The Benefits of Shea Butter for Your Beard

You know when you can trace the ingredients in your beard butter back to the greatest rulers of the ancient world, you're working with some powerful stuff. Cleopatra herself would hoard clay jars of shea butter for use on her skin and in her hair. In fact, shea butter has been a staple in cosmetics throughout ancient African history and globally in more contemporary times. This ingredient has been in high demand since the African Queen, the Great Cleopatra, kept caravans full of jars of shea. 

Shea butter comes from the nut of the shea tree, which grows in the wild all over Africa. To collect shea butter, the tree’s nut is harvested, cleaned and then boiled. As it heats up, it releases its oils which then collect on the water’s surface as it cools. The oils solidify like butter and are skimmed from the water and refined to eliminate impurities.  The final shea butter product is then shipped to manufacturers in bricks. 

That’s where we get it. Pure, organic shea butter is mixed in with other high-quality, all-natural ingredients to make Kingsmen Premium beard balm and beard butter. Then, we ship it out to you and you reap all the amazing benefits of this ancient ingredient fit for royalty.

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Beard Butters Containing Shea Butter

The Benefits of Shea Butter

  1. Moisturizes
  2. Fights Blemishes
  3. De-puffs/anti-inflammatory
  4. Relieves itchiness
  5. Prevents razor burn
  6. Repairs damage
  7. Prevents hair loss
  8. Deep conditions
  9. Tames flyaways 

Shea butter moisturizes your beard and the skin underneath

Shea butter is rich and silky like the butter we use for cooking. Its oils penetrate deep into the skin and root of the hair to provide powerful moisturizing effects. This ingredient is absorbed rapidly by your beard and the skin underneath, which means it doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue. The hydration your skin and hair will get from shea butter is transformative, making everything feel and look softer and smoother. Pair with solid cologne for men.


Man examining a blemish that could have been prevented by she butter in his beard

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Shea butter can fight blemishes on the skin

If you’ve ever suffered from breakouts on your face from certain beard care products, you might consider using beard balm and beard butters with shea butter in them. Packed with fatty acids, shea butter is known to have healing properties that can reduce the appearance of blemishes. 

Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties

Bearded man suffering from skin inflammation

Fantastic for the beardsman who wakes up with a sleepy, puffy face, products with shea butter can actually act to de-puff your skin. If you have inflamed blemishes, rosacea or rashes and itchy skin under your beard, shea butter can calm it all down with its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Shea butter can relieve itchiness

If you have dry itchy skin under your beard, the moisture provided by the shea butter in beard balm and beard butters will put a quick stop to it. If your itchiness is caused by rashes or skin sensitivity, this very same ingredient can kick off the healing process and bring any inflammation down, fighting off any itchiness and leaving your beard and skin looking great.  

Shea butter prevents razor burn

A Shea butter beard will suffer from less razor burn

Even Kingsmen with the bushiest beards can still shave to keep things tidy. Making daily use of beard butter or beard balm with shea butter in it will prevent the appearance of razor burn, both with its anti-inflammatory properties and its deep moisturizing benefits. 

 Shea butter repairs damaged hair

If your beard is showing signs of fatigue with split ends or brittleness, shea butter can improve these common issues. This amazing ingredient doesn’t just add moisture, it nourishes hair from the root to the tip, making repairs along the way. What’s more is that shea butter contains elements that act as a mild sunblock, protecting your hair from further damage from the sun. It’s packed with vitamins as well that can smooth out rough hair and split ends.  

Shea butter can prevent hair loss

Shea butter in beards can help prevent hair loss

The same nutrients that repair your damaged hair can also protect it. With these nutrients, shea butter quenches your beard and facial skin’s thirst for vitamins and fatty acids, greatly improving its overall health and preventing further hair loss. 

Shea butter deep conditions your beard

Packed with Vitamins A and E, shea butter is a perfect conditioner for any hair. It absorbs fast and leaves your beard feeling soft and hydrated with every use.  

Shea butter is excellent at taming flyaways

Beard flyaways can be tamed by Shea butter

At Kingsmen Premium, we didn’t just put shea butter in our beard balm and beard butter because it moisturizes your beard and skin. We also chose to put it in these specific products to help you with styling your beard. This organic ingredient naturally helps to tame and smooth flyaways and give your control over your mane’s style and shape. 

Shea butter is an organic, all-natural ingredient that does literally everything you want a beard care product to do. From moisturizing and conditioning to repairing damage and easy styling. Now you know why Cleopatra kept dozens of jars of the stuff on hand at any given moment: shea butter is fit for Queens and Kingsmen alike. 

To add Shea butter to your beard care routine, pick up some of our beard balm or our beard butter.