What Does Beard Oil Do?

If you’ve been around here long, you know how often we praise the benefits of beard oil. We’ve been known to tout it as the most important step in your beard care routine. But why is that? What does beard oil do? Let’s take a closer look. 

What Does Beard Oil Do?

What is beard oil? 

Beard oil is often made of hydrating natural oils like jojoba, sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil, beard oil is a liquid form moisturizing product for your beard. Its main purpose is to nourish your facial hair, replacing the moisture it loses throughout the day or during the washing process.  

What does beard oil do?

Even though the primary purpose for beard oil is moisture, beard oil offers many other benefits:

  1. Fights brittle beard
  2. Prevents dandruff
  3. Moisturizes your skin
  4. Prevents itchy beard
  5. Prevents split ends
  6. Prevents breakage
  7. Makes your beard soft
  8. Promotes even growth

Man with full beard 

Beard oil fights off brittle beard

The moisturizing effects of beard oil work to prevent your beard from drying out and it can even bring a dry, brittle beard back to life. Beard oil works effortlessly to moisturize your skin and beard from root to tip.

Beard oil prevents dandruff

Nothing is worse than white flakes all over your shirt, especially when it’s coming from your beard. Regular and proper use of beard oil will work hard to prevent your skin from drying out, thereby preventing the flakes from forming in the first place. 

Bearded man

Beard oil moisturizes your skin 

When applied from root to tip, beard oil provides deep moisturizing for the skin underneath your beard just as much as it moisturizes the beard itself. 

Beard oil prevents itchy beard

When your beard is itchy, it’s often a sign of dry skin. A little moisture from your beard oil every day and you’ll never get beard itch again!

Beard oil prevents split ends

The moisture delivered by a good beard oil is also a prevention factor for split ends, leaving your beard looking full and healthy, even between trims. 

Bearded guy with wife touching a smooth beard 

Beard oil prevents breakage

Breakage can cause your beard to look patchy and unkempt and it might cause you to have to trim it more often or keep it short. Your beard oil, used daily, is your best bet to fight breakage, leaving a healthy, full-looking beard.

Beard oil makes your beard soft

A healthy beard is a soft beard, which means it’s less scratchy to you and anyone you might be getting close to.

Beard oil promotes even growth

Fight off your patchy beard with regular use of beard oil. This miracle elixir uses its moisturizing properties to prevent dead skin and debris build-up around your hair follicles, freeing them to grow normally. 

Men with facial hair 

How do I use beard oil? 

Your beard oil bottle will likely have a dropper. With just a couple of drops in your hands, rub them together to disperse the product all the way to your fingertips. If you feel you need more, add a drop or two but note that your beard should fully absorb your beard oil after 5-10 minutes of applying it. 

If your beard still feels greasy after ten minutes, you’re using too much. Using your fingers, get them all the way to the roots of your beard to massage the oil into the follicles and your skin. Then work your hands through the rest of your beard all the way to the ends of your facial hair. 

Use your palms to smooth over the outside layer, and your fingers to apply your beard oil to your mustache as well. Follow up with a good brushing using your boar’s hair beard brush. 

When do I use beard oil?

Use your beard oil daily and always apply it to a dampened beard. The best time to give your beard some beard oil is right after a shower, in the steamy bathroom after a quick towel-dry. These conditions are optimal for absorption. 

Man with long beard 

Final Recommendations for Using Beard Oil

Beard oil has so many benefits for your whiskers and skin. It’s no wonder we’re always saying it’s the most important step in a good beard care routine. So, if you’re not already using your beard oil every day, get started and you’ll harness the transformative effects of a Kingsman’s favorite product.

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