8 Beard Mistakes You're Probably Making

If you’re waking up every day with a dry, crunchy beard, itchy skin and even flakes, but you can’t seem to figure out what you’re doing wrong, we’ve got the goods for you. We’ve put together a list of the most common mistakes you might be making with your beard because chances are, the cause of your beard woes is one of these things:

  1. Using too much product
  2. Using piping hot water
  3. Washing your beard with bar soap or regular shampoo
  4. Using too little product
  5. Using beard oil on a dry beard
  6. Not caring for your skin 
  7. Using the wrong tools
  8. Not giving your beard enough moisture 
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Using too much product

When your beard is dry, the answer is to moisturize, right? Well, yes, but within limits. Here’s the thing: if you’re using too much product, you can be suffocating your glorious whiskers. The worst part is that when you apply too much oil, or work in too much beard butter or even beard balm, you’re going to need to use more beard wash, more water and scrub a little harder to wash it all out. This can have a negative effect on your beard. A great rule of thumb is to watch the grease. If you run your hand over your beard a half an hour after applying product and it’s showing signs of grease on it, you’re using too much. Check your pillow, bedsheets and shirt collars for grease stains as well. If you notice any, let up on your use. You want to use just enough oil so that your beard absorbs it and you can no longer feel it a half hour after application. 

Using piping hot water 

Hot water can certainly make it easier to wash product out of your beard, but did you know it’s also really harsh on your beard. Along with all that product, you’re melting away your natural oils that keep your beard healthy and soft. Your best bet when washing your beard is to use lukewarm water. This can change your beard in a matter of days.  

Using too hot of water to wash is a beard mistake 

Washing your beard with bar soap or regular shampoo

Both bar soap and shampoo for the hair on your head are too harsh for your facial hair. Shampoo contains heavy detergents meant for the thicker and stronger skin on your scalp. The skin on your face is far more delicate and requires a softer touch. The health of your whiskers starts at the root and that means you have to consider the skin underneath. Grab yourself a proper beard wash and use that on your facial hair instead. 


Using too little product is a beard mistake

Using too little product 

If you’re washing your beard on the regular, you’re stripping some of your natural oils from your skin and facial hair. You need to replace this moisture right after your shower. Whenever your beard gets wet, ensure you’re applying beard oil directly afterwards. You might also consider making use of a deep conditioning beard butter before bed for an overnight moisture infusion. Start with a small amount, and if it’s not doing the trick, use more the next night. 

Using beard oil on a dry beard

The best time to apply beard oil is when your beard is damp, especially if you’re in a steamy bathroom right after your shower. Your wet beard will absorb more oil than a dry beard and that’s what you want to happen when you apply beard oil.  Your hair is more porous when wet and it’s locked down tight when it’s dry. So, get your beard oil in there when your whiskers are damp! 

Close up of man examining his beard

Not caring for your skin

The skin underneath your beard is where the health of the hair begins. If you’ve got dry, flaky skin under there, you run the risk of developing dandruff and creating dead skin buildup around the follicle of each hair. This can prevent or slow hair growth and it can be pretty embarrassing when you wear black and your shirt is covered in white flakes. Moisturizing your beard begins with moisturizing your skin. Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize and your magnificent mane will thank you!

Using the wrong tools

Cheap plastic combs can catch on your hair and tear them out, and the same goes for regular hair brushes. Most plastic items have “seams” from where two sides of a mold meet, and even when tiny and barely noticeable, these can be rough on your whiskers. Instead, grab yourself a high quality Kent comb or beard brush for your beard. These are items you can hang onto for life and they’re designed to be perfectly gentle on your beard while also getting the job done. 

Becoming dehydrated is a mistake when maintaining your beard

Not giving your beard enough moisture 

Moisture comes from within as well as from without. Ensure you’re drinking your 8 glasses of water a day. Unfortunately, Kingsmen, coffee, beer and Redbull don’t count. You need that water to keep your skin and hair hydrated. You also get the bonus of it being great for your overall health as well. Beard oil, beard butter, beard balm and 8 full glasses of crystal clear H2O: your moisture checklist for a luscious mane. 

If you’re making any of these mistakes, the good news is that they’re all pretty easy to fix. Every beardsman has committed one or two in the time they’ve had a beard so you’re not alone. Now you know and now you can fix it!

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