10 Celebs Who Rocked The Handlebar Mustache

When we think of a handlebar mustache, often images of old black and white films come to mind, or grainy old photos from the dawn of photography. The handlebar certainly isn’t very contemporary, but that hasn’t stopped some of the world’s most recognizable faces from sporting one. 

Check out these ten celebs who rocked a handlebar mustache:

Geraldo Rivera

Handlebar Mustache

Geraldo, a well-known and sometimes controversial American journalist, once said this about his iconic mustache, 

“It started forty years ago as part of a beard but since that my mustache has stared calling the shots. What started as innocent facial growth has now taken over my personality completely.”

Like him or not, the man can rock the handlebars! 

Hulk Hogan

Handlebar Mustache

The handlebar mustache is perfect for over-the-top characters and there are few characters as over-the-top as Hulk Hogan. His look is a sort of cross between a goatee and a handlebar mustache and is often referred to as a horseshoe mustache. Whatever you call it, Hulk rocks it like nobody’s business. 

Rollie Fingers

Handlebar Mustache

Famed MLB pitcher Rollie Fingers has been wearing a handlebar mustache for over 50 years. He played 17 seasons in the MLB and retired in 1985. Now 74, his mustache has just as much handlebar as it did when he was 22 and a rookie. 

Colman Domingo

Handlebar Mustache

Colman might be most recognizable from his appearance on the Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead. There was no handlebar mustache in this role, but he’s been seen out and about sporting one off-screen and we think he pulls it off spectacularly.  

Morgan Spurlock

Handlebar Mustache

Long past his Supersize Me days, acclaimed director, Morgan Spurlock is still rocking that same handlebar mustache. Resembling that of the previously mentioned Hulk Hogan, it’s kind of a horseshoe shape, as well. In any case, a redhead with a handlebar stands out in all the best ways.  

Willem Dafoe

Handlebar Mustache

With one of the most expressive faces in Hollywood, WIllem Dafoe doesn’t really need another standout facial feature, but when he wore a handlebar mustache for the action film, Whiskey Bay, he certainly pulled it off.  

Matt Dillon

Handlebar Mustache

Like Willem Dafoe’s co-star in Whiskey Bay, Matt Dillon rocked the same handlebar look and took it to a whole new, bushier level.  

Paul Rudd

Handlebar Mustache

Who can forget Paul Rudd’s hilarious role in the Anchorman movies? Aside from the gut-splitting comedy, we’re big fans of the facial hair, especially Mr. Rudd’s glorious handlebars.  

Armie Hammer 

 Award-winning actor Armie Hammer from such films as Call Me By Your Name and Hotel Mumbai decided to grow a handlebar ‘stache during quarantine. When he posted a selfie with the new look, which also included a mohawk, he made waves on social media: 

Taylor Kitsch

Handlebar Mustache

Taylor had to grow a handlebar cookie duster for his role in Only The Brave and we approve!  

Who Do You Think Has the Best Celebrity Handlebar Mustache?

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