Beard Oil Vs Beard Butter: Here's the Difference

Growing and maintaining a beard isn’t complicated, but it can seem that way to someone just starting out. There are so many products on the market, and, at face value, they can all seem pretty similar. But every beard care solution out there has its own unique purpose and knowing what those purposes are can help you develop a custom beard care routine unique to the needs of your own whiskers. So, today, Kingsmen, we’re going to talk about the differences between beard oil and beard butter. 

What is beard oil? 


Beard Oil Vs Beard Butter: Here's the Difference

 Beard Oil

Beard oil is a product used almost exclusively for nourishment and moisturizing. One can argue that a third use is scent, but with or without a fragrance, your beard oil is there to keep your beard healthy and happy. Regular use of beard oil replaces natural oils that are lost in the washing process, moisturizing the skin underneath your whiskers and the hairs themselves. Your beard oil won’t offer much in the way of hold, although it has been known to tame a few flyaways now and again, but rarely does this hold last. Made to absorb completely, beard oil gets down to the heart of your hair and follicles and delivers power moisturizing deep into your beard and skin.

What is beard butter?  

Close up photo of beard oil vs. beard butter

 Beard Butter

Your favorite beard butter is going to be a good source of moisture for your mane, just like beard oil, but it also comes with a little bit of styling power. Beard butter is a much thicker consistency than oil and won’t be fully absorbed, enabling it to keep your beard in the shape you desire. Beard butter acts as another layer of hydration when used in conjunction with beard oil and when left on overnight, it can be used as a deep-conditioning treatment for your glorious locks. 

How do I use beard oil? 

Ensuring your beard is damp first, start with a couple of drops of beard oil in your hand. Don’t go overboard with it or it won’t absorb fully and your beard will feel greasy all day.  Rub your digits together, and don’t forget to get some product on the fingertips so your oil can get all the way back to the base of each hair as well as the skin. Work your fingers through your beard, from root to the oldest growth. Smooth your palms over the surface to start your basic shape and then use your fingertips to work the product into your mustache. Let it absorb into your beard for at least five minutes before using any other beard products. 

How do I use beard butter?

Dime image for application comparison

With a clean, dry beard, take a dime-sized amount of beard butter into your palm and warm it up between your hands. Work the product through your hair as you create the shape and style you desire. Follow this with a quick once-over using your Kent beard brush and use your palms to lightly smooth the surface of your beard. You can reapply as flyaways happen throughout the day, but be aware this product can build up over time as it doesn’t fully absorb. 

When do I use beard oil?

We recommend making use of your favorite Kingsmen beard oil every morning without fail. This is the most important step in a beard care routine, ensuring your beard has the moisture it needs to stay full and healthy. If you shower in the morning, the best time to apply oil to your beard is when you get out of the shower, right after you towel-dry your beard. If you haven’t showered, spray your beard down with some lukewarm water first, just to get it damp before you add the oil. Reapply throughout the day if your beard is feeling particularly dry.  

Photo of man after using beard oil and beard butter

When do I use beard butter? 

Use beard butter when you need a light hold to keep the shape of your beard. You can also make use of beard butter when you need to tame some flyaways. Our favorite use, however, is when you apply beard butter just before bed so it has all night to nourish your beard, giving it a deep-conditioning treatment. 

Beard Oil vs. Beard Butter

While both beard oil and beard butter can accomplish some of the same things, beard oil is designed to be entirely absorbed, while beard butter is not. Your butter is going to do a better job of holding the shape of your whiskers than oil will. Beard butter can be used as an overnight deep-conditioning treatment. Finally, the beard oil step should never be skipped, whereas, your beard will be just fine without beard butter for a day.

We want to know what you’re most concerned with, hold or nourishment? Let us know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more beard care tips!