5 Best Mask for Beard Tips

Alright beardsmen, let’s talk about masks and what they do to our whiskers. We’re a year into this mess and masks are still required almost universally. We know you’re feeling the pain. It’s defeating to go through your carefully executed beard care routine every morning, brushing each hair into shape, using your Kingsmen Premium products to maintain that style, only to pop on a mask and have it all ruined in moments. 

If your whiskers are like most, it doesn’t take long under that mask before your mane seems irreversibly misshapen. The mask has pulled it tightly under your chin and held it there while you exhale and essentially steam your beard into place. By the time your face is free again, you’ve got a curve that would make Cardi B jealous and it feels like there is no way to fix it. 

Well, we’re here to tell you there is a fix. There are actually several fixes. Some might require a little extra care and attention, while others might require a buck or two, but the fixes are real, gents. So buckle up and let’s get into it. 


1) Mask Beard Prevention

Your first option for managing mask beard is to prevent it from happening at all. The easiest way to do this, of course, is to stay home and avoid going anywhere where you have to wear a mask. For most Kingsmen, however, this just isn’t possible. You may have to wear a face-covering at work or you might be in charge of picking up the groceries. Maybe you have to take the kiddos to the dentist or the doctor. Some of us just don’t have the option to stay home. 

2) Masks Designed For Beards

There are several different styles, shapes and sizes of these types of masks, but they are specifically designed to leave your glorious mane be. Instead of pulling up under the chin, they lay down the length of your beard, like a bandana. They come with the same ear straps as a mask, but it looks more like you’re about to rob a train than pick up diapers at the Stop n. Shop. Search Amazon for “bandit mask” or “beard tarp” and that’ll bring up a fair number of options for you and your luscious locks. Eg: https://amzn.to/3tzeadM 

3) Style Away Mask-Beard

Kingsmen Beard Balm

Beard Balm

Option three is easier on the wallet, of course. It’s hard to justify buying another mask as the vaccines roll out and our houses are all probably already filled with plenty of face coverings. So wear your traditional face mask and when you take it off and see that wave that could bring a surfer to their knees, here’s what you do: 

Five easy steps for styling mask beard

  1. Brush your beard upward. Bring your brush from under your chin and drag it up. It’s best to have a proper beard brush made with boar’s hair. This material is the perfect density for shaping your whiskers and getting your beard oils and balms right where they need to be. You can’t beat the Kent Oval Grooming Brush here
  2. Try to puff your beard up with continued vigorous brushing. Use your fingers to get your beard truly standing on end and expanded to its fullest. 
  3. Now it’s time to brush it down, but do it softly. Just barely enough to bring your beard back to the shape you want. Use your hands to shape as well. 
  4. If you’ve completed all the previous steps, and there’s still a significant dip in your beard, repeat those steps but use beard balm or beard butter. 
  5. If you’re still not happy with the outcome, use a spritzing bottle to dampen your beard and then try the previous steps again. 

This option is not perfect and may not give you the results you want, so, onto the next method!

4) Use Heat To Get Rid of Mask Beard

Heat for your beard can come in many forms. You can grab a heated beard brush on Amazon for a reasonable price or you can just use a rounded brush and a hairdryer. The idea here is to use the heat to style your beard in the opposite direction of your mask wave. It doesn’t take much heat to reverse the dip from your mask, even if you’ve been wearing it all day. Once you’ve added heat while brushing your beard up, reverse it and style your beard the way you want, while continuing to use your heat. This is, by far, the fastest way to reverse the dents your mask left in your mane.  

5) Wash Your Beard

Beard Wash

Finally, if all else fails, just wash and dry your beard again. This isn’t the best choice, because you’re going to end up washing your beard way too often, and you may cause it to dry out and become brittle. Worse, you could end up with beard dandruff. This is the last resort choice, the option you take if you have to meet your girlfriend’s parents after a day of wearing a mask or maybe you’re giving a talk or headed into your dream job interview on Zoom. Whatever the case, only use it once in a while to be kind to your beautiful beard.  

Your beard can really suffer under your mask, so it’s important to consider its health just as much as its style. Ensure you’re replenishing your facial hair’s natural oils with premium beard care products. Oils, butters, balms and conditioners are going to replace anything that gets stripped from your whiskers under that mask. Using a proper beard wash rather than harsh soaps or hair shampoos will also help ensure your beard is in tip-top shape under your mask. 

These are all effective workarounds for defeating beard mask. Hopefully, this isn’t a worry we’ll be having for long, but until then we’re glad you and your beard are staying safe and healthy.

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