How To Style A Light Beard

Light beard style

Photo by Mitchell Griest on Unsplash

Kingsmen, it’s time to talk beards. Light beards, to be exact. You see, when it comes to facial hair, light beards are like that cool uncle that always brings the best gifts and knows all the jokes. They're sophisticated, refined, and just the right amount of wild. But, like all great things in life, they take a little bit of effort to maintain. So, let's dive in and learn how to style your light beard to the max!

What Is a Light Beard?

A light beard is a beard that isn’t wild and bushy, it’s not too long or unruly. But, it’s also not just stubble or a 5 o’clock shadow either. A light beard is enough to show off your glorious mane but not too much that it takes hours each day to maintain. Light beard styles are easy in every way. They don’t take too much maintenance, they keep the boss happy while also satisfying a Kingsman’s natural desire to rock a magnificent mane. 

Why Choose a Light Beard? 

A light beard is the perfect accessory. It’s not formal, it’s not quite casual, but somewhere in between. It's not too thick or heavy, and great for any season. It's the perfect mix of rough and tough with a touch of class. Think of it as the frosting on the cake, or the cherry on top of a sundae. It's that little something extra that takes your look to the next level and makes you stand out from the crowd. So, if you're looking to add a touch of style to your face, a light beard is the way to go!

Light Beard Styles

Here are some popular light beard styles worthy of any Kingsmen:

  • The Goatee: A classic light beard style that involves only growing hair on the chin and upper lip.
  • The Circle Beard: A style that combines a goatee with a mustache, forming a circle shape.
  • The Van Dyke: A style that features a mustache and a goatee that are disconnected from each other.
  • The Balbo: A style that features a trimmed mustache, a soul patch, and a chin beard that is disconnected from the mustache.
  • The Short Boxed Beard: A trimmed and squared off beard that is short and neat in length.
  • The Friendly Mutton Chops: A style that features sideburns that are connected to a mustache, but not to each other.

These are just a few examples of light beard styles. Ultimately, the best style for you will depend on your personal preferences and face shape. Try experimenting with different styles and see what works best for you!

How To Style A Light Beard

Step 1: Grow it Out

First things first, you need some hair to style. So, let that beard grow, baby! It's important to let your beard grow to the desired length before you start shaping it. Light beards usually refer to a beard that's not too thick or heavy, but just enough to give you that rough and tough vibe. Just remember, growing a beard takes time, so be patient and keep the faith.

Step 2: Trim it Up

Once you have a bit of length, it's time to start shaping. The key to a good light beard is keeping it trimmed and tidy. Use a pair of good quality clippers and trim your beard to the desired length, making sure to keep the sides neat and even. Don't go too short, though, because we want that wild mane to shine!

Step 3: Keep it Clean

Now that your beard is trimmed, it's time to give it some TLC. Wash your beard regularly with a beard shampoo and conditioner to keep it clean and healthy. A healthy beard is a happy beard, after all. And trust me, you want a happy beard.

Step 4: Get Your Grooming On

It's time to get your grooming on, folks! Invest in a good beard oil or balm to keep your beard hydrated and soft. This will also help you to shape your beard and keep it in place all day long. Apply a small amount to your fingers and massage it into your beard, making sure to get down to the roots. And don't forget to comb or brush your beard to distribute the oil evenly.

Light beard style

Photo by Fábio Alves on Unsplash

Step 5: Style it to Your Liking

Now it's time to get creative! Light beards can be styled in a variety of ways, so it's up to you to find what works best for you. You can keep it simple with a straight and tidy look, or add some texture with a messy and wild style. The choice is yours!

Step 6: Keep it Fresh

Finally, remember to keep your beard looking fresh and clean. Trim any stray hairs and keep it shaped to your liking. And, if you're feeling adventurous, try out different styles and see what works best for you. Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite look!

Care for your light beard

Your beard is always going to reflect the quality of the products you use to care for it, so be selective. Choose natural beard oil and beard balms to keep toxins and chemicals from drying out your whiskers. Cleanse with gentle soaps designed for your mane. Kingsmen Premium has formulated each of our beard care products with the health and appearance of your beard in mind and the best way to start taking care of those whiskers is with one of our popular beard care kits. Available in each of our coveted scents, your beard is going to smell and look fantastic. 

In conclusion, styling a light beard is all about finding what works best for you and keeping it trimmed, clean, and hydrated. With a little bit of effort, you'll have a beard that will make all the ladies (or gents) swoon. So, go forth and let that light beard shine!

And, remember, a well-groomed beard is a sign of a well-groomed man. So, don't forget to take care of the rest of you, too! Because, let's face it, the best accessory to a light beard is a confident and stylish you.