6 Beard Styles For Summer 2023

It’s going to be a hot summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a glorious mane. In this post, we'll be revealing our top six beard styles to sport in Summer 2023, the perfect way to level up your facial fuzz game and keep you looking sharp and cool (literally and figuratively)!

1. The Trimmed Van Dyke

Beard styles

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

For the uninitiated, the Van Dyke is a style of facial hair named after the 17th-century painter, Anthony Van Dyke. Think Johnny Depp - a slick combination of a goatee and a mustache, disconnected from each other. For Summer 2023, we recommend a trimmed-down version of this timeless classic. Not only is the Trimmed Van Dyke neat and easy to maintain, but it also exudes a distinctive and artistic charm. This look can be achieved by keeping the chin hair and the mustache short and neat, forming a dapper frame for your smiling summer face!

2. The Short Stubble

Summer beard styles

Photo by Bannon Morrissy on Unsplash

Sometimes, less truly is more. If the blazing summer sun is making your heavy beard unbearable, why not opt for the short stubble? A well-maintained stubble is a timeless style that adds a touch of ruggedness to your look, without the hassle of maintenance that a full beard requires. The short stubble works well with every face shape and is perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance yet stylish look. Just remember to trim regularly to keep it tidy and prevent it from growing into a full beard - unless, of course, you want to transition into a different style!

3. The Mutton Chops Lite

Beard styles for summer

Photo by Emanuel Turbuc on Unsplash

The mutton chops beard style is a bold, statement-making look that isn't for the faint-hearted. However, for Summer 2023, we're introducing the Mutton Chops Lite - a softer, more summer-friendly take on the traditional mutton chops. Instead of letting the hair grow out fully to cover the cheeks, keep it short and stylish. This look allows more skin to breathe while giving off a retro vibe. Paired with a clean-shaven chin and a cool pair of shades, the Mutton Chops Lite can add a funky twist to your summer style.

4. The Circle Beard

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Photo by Ryan Grice on Unsplash

The circle beard, often mistaken for the goatee, is a tidy combination of a round goatee and mustache. This style adds definition to your face, making it an excellent choice for those with a round or oval face shape. It’s versatile, suave, and sophisticated, perfect for both casual get-togethers and formal summer soirées. Keep it neat and trimmed, highlighting the circular design for a classy touch to your summer look.

5. The Balbo

Beard style
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The Balbo beard is one of Robert Downey Jr.'s iconic looks and has gained immense popularity over the years. Characterized by a separated mustache and a beard that extends along the chin's jawline, it's a look that speaks of individuality and style. For Summer 2023, we're recommending a lighter version of the Balbo. Keep the beard along the jawline short and crisp, the soul patch distinct, and the mustache well-groomed. This look not only exudes style but also adds an element of mystique.

6. The Beardstache

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Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Last, but definitely not least, on our list for Summer 2023 is the Beardstache. A fusion of a heavier mustache with a stubble or slightly fuller beard, the Beardstache is a unique blend of rugged and refined. The Beardstache is for those who want to make a strong style statement without a full-on beard. The key to rocking this style is making sure your mustache is the star of the show. Groom it well, keep it a little thicker than the rest of your facial hair, and voila - you've got a bold, classic look with a modern twist. It's perfect for those sultry summer evenings when you want to stand out from the crowd.

So there you have it, folks! Our top six picks for beard styles for Summer 2023. Remember, whichever style you choose, the most important things are good grooming practices and regular maintenance. Investing in a good quality beard oil, a high-grade trimmer, and maybe even a visit or two to a professional barber can go a long way in helping you maintain your beard.

It's also essential to choose a style that not only suits the summer season but also complements your face shape and personality. After all, your beard is not just facial hair; it's an expression of your individual style and a testament to your personal grooming habits. 

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Remember that trends may come and go, but confidence is the one accessory that never goes out of style. So, wear your beard with pride and strut your stuff in the summer sun! The world is your runway, and your beard, your ultimate style statement. Until next time, stay stylish and keep those beards sharp!

Happy Beard-scaping, everyone!