How Often Should You Wash Your Beard? (Explained)

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If you’re a daily shower sort of Kingsman, you know the urge to wash your beard while you’re in there is strong, especially when you already shower with Kingsmen body wash for men. You've probably wondered how often you should be washing your beard hairs. The problem is, daily beard washes may not be the best thing for your whiskers.

You could actually be doing more harm than good. Today, we want to talk to you about how often you should wash your beard and what can happen if you wash it too much or too little or even with the wrong product.

Stick around and learn more about washing your beard and your beard care routine might just become significantly easier. 

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Why should I wash my beard? 

Your magnificent mane is like a giant filter on your face, catching every dust particle, dirt, and debris that’s in your path. It collects allergens, food crumbs, and bugs, absorbs oil and dirt in the air and all those fragrant Kingsmen beard care products will build up over time.

All of these things together can cause a great many unwanted problems for you and your beard if left unchecked. A dirty beard is going to smell, even if you try to cover it up with our coveted Holy Grail beard oil. You’ll get the great scent of oud with notes of sweat and dirt underneath.

If you want our popular scents to truly shine, you need a clean beard to work with. You’ll also find a dirty beard repels people and can be a turn-off for your partner. Your skin can become irritated and build-up around the follicle can slow growth causing your beard to appear patchy and unhealthy.

There is no other way to look at it, Kingsman, your beard needs a proper wash developed to get rid of the crud it collected throughout the day so you can smell and feel great. 

How should I wash my beard?

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It’s important to choose a beard wash and avoid the common mistake of using bar soap, shower gel, or hair shampoo to wash your whiskers. Your facial hair and skin are very different from the skin and hair on your head.

Washing Your Beard: Shampoo vs. Beard Wash

Shampoo for your dome is stronger and more stripping which can dry your mane out, leaving it crusty, itchy, and irritated. We recommend using shampoo specifically designed for washing beards and facial hair.

A beard wash is designed specifically for your facial hair, won’t strip its natural oils, and will leave it touchably clean and smelling great.

A small amount in the hand, maybe a dime-sized amount, should be enough for the average-sized beard. You’ll know you’re using enough if it works into a rich, beautiful lather.

Work the lather into your beard so it reaches the skin and once you’ve massaged it through your whole beard, rinse the suds thoroughly and follow up with a beard conditioner. 

How often should you wash your beard? 

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Finding the answer to the, "how often should you wash your beard?" depends on a few different factors. We recommend, as a starting point, to stick to washing your beard a few times per week. Between 3-4 washes should be enough for the average Kingsman.

However, there are exceptions to how often you should wash your facial hair.

Times when you should wash your beard daily:

If you work in an exceptionally dirty environment and your beard comes home showing it, you want to wash that out. All that gunk, dust, and dirt in your beard is going to be worse for your whiskers in the long run than frequent washes.

You’re working out every day and you end up in a significant sweat, you’ll want to wash that away, too. Additionally, you'll want to wash your beard daily if,

  • your beard and face are extremely oily,
  • you’re allergic to allergens in the air that collects in your beard
  • if you’re in a line of work that sees you near people who may be contagious, wash your beard more often.

Tips for Washing Your Beard Daily

If you’re one of those Kingsmen who needs to wash his beard daily, just make sure you’re replacing all the moisture you’re washing away. Use your beard oil every day and as your beard feels dry. Use a beard conditioner right after washing.

Give your whiskers a deep-conditioning treatment with overnight beard butter wear and finally, ensure you’re choosing beard care products with moisturizing, healing ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and more. 

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What can happen if I wash my beard too often? 

  • Dry skin
  • Dandruff
  • Itchy skin
  • Brittle hair
  • Patchy beard

Washing your beard too often can result in extremely dry skin which can, in turn, result in dandruff and itchy skin. Your beard hair will feel wiry and brittle and your beard might even stop growing evenly as dead skin collects around the follicles and slows growth.

Our Final Advice on How Often Should You Wash Your Beard

In short, Kingsmen,  if you don’t need to wash every day, don’t do it! (But do wash your beard with beard shampoo!) Your beard needs time to rebuild its moisture levels and stay healthy and strong. 

We want to know how often you wash your beard. Let us know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more about beard care!