’re not taking the right steps to counteract it. Don’t skip your daily beard oil treatment, make sure you’re washing with beard wash and lukewarm water, and always follow up every wash with beard conditioner. If you feel your beard is still taking damage from the heated brush, take a break and use some beard butter for a deep-conditioning treatment. 

Beard Straightener

A beard straighter is the same sort of idea as the heated beard brush, except it features two flat heated plates, rather than bristles. This tool will straighten your beard, so it’s only useful for Kingsmen who are trying to achieve the straight beard look. A heated beard straightener comes with the same two issues as the heated beard brush: it struggles to reach the roots and can cause heat damage. Make sure you’re running through your full, moisturizing beard routine and making use of beard oil, beard conditioner and deep-conditioning products like beard butter to counteract any damage. 

Blow Dryer 

A blow dryer is another source of heat that can relax the hairs in your beard, making them easier to manage. Simply point the airflow downward while you brush or comb out your beard. While this is an effective tool for relaxing your facial hair, it is also a source of heat and can cause a significant amount of damage if used daily. Don’t wait for the damage to become apparent. If you notice your beard is drying out or becoming brittle, take a break from the blow dryer. Prevent heat damage with daily use of beard oil and ensure your beard balm and beard butter are packed full of moisturizing ingredients to replace any oils lost in the blow drying process. 

Shop Beard Relaxers Today

No matter which method you like best, you’re going to need a few products to ensure your beard stays happy and healthy. You can’t go a day without a powerfully moisturizing beard oil, especially if you’re using heat-based products to tame that mane. You’re also going to need a proper beard wash so you can avoid washing with other, harsher soaps that will cause your beard to become brittle. Finally, a beard conditioner is a must to follow up every wash and restore any lost moisture. Kingsmen Premium formulates its full line of beard care products with the health of your beard in mind, and each product is available in any of our coveted scents. Shop beard care kits today to get started with a calmer, healthier mane.