How to Fix a Patchy Beard: 7 Tips for Thicker Facial Hair

Patchy beards are the most common complaint from beardsmen the world over. Men of all ages, shapes, and sizes struggle with patchy beards and uneven facial hair growth. It’s more common than you think, but there are solutions.  

So, Kingsmen, how do we fix a patchy beard? Let’s answer the question once and for all. This guide is going to take you through some troubleshooting tips to help you achieve the thickest, most luxurious mane possible. We’ll help you make a patchy beard look thicker, teach you how to grow a beard, and learn how to fix a patchy beard. 

#1: Grow it Long

grow out patchy beard

When you have more facial hair, it will naturally cover more area. Longer beards will fill in patchy areas just with the sheer volume of hair. You’ll also be able to better identify problem areas and find out if some of the patchiness you’ve been experiencing is a result of uneven growth. Some of your whiskers may just need longer to grow. We recommend giving it two months at least. Yes, growing your beard out for two months could be a lot to deal with, but with the right tools, you can make it look business-casual if need be.   

After two months of growth, you’ll find either clearly identifiable patches that aren’t growing or discover that you could grow a full beard after all, and all your whiskers needed was a little bit of time. 

Beard care during the grow-out is crucial as you want to give your mane every reason to grow evenly. Beard wash and conditioner instead of harsh soaps, daily beard oil for growth, and brushing are critical at the very least. 

#2: Or Keep it Stubbly

Patchy Beard Stubble

Keeping a neatly trimmed stubble is one of the best patchy beard styles as it can also achieve the same minimization of patchiness that a long mane can. Strategic trimming and shaping of stubble can further reduce the appearance of patchiness as well. Patches may even add to the ruggedness of a short stubble beard or 5 o’clock shadow. 

A quick buzz with a razor or trimmer every few days  can help maintain a stubble beard that reduces the appearance of any patches you’re struggling with. The lower the guard number, the less obvious the patches will be. Use a #1 or a #2 for the best patchy beard length. Your barber will also do a great job.

You’re going to want to keep your stubble and face moisturized because more of that skin underneath will be visible, so don’t skip on your daily beard oil just because you’re rocking the 5 o’clock shadow! 

#3: Keep the Lines Neat and Clean

Even the patchiest of beards are going to benefit from a neat and tidy trim. Spend time with your trimmer shaping your beard and keeping those lines clean. Don’t neglect your sideburns and the neck. Your sideburns should effortlessly blend into the rest of your facial hair. Clean up the growth near your cheekbones and tidy up your mustache, giving your facial hair some nice, squared-off lines. You might also make regular visits to the barber for a really clean look.

Take your tidy look to the next level with daily beard oil and a brush through with either a beard brush or beard comb. Take the time to style those whiskers and make sure you’re trimming your beard regularly to maintain that tidy look. 

#4: Use the Right Beard Products

The right beard products can actually promote regular growth and help to fill in some of those patchy facial hair areas. Start with a good wash. Always avoid using regular shampoo, bar soap, or shower gel to wash your beard. Soaps like these will strip your mane of its natural oils and dry it out. Grab yourself a good beard wash and beard conditioner to make sure your beard is maintaining the moisture levels it needs to grow evenly. Next, make use of your beard oil every day. Always apply it to a damp beard and let it absorb before using any products on those whiskers. A beard balm with clean, natural ingredients will help you shape and style your beard while feeding it the nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy. Finally, a beard butter can provide deeper conditioning, promoting even, healthy growth and a fuller-looking beard. 

Patchy beard care products

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All of these products can be crucial to a spotty beard because often, patchiness is caused by dried-out skin and hair. As product and dead skin cells build up around hair follicles, patchy beard growth can be exacerbated. Maintaining your moisture levels and cleaning with a proper beard wash will prevent this from happening. 


Additionally, it pays to look for products with growth-promoting ingredients like grapeseed and jojoba oil. 

#5: Brush it Out 

brush out patchy beard

A proper beard brush is designed to redistribute your natural oils throughout your facial hair to keep each whisker moisturized. The bristles can also offer a gentle exfoliation effect, helping to prevent buildup in your pores and around your follicles, freeing them to grow normally. Brushing out your whiskers can also reduce the appearance of patchiness by covering up areas with less growth.   


Brush your beard every morning after you’ve applied your beard oil and let it absorb for 5-10 minutes. When you achieve the beard look and shape you want, rub a bit of beard balm between your palms and distribute it throughout your beard using a gentle sweeping motion. Glide your palms gently over the outside of your beard to hold that tidy look all day. 


Eat a healthy diet 

#6: Eat a Healthy Diet

As is the case with all of life’s most common complaints, a healthy diet can improve the patchiness of your beard. We’ve got moisture and nutrients from the outside covered, but now we need to look at how we can deliver even more of those good, beard-growing nutrients from the inside, too. 

Start with lean proteins like fish, chicken breast, and turkey. Whole grains and healthy carbs are also key to a diet that will help to promote beard growth. Try to consume as many nuts and chickpeas as you can. Finally, good fats like avocados and olive oil are your beard’s favorite foods. 

All of these foods come with nutrients that all hair needs, including zinc, iron, and vitamins, but a daily supplement can help ensure you’re getting enough of the good stuff to help fill in those patches. 

Don’t forget your water, though, Kingsman. You have to deliver moisture from the inside just as much as you do from the outside, so make sure you’re getting your daily H20 intake for a happy, healthy, full mane.


#7: Consider Dying Your Facial Hair

For many beardsmen, their patchiness comes more from areas of lighter colored hair than it does from a lack of hair altogether. If that’s you, you might consider the use of beard dye. It’s a simple and affordable way to add a little bit of color to those lighter areas, reducing the appearance of patchiness. 

If you do choose this solution, make sure you’ve got the right shade. Don’t go too dark or it will look unnatural. It might be good to choose a shade lighter than your natural color to begin with. You can also opt for a dye product that claims to be subtle to end up with a more natural look. This is how to fill in beard patches without it looking fake. 

How to fix a patchy beard 

Patchy Beards: Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a patchy beard?

The most common cause of a patchy beard is, unfortunately, genetics. However, dry skin and facial hair, lack of nutrients, and blocked follicles are also often to blame for patchy beards.

Are patchy beards attractive?

Considering many beloved famous men the world over have rocked the patchy look, like Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt, it is safe to say that a beardsman who confidently sports his patchy mane is attractive.

Will a patchy beard fill in over time?

It all depends on your genetics. It is true that for many younger men, it takes some time for those follicles that are still dormant from childhood to wake up. Generally speaking, the older you get, the more full you’ll be able to grow your beard. 

How do I stimulate beard growth?

Proper daily beard care using products that contain ingredients known to stimulate growth, such as grapeseed oil. Beyond that, a healthy diet, hydration, exercise and deep conditioning beard butter treatments are all how to stimulate facial hair growth 

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Having a patchy beard is no reason to stress. There are solutions for a patchy beard, including embracing the look. There is nothing wrong with rocking that patchiness like Keanu does. You can also make that patchy beard grow with a proper diet, hydration, and beard care using products with ingredients your whiskers love. Shop the full lineup of Kingsmen Premium beard care products
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