Best Foods for Beard Growth

We know Kingsmen love their steaks and burgers, crispy fries and hot wings. We do too! But somewhere, deep in the dark recesses of our minds, we all know the truth: like every other aspect of our lives, food also affects our beards. A poor diet can rob that magnificent mane of its shine. It can slow hair growth, cause increased breakage and even hair loss. You’re probably here because you love your whiskers and you want to know how to keep them healthy. That means we have to watch what we eat. So, we’re going to tell you how to do that! It’s not all bad news, fellas. The foods your beard loves are kinda tastey, anyway! Here are the top ten foods your beard will love and ten foods you should stay away from.

10 Foods That Are Not Good For Your Beard

  1. Refined sugar
  2. Bad carbs (high-glycemic)
  3. Seafood with mercury
  4. Alcohol 
  5. Too much Vitamin A
  6. Salt
  7. Aspartame
  8. Greasy food
  9. Saturated fats
  10. Raw eggs 

Refined sugar

Refined sugar is bad food for beard growth

In a roundabout way, foods that are high in refined sugar cause an increase in a male hormone that can shrink your hair follicles and slow the growth of your hair. This can happen in patches, causing a spotty beard. 

Bad Carbs

Refined carbohydrates are poor food for beard growth

We’re talking about pastries and donuts, french fries, pastas, cakes and excessive amounts of white rice. When these foods break down, they turn to sugar fast, causing the same issues for your hair that sugar does.  

Seafood with Mercury

Seafood high in mercury can jeopardize your beard growth

While seafood doesn’t often contain enough mercury to make you really sick, if you eat enough high-mercury seafood, you can jeopardize your hair. Fish like mackerel and swordfish are often the culprits here, and can actually cause hair loss. 


Alcohol acts to stunt your beard growth

Alcohol is very dehydrating and can cause your beard to dry out and become brittle. It breaks down into sugar as well, so you can experience the same damage to your hair that excessive sugar causes. You’ll also find alcohol attacks and depletes your zinc levels, which your beard needs.

Too Much Vitamin A

Some vitamins in large quantities are bad for beard growth

Vitamin A can be great to bring shine to your beard and protect against it drying out. However, in doses that are too high, it can lead to hair loss. Regulate your intake of Vitamin A for healthy, shiny hair.  


Salt acts to dehydrate your body and is discouraged for strong beard growth

Salt is very dehydrating, especially in high doses. A high salt diet can keep your beard dull and dry. Cutting down on your salt intake can make your whiskers very happy!


Lineup of artificial flavoring in foods

Aspartame is in more foods than you might realize. This artificial sweetener can cause toxins that attack hair follicles. While much about how and why is still unknown, be nice to your beard, Kingsman, and avoid this ingredient.

Greasy Food

Greasy food is not conducive to hair growth

That greasy bacon double-cheeseburger may taste great in the moment, but the grease sticks around. If you make a habit of eating this way, you’re going to be a greasy dude with a greasy beard and clogged follicles. So, forget the drive-through, for your mane’s sake!  

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10 Foods That Are Great For Your Beard

  1. Fish with no mercury
  2. Oats
  3. Spinach
  4. Eggs
  5. Yogurt
  6. Almonds
  7. Lentils
  8. Avocadoes
  9. Pumpkin
  10. Chickpeas

Fish with no mercury

Low mercury seafood is excellent food for beard growth

Salmon and tuna are great for your beard and have very low mercury levels. Plus, they taste great! 


Oats are quick and easy to prepare food for beard growth

Oats are packed with fatty acids that promote beard growth! Your hair loves this stuff, so go grab some oatmeal, Kingsmen!


Spinach is packed with iron which beards love

Turns out, spinach is good for everything. Yeah, even your whiskers, Kingsman! It’s packed with iron and that beautiful beard of yours loves that stuff. Get some green stuff in you! 


Eggs are an all around super food that are great for beard growing

There are so many good things packed inside just one egg, from almost all the vitamins to fatty acids and carotenoids. Incorporating eggs into your diet is fantastic for your body, your skin, the hair on your head and of course, those lovely locks on your chin. Kingsmen, get cracking!


Yogurt is high in helpful vitamin B

The creamy tang of yogurt makes it a great addition to any meal, but it’s also great for your hair. It’s loaded with the B vitamins your facial hair loves. Keep your beard happy easily by eating loads of this good stuff. 


Almonds provide vitamin E to help grow your facial hair

Your whiskers love Vitamin E. Almonds are packed with it. Almonds are also delicious. It’s a win-win! 


Lentils are bursting with folic acid which is a nutrient with well-known benefits for your hair and your skin. These are also some of the most affordable little bites on the planet, and with the right recipe, they can become something delicious.  


Avocados contain Biotin which is helpful for strengthening and growing your beardhair

All natural and luxuriously creamy, avocados are also packed with biotin. Biotin is going to help your beard grow, fellas. Always make sure to order the extra guac!


Pumpkins contain beta-carotene to help condition your beard hairs

Before you carve a scary face into this orange gourd, why not eat it instead? Pumpkin has loads of beta-carotene which can provide conditioning from within for your facial hair, leaving your beard hydrated, soft and looking amazing.


Chickpeas contain folate to help your follicles prosper

Folate is the key nutrient in chickpeas that your beard wants. Incorporate some hummus into your life (flavor tip: add hot sauce!) and you’re going to have a happy beard. 

That’s a lot to think about when you're shopping, but the pattern is pretty easy to recall: stick to whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible and your beard will love you. When you eat like a king, you’re going to look like a king.

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