Best Smelling Beard Oil Scent Options

Dentist appreciating the best smelling beard oil for that setting

The last thing a Kingsman wants is to be stuck in the dentist’s chair as his hygienist can’t stop sneezing over him. It’s a nightmarish scenario, especially given the increased need to avoid bugs and germs. The problem is wholly avoidable, though, if you plan your scents ahead of time. It’s one thing to refrain from wearing cologne or heavily scented lotions and deodorants when you see the tooth doc, but if you’re an avid user of our beard products, you might want to consider which scent you’re using in your mane, too. 

Not all scents are equal in every situation. Just like your choice of footwear, the fragrance your beard is sporting should match the occasion. Putting a little thought into your scent choice can make or break an event. 

Fragrances For Appointments

For appointments like a dental cleaning or a physical, where we know professionals will be up close and personal, a Kingsman should always have our unscented oils, balms, butters and waxes on hand. There’s no reason to sacrifice the health and style of your beard just because you’re in to get your biannual cleaning. Take the same approach you would when you head to the doctor or to get your haircut. Take it easy on these folks. They have a lot of people to smell before and after you. 

Fragrances for Work

The best smelling beard oil for work

A professional Kingsman should also consider the scents he wears to work. Whether you’re a tradesman, an artist or the CEO, if you work amongst other people, choosing the aroma you give off at the office should be done with consideration for your colleagues. Appropriate scents for the workplace will be milder, less intense fragrances like citrus, lavender and blueberry. You want to smell fresh and clean, but you don’t want to overwhelm the people around you. Wizard, White Knight and Chainmail have the perfect aromas for the workplace. You’ll smell great without taking everyone’s focus off their job. That goes for any professional setting: meetings, interviews, conferences, classes or house calls. 


Scents for Date Night

The best beard oil fragrance for date night

If you’re headed out on a date, that’s a whole different story. You definitely want to pick something memorable and intoxicating. This is no time to play it safe. Give your date something to remember you and your whiskers by. A fragrance like Oud is perfect for locking on to our memories and never letting go. Worn by ancient Kings and noblemen, the scent conjures up feelings of confidence and influence. It is rich, irresistible and exotic, and unlike any scent you’ve experienced before. It’s sure to leave its mark in the memory of your partner. There’s a reason Holy Grail is Kingsmen Premium’s flagship fragrance. Its oud base is simply unforgettable.  

Fragrances for Dinner

The best smelling beard oil for social settings and dinner

A dinner party, on the flip side, is no place to sport a bold scent. Often, we’re crammed in next to each other at the table with barely enough elbow room to cut our beef wellington. Consider the comfort of your dinner table neighbors. They aren’t going to want to be breathing in deep cologne fragrances while trying to enjoy the delicate flavors of your sister-in-law’s asiago and arugula salad. Be gentle! Use a citrus-based scent as a sort of palate cleanser for the nose, or an aroma with hints of vanilla to whet the appetite. Kings Court or Chainmail both hit these marks perfectly. Clean, soft and warm, they’ll energize appetites and keep you smelling great all evening.  

Scents for the Gym

This is the best beard oil smell for working out

If you’re out to play basketball with the fellas, or for your daily workout, you’re going to end up all sweaty and gross anyway. There is no need to fill the gym up with powerful scents because all it’s going to do is mix with the smell of sweat and body odor and turn foul. Instead, it’s a perfect time to make use of your Unscented Kingsmen Premium beard care products. Besides, it’s all coming out in the shower when you’re done. We suggest taking the same approach to time with the kiddos, too. If you’re in dad mode, things are bound to get messy. No sense wearing a scent that could irritate little noses if you’re just going to hop in the shower when it’s all said and done.  

Scents for a Night Out

Man enjoying a night out after selecting the best beard oil

A party or a night out on the town calls for a bold fragrance, much like a date. Everyone around you is going to be wearing their favorite perfumes, so you’ll want to consider wearing something that makes you stand out from the crowd. A statement like the unforgettable Holy Grail or the earthy notes of Dragon are perfect for a club, bar or party.

Choose scents with summery citrus notes if you’re outdoors. At the beach, the lake or hitting the links, your best choice is going to be something light and airy and not too rich. Kingsmen Premium beard care product scents Wizard, White Knight and Chainmail are all perfect for sunny days outside.

There’s a Scent to Match the Occasion 

So, whether you’re in for a massage or you’re at your family’s house for dinner, there’s a scent to match the occasion. A Kingsman knows there are some scenarios where you definitely want the aroma wafting from your beard to garner attention, and there are many scenarios where you don’t. Considering which is which is going to ensure you and your glorious mane leave a great impression everywhere you go.

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