Top Tips for How to Grow a Beard

If you struggle with growing your beard, the first thing you should know is that you’re not alone. Not even remotely. This is one of the most common questions in beard culture today. Every beardsman has struggled now and again. Whether you’re young and your beard is still patchy or you’re older and struggling with slower hair growth altogether, or you’re somewhere in between, your problem is not unique and millions of men have struggled before you. This is good news because it means that all the beardsmen who came before us had time to figure out methods to coax more growth out of your beard. While we are still learning how to make hair grow when and where we want it to, we have managed to stumble across some helpful hacks that will increase your chances of success. 

Tips for growing a fuller, bushier beard

  1. Moisturize
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Eat well 
  4. Get your exercise 
  5. Sleep well
  6. Take vitamins
  7. Choose the right products for your beard 


Moisturizing is an important step in how to grow a beard

This is the most common problem when it comes to slower hair growth. When your skin is dry under your facial hair, it can flake off and cause buildup around the base of some of your hair follicles. Ensuring you’re keeping both your skin and your beard hair moisturized will prevent this from happening. You’ll also fight off beardruff, itchy skin and dry, brittle whiskers.  


If you style your beard every day with beard balm, beard butter or mustache wax, you can create a build-up of product around the base of your hair. Just like with dead, dry skin build-up when you need to moisturize, product can build up in there, too. This can slow or block regular growth. Light exfoliation with regular use of a beard brush is going to loosen up all that gunk and make it easier to wash out with a beard wash. 

Eat Well

Eating well is the most important tip in how to grow a beard

A balanced diet will always help get that beard growing. Make sure you’re filling your daily meals with lots of healthy proteins like fish, eggs and lean meats. You’re going to want to eat lots of greens and whole grains as well as foods packed with zinc. Healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado will help keep that beard and your skin moisturized and strong. You should always be eating lots of fruits and veggies, too, for all those vitamins and nutrients which are great for your hair. A balanced diet won’t just give you the nutrients you need, but can also help to balance out your hormones which can solve slow hair growth if it stems from a hormone imbalance. 

Get Your Exercise 

Exercise is good for health in general, and that includes hair growth

Getting regular exercise can help balance out your hormones and that can often be all that’s needed to fill out your beard. Sweating can also help to clear any blockage at the follicle level as long as you’re washing really well afterwards. Oxygen is going to circulate in your body at a higher rate and increased blood flow will work wonders for hair growth. Exercise is a good idea for infinite reasons, but regular beard growth is way up at the top.  

Sleep Well 

Getting enough sleep is a factor when growing a beard

Sleeping well allows your body to function normally and it can lower stress levels. Stress can destroy hair, both on your head and on your face. If you struggle to clear your mind at night, we recommend a little meditation before bed to ensure your mind is settled and you get a solid eight hours. 


Vitamins can supplement your diet to help maximize the growth of your facial hair

Boosting your diet with a regular intake of supplements, especially iron, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E will promote hair growth and help to balance out your hormone levels.  

Choose the Right Products For Your Beard


Shop Beard Care Kits

One of the most common mistakes a beardsman makes is using bar soap, shower gel, or regular shampoo in their beard to wash it. These products often have harsh detergents in them that can strip your beard of its natural oils. Even with just one use, they can leave your beard feeling dry and straw-like. Make sure you’re using a proper beard wash, which will be gentler and specifically designed for the health of your whiskers. Regular use of beard conditioner, beard oil, and beard balm or beard butter is going to moisturize and deep-condition your beard. Brush with a beard brush, as well, to fight the build-up of product and dry skin around the base of the hair, leaving your beard free to grow. 

Beyond these easy considerations, it always helps to talk to your general practitioner. Your doctor can help you identify skin issues or ailments that cause hair loss or poor hair growth, like hormone imbalances and alopecia. DIY hacks are helpful, but can never replace the educated advice of a medical professional. 

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