23 Best Grooming Gifts for Dads with Beards

Dads are often far too busy being awesome to spend time thinking about grooming, but even the scruffiest of papas love pampering with the best grooming gifts. It’s challenging to stay up to date on the latest in skincare, haircare, and beard care when you’re running around after toddlers and trying to get your littles to little league on time.  So, if you’re looking for a gift for your pops,  treating him to the best gifts in men’s grooming is a great choice. 

We took the time to compile a list of some of the most groundbreaking, innovative gifts in men’s grooming so you can treat your dad to the finer things in life. From transformative beard care products that can turn the most brittle whiskers into luscious, flowing manes to salt scrubs and lotions that will reveal a new glowing layer of skin, these products will take your busy dad from bedhead to drop-dead in no time. Let’s jump into the best grooming gifts for dads with beards. 

Beard Oil by Kingsmen Premium 

best grooming gift ideas for dad

Whether your dad has an unruly long beard or a chic stubble look, he’s going to need premium beard oil, and we know just the one. Kingsmen Premium beard oil makes a great gift and is made from all-natural ingredients. This oil is formulated to take your beard to the next level. It’s a miracle elixir that does everything from nourishing your whiskers and skin to fighting off beardruff and patchy growth. 

Your dad will love the gift of Kingsmen Premium Beard Oil, not just because it makes your beard look amazing, but also because it’s a chance to smell great. Raising kiddos isn’t always the most glamorous activity and often comes with strange new smells. Give your dad the gift of smelling great amongst the chaos with his favorite scent from Kingsmen Premium. 

Kingsmen Premium Beard Oil can be purchased on Kingsmenpremium.com 

3 Swords Germany Manicure Kit

This top-rated nail care kit is one of the best grooming gifts for men and comes with fingernail clippers, toenail clippers, a nail file, and tweezers. Your dad will have everything he needs to keep his fingers and toes neatly groomed. The price point can’t be beaten for the quality, making it a top gift for dad. 

You can grab the 3 Swords Germany Manicure Kit on Amazon

Beard Balm by Kingsmen Premium

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Dad life is unpredictable, and it has that effect on dad beards, too. Your pops could be fighting flyaways, split ends, and a dry, brittle beard, and maybe he can’t remember the last time his beard looked put-together and tidy.

With Kingsmen Premium beard balm, you’ll gift your dad the ability to shape and style his beard so he can look like he just walked off the cover of GQ even when he just finished folding two weeks' worth of laundry. 

Kingsmen Premium beard balm makes the perfect grooming gift and has intensely moisturizing ingredients that whiskers love. You can keep your beard tidy while feeding it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, grow evenly and fight dryness. Available in all Kingsmen Premium’s most coveted scents and unscented, this beard balm is hard to pass up. 

Gift Kingsmen Beard Balm on Kingsmenpremium.com

Dopp Kit Toiletry Bag from Topo Designs

Topo Designs has outdone themselves with these highly functional, durable, and washable toiletry bags. Available in multiple pleasing color schemes, this kit bag stands easily on its own thanks to its triangular shape, which means fewer leaks and spills while you’re on the road. The spacious interior is lined with waterproof material, which keeps the contents inside while keeping moisture on the outside. 

Your dad can pack all his beard care and skincare products in this kit, whether he’s headed to a luxury hotel in Miami or a sleeping bag on the Appalachian Trail. This Dopp kit is the perfect grooming gift for men.

Grab a Dopp Kit for Dad from Topo Designs

Beard Butter by Kingsmen Premium

Dry skin and dry whiskers are problems most beardsmen face, especially busy dads. Kingsmen Premium Beard Butter offers an easy, enjoyable solution to that, making it a great gift even for the busiest of beardsmen. Its deep conditioning properties are great for overnight treatments, but it’s also perfect for taming and shaping wild whiskers throughout the day. Your dad will fight dry skin, flakes, itchiness, and brittle hairs with this powerful formula, and he’ll smell great doing it. 

You can get the gift of Kingsmen Premium Beard Butter on Kingsmenpremium.com

Monster Beard Brush by Kent

For the bearded dad who’s always fighting tangle and wild, unruly whiskers, the Monster Beard Brush is the weapon of choice. When going up against knots in a beardsman’s mane, you want the right tool to do the job and two hundred and forty years of brush-making behind this design ensures this is it. Your dad will conquer every tangle with ease with the gift of Monster beard brush by Kent.

