10 Tips to Keep Your Beard Healthy This Summer

Kingsmen, you’ll be happy to know that the old myth that beards make the heat of summer worse is just that: a myth. In fact, a beard protects your skin from the sun and cools the air closest to your face. Beards, in other words, are great for the heat of summer.  

Sporting a full summer beard

Sporting a full summer beard in abundant heat and humidity, though, can really do a number on your whiskers. We want to make sure Kingsmen everywhere are taking these steps to ensure their beard stays healthy and full through the hottest months of the year:

  1. Rinse your beard after swimming
  2. Regular use of beard oil
  3. Wear sunscreen
  4. Drink water
  5. Wash your beard regularly
  6. Use products with stronger hold
  7. Moisturize
  8. Regular brushing
  9. Seek shade
  10. Keep it trimmed

Best Tips for a Healthy Beard This Summer

Rinse your beard after swimming 

 Rinse your beard after swimming

It doesn’t matter if you’re swimming in the ocean, a lake, a river or a pool, you gotta rinse your beard after. Salt water can be very drying to skin and hair and the chlorine in pools can completely destroy it with prolonged exposure. Even lakes and rivers have potential pollutants and allergens in them that can irritate your skin. A good rinse after a swim is going to ensure you’re not exposed to anything your beard won’t like for too long. 

Regular use of beard oil 

Beard oil’s primary purpose is to replenish the natural oils your beard loses in the washing process as well as moisturize it throughout the day. But beard oil can also act as a protectant against harsh chemicals, salt and pollutants when you swim. Applying beard oil before you know you’re going for a swim is going to create a barrier between your hair and the water. 

Wear sunscreen

We know that a huge part of making sure our beards are healthy is keeping the skin underneath happy as well. Avoid burning your skin in the sun by applying sunscreen. Dried out, burnt skin can cause dandruff in your beard and it can stunt new beard growth. Apply your sunscreen everyday and you’ll have a healthy beard all summer!

Drink water

No one has to tell a Kingsman how important hydration is, especially during the summer. You might want to up your H2O game if your beard dries out in hot, sunny weather. Beard oil provides moisture from without and drinking water gives your body moisture from within. 

Wash your beard regularly  

Wash your beard regularly 

With sunscreen and swimming and dust and pollen in the air, your beard acts like a filter. All that debris and residue can build up over time and collect on your skin, around your hair follicles. This can slow growth, cause irritation and itchiness and it can make everything feel a little greasy. A regular cleanse with beard wash ensures you’re cleaning that all up, clearing away any product build up and letting your beard breathe. 

Use products with stronger hold

If you’re headed out for a special occasion, and you want your beard to hold its shape, try using a balm or wax instead of a butter this summer. Heat can break down oil based products easier than it can wax based. If you want to keep your hold, opt for the stronger products. 


It starts with beard oil, and continues with drinking water, but if you still find your beard or the skin underneath is dry, you gotta up your ante. Grab yourself a premium beard conditioner and make sure you’re following up each wash with it. You can also apply an overnight mask of beard butter for a deep conditioning treatment. Moisture is key in summer because the sun is going to bake as much of it out as possible. 

Regular brushing 

Grab yourself a good boar’s hair beard brush and give your beard the once over regularly. This helps to distribute your natural oils as well as any beard oil you may have applied. It’s also great for exfoliating the skin underneath, leaving those follicles clear of debris and ready to absorb moisture and keep those hairs growing.  

Seek shadeSeek Shade

Reduce the amount of sunlight your beard and skin are absorbing. If you can’t find a nice tree to sit under, bring a ball cap! Keep those whiskers out of the sun as much as you can without sacrificing your time in the great outdoors. Your beard will retain its moisture a lot longer. 

Keep your beard trimmed

You don’t have to shave your beard right off, but regular trims are going to ensure there’s more moisture to go around. 

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