How Much Beard Butter to Use In Your Routine

Beard butter, when used correctly, is truly transformative. It destroys dandruff, banishes dry, itchy skin and eliminates brittle hair. What’s more, this miracle product also offers a decent amount of hold, so you can keep your beard styled as you go about your business. Beard butter is one of the most loved products in all of beardom, and it’s still a relatively new thing. It comes by its popularity with ease, as it delivers everything a beardsman wants for his whiskers and smells great, too. 

We love beard butter. We love it just as much as you do. Really. But here’s the thing, Kingsman. You might be using too much.

We know what you’re thinking, “Wait, what? Too much luscious beard butter? Is that possible?” and we’re afraid the answer is a resounding yes. 

So, to help you figure out if you’re in the too-much-butter crowd, we’ve put together these signs you might be using too much beard butter: 

Five Signs you might be using too much beard butter:

Difficulty washing your beard butter out of your mane

Your ability to wash your beard should help inform how much beard butter to use

As with any moisturizing product, beard butter is oil-based. Oil-based products are designed to be absorbed by dry skin or hair, but when you use too much, there can be a thick residue. A gentle beard wash may not be able to wash it all out effectively when you’re overusing your butter. You’ll need much harsher detergents for that. If you find that your normal beard wash isn’t cleaning out the residue of the beard products you used that day, then you’re probably using way too much. Dial it back a little and try that out for a while. You’ll be surprised to see that your beard still gets all the great benefits of a good, organic beard butter and your beard wash is going to effectively clean your mane as well. 

Your pillowcase is greasy

Greasy bedding can guide you on how much beard butter to use

If you wake up every morning and your pillowcase looks like the bottom of a KFC bag, you might be using too much beard butter. Of course, the best solution is to lower the amount of product you’re putting in your beard, but you can also switch to a silk pillowcase as well. This is going to absorb a lot less of the oil in your beard and hair, and it’s gentler on your whiskers, too!

Your beard is excessively greasy to the touch 

Man frightened of his oily beard

If you’re using the right amount of beard butter, your hand should come away clean after stroking your beard. If you run your fingers through your beard and they come out with an oily film, you’re using way too much. You don’t want a greasy beard, you want hair that is soft and touchable. Trust us, your beard butter is going to deliver moisture, shine and hold perfectly even when you use less. 

You’re using more than a dime-sized amount for an average-sized beard 

A dime size portion is how much beard butter you should use

We always recommend starting with a dime-sized amount for a medium-sized beard. You can always increase or reduce the amount you use based on your beard’s specific needs, but start with the dime-size first. You’ll be surprised just how far it can go, 

Your shirt is greasy

If your beard reaches your shirt or you frequently wear collared shirts and other high-necked clothing, the state of that apparel at the end of the day is going to be a dead giveaway. If it’s greasy when you finally take it off, you’re probably using way too much beard butter. The oil base of the beard butter should be mostly absorbed by the hair and skin. It shouldn’t leave a heavy residue that can transfer to your shirt. Save yourself some money on laundry costs and clothing replacements by reducing the beard product usage. 

Here’s how we recommend applying beard butter: 

  1. Grab a dime-sized amount to start. 
  2. Rub the product in your hands to warm it up and melt it. 
  3. Starting from the oldest growth to the newest, work your hands through your beard.
  4. Use your fingertips to apply the butter to your mustache.
  5. Bring your hands up through your beard from the underside as well, to ensure even disbursement.
  6. Ensure you’re getting that product all the way to the roots and skin. Beard butter is great for skin!
  7. Style your beard as desired. 
  8. Wait at least 20 minutes to give it a feel test for greasiness. 

When used properly, beard butter isn’t going to ruin shirts or your bedding. If given time to absorb, your beard should not feel greasy and at the end of the day, it shouldn’t be hard to wash the product out. Your beard should be soft, it should be able to hang onto its style and it should smell great. By using the right amount of beard butter for your beard, you’re going to be saving money on the product, on your shirts, on your water bill and on your bedding! So, take a close look at how much beard butter you’re using and you’ll get the most out of this product. 

If you aren't currently using butter as part of your maintenance routine, we recommend you pick some up.


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