Purchase the Monster Beard Brush by Kent on Kingsmenpremium.com

Beard Wash by Kingsmen Premium


beard wash for fathers

Busy beardsmen might wash their beard with anything on hand, but beards don’t like shampoo and other forms of soap. Help your dad wash his beard the right way with the gift of a premium beard cleanser that won’t strip all his natural oils. This transformative product is formulated to gently cleanse away dirt, product, and dust while retaining moisture and nourishing the skin and hair.  It’s a completely different experience from washing a beard with regular shampoo and a gift your bearded dad will surely appreciate. 

Grab Kingsmen Premium Beard Wash from Kingsmenpremium.com

Beard Conditioner by Kingsmen Premium

A good beard conditioner replaces any stripped moisture during the washing process, producing a soft, touchable mane with healthy skin underneath. The moisturizing effects of beard conditioner fight off the most common beard complaints from patchy growth to flakes and itchy, dry skin. Every dad will appreciate the gift of a healthy beard and the deep moisturizing skincare that Kingsmen Premium’s Beard Conditioner provides. Available in each of Kingsmen’s popular scents, this beard conditioner is bound to make your pops feel and look great. 

You can purchase the gift of Kingsmen Premium Beard Conditioner on Kingsmenpremium.com

Braun Series 7 7071cc Electric Razor

Braun is a brand synonymous with quality electric razors, trimmers and top grooming gifts, but the Series 7 stands out as some of the best. For a durable electric razor that offers a close shave and great value, this is the best choice for dad. The 7071cc comes with useful accessories, a cleaning system and a carrying case and for all of these reasons, we think it’s the best choice for an electric trimmer for any beardsman looking to keep his whiskers tidy. 

You can buy the Braun Series 7 7071cc on Amazon.com

Sigma Grooming Straight Razor

A great beginner straight razor, the Sigma Grooming Straight Razor is affordable and easy to use, making it a great gift for men. Your Sigma Grooming Straight Razor comes with 50 blades, so you never have to worry about sharpening your razor. This razor is lightweight and uses a standard 45mm blade. The wood handle makes it easy to open and comes with a wooden case.

You can purchase your Sigma Grooming Straight Razor on Amazon

Mustache Wax by Kingsmen Premium

Mustache wax is one step above beard balm when it comes to hold and styling. If your dad is a beardsman who loves to style his whiskers carefully, this product will help him achieve the looks he’s after. Made with real beeswax and all-natural ingredients, Kingsmen Premium mustache wax is packed with nourishing elements. This wax is available in all of Kingsmen Premium’s sought-after fragrances as well as unscented, so dad will look and smell great even after a busy day. 

Buy Kingsmen Premium Mustache Wax at Kingsmenpremium.com

Pocket Comb by Kent

Kent’s handcrafted combs are particularly gentle on your facial hair, never snagging or tugging on any of your whiskers. It’ll fit perfectly in Dad’s pocket as he goes about his daily business, easy to whip out and tidy up the old mane anywhere he finds himself. The smooth finish and rounded teeth make the combing experience gentle on the skin and easy on your hair. These super affordable combs are a top choice for any beardsman. 

You can purchase Kent Pocket combs on Kingsmenpremium.com

Gold Bond Ultimate Foot Softening Cream

Made with shea butter, this foot cream is next level effective at softening calluses and preventing dry, itchy feet. Applied every night, this luxurious foot skincare cream is transformative, loosening dead skin and revealing soft, fresh skin underneath. If your dad has to wear heavy boots or sports bare feet a lot, he may be in desperate need of a little foot pampering. Gift him soft feet with Gold Bond Foot Softening Cream.

You can grab Gold Bond Ultimate Foot Softening Cream on Amazon

Oval Grooming Brush by Kent

Handcrafted from Beechwood, the Kent Oval Grooming Brush is a joy to use, even on the scruffiest of manes. Designed to tame the wildest beards, this brush fits easily into the palm of your hand, giving you full control of the finished look. It’s a perfect gift for the dad who loves to keep his mane tidy. If you’re looking for a gift for your bearded dad, a brush from the world’s oldest brushmakers is a great choice. 

Purchase the Kent Oval Grooming Brush on Kingsmenpremium.com

Body Wash for Men by Kingsmen Premium 

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Kingsmen Premium’s body wash for men is part of a full line of men’s grooming products that come in all of Kingsmen’s coveted fragrances. Choose from the warmth of the ever-popular Holy Grail or opt for the clean, crisp aroma of Wizard. Either way, your dad will love this cleanser as the first step in skincare that leaves skin soft, moisturized, and smelling fantastic. 

Layer it up with the other products in the Kingsmen Premium line of men’s grooming products, and your dad will create a depth of scent that will keep him smelling like a million bucks all day. 

You can purchase Body Wash for Men by Kingsmen Premium at Kingsmenpremium.com

Men’s Lotion by Kingsmen Premium

Your dad will be able to restore and replenish his skin’s natural moisture with this deeply rejuvenating skincare lotion for men from Kingsmen Premium. This lotion is packed full of nutrients good for any man’s skin, dads included.  It is a great gift choice for dads who struggle with dry skin and love to smell and feel great. Grab this lotion in any of Kingsmen’s popular scents and layer it with the other items in the full line of Kingsmen Premium’s men’s grooming products. 

Purchase Men’s Lotion by Kingsmen Premium at Kingsmenpremium.com

Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

Consistently among the best hygiene gifts, this cordless Waterpik is perfect for travel and will fit in any toiletry bag for dads on the go. It comes at a great price point and boasts rapid charging. Easy to use, a Waterpik will take your dad’s oral hygiene to the next level. Far more powerful than daily flossing, a Waterpik prevents gum disease, cavities, and bad breath. This powerful and affordable tool is bound to make your dad’s dentist happy. 

Grab a Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser for your dad on Amazon. 

Holy Grail Oud Cologne by Kingsmen Premium


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Kingsmen Premium’s most coveted scent is the timeless oud wood-derived Holy Grail. Worn by noblemen throughout history, this fragrance carries an air of sophistication and refined taste. It’s warm, with notes of vanilla, and it’s the perfect choice for a dad who likes to turn heads. You and your dad won’t soon forget this fragrance, and just one spritz will last a Kingsmen the whole day. 

Purchase Kingsmen Premium’s Holy Grail Oud Cologne on Kingsmenpremium.com

Solid Cologne for Men by Kingsmen Premium

Solid cologne is an alternative to spray cologne and offers moisturizing properties to keep your skin soft and to smell great all day. Solid cologne for men by Kingsmen Premium comes in a small tin that lasts, making it incredibly valuable for the price. Solid colognes can give you more control over how much you use, adding to that value. It is sure to become your dad’s favorite cologne. Choose from all of Kingsmen Premium’s popular fragrances, or try them all!

You can purchase Kingsmen Premium’s Solid Cologne on Kingsmenpremium.com

Sea Salt Scrub by Kingsmen Premium

This is the perfect gift for dads who might work in dry environments or around dust and dirt. A gentle exfoliant, Kingsmen Premium’s Sea Salt Scrub gently works away dead skin, dirt, and grime, revealing a fresh, new layer of skin underneath. Your dad can stave off the dull look of dry skin by using this exfoliating scrub at least once per week. Kingsmen Premium offers their sea salt scrub in all their popular scents so your dad can layer his fragrance with Kingsmen Premium’s line of men’s grooming products as well as the highly sought-after beard care products.

Purchase Sea Salt Scrub by Kingsmen Premium on Kingsmenpremium.com 

Ultra Repair Lip Therapy by First Aid Beauty

Developed for all skin types, this unisex lip balm is renowned for its reparative properties. Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, your dad will love this luxurious lip product that fights off dry, flaky lips and heals cracked, chapped skin. Better than anything you’ll find in a drugstore and a vegan, cruelty-free product, this balm is colorless and odorless and feels heavenly on the lips. If your dad struggles with dry, chapped lips, this could be the answer. 

Purchase Ultra Repair Lip Therapy by First Aid Beauty on Sephora.com

Beard Care Kits by Kingsmen Premium


beard care gift sets for dad

A glorious beard needs care, and there is no better beard care routine than those provided by Kingsmen Premium’s Beard Care Kits. Hit all the basics with these grooming gift sets for him, including beard oil, beard balm, and mustache wax, as well as the reparative beard wash and beard conditioner combo. Gift your dad a complete beard care regimen in his favorite Kingsmen Premium scent. Save money when you buy it all in a kit and help your dad achieve glorious whiskers. 

Purchase Kingsmen Premium’s Beard Care Kits on Kingsmenpremium.com

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