10 Celebs Who Rocked The Circle Beard

The circle beard is exactly what it sounds like, Kingsmen: just a circle of magnificent facial hair around your mouth.

It’s a beautifully round goatee connected to a mustache, and no sideburns are invited. It’s a specific look that has had some negative connotations in the past, associating its style with geeks and nerds.

But the times have definitely changed and we’re embracing nerd culture now, and the circle beard, well, it’s just kinda badass these days.

Don’t believe us? Here are ten celebs rocking a circle beard to prove it: 

Circle Beards on Celebs: Bryan Cranston 

Bryan Cranston circle beard

As the feared and ruthless Heisenberg in Breaking Bad. This ain’t no Minecraft speedrunner, fellas. Heisenberg put fear into some of the most notorious, albeit fictional, gangsters in all of New Mexico. This is the circle beard you don’t want to see alone in the desert outside Albuquerque: 

Circle Beards on Celebs: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 

Dwayne Johnson circle beard

Heisenberg may be the one who knocks, but we’ve all whiffed what the Rock is cooking: straight, unadulterated, badassery. This fella is built like a tank and for some reason, that circle beard just brings his whole look together: 

Circle Beards on Celebs: Leonardo DiCaprio 

Leonardo DiCaprio circle beard

It doesn’t really matter if you’re thinking of Titanic Leo, Basketball Diaries Leo of the Wolf of Wall Street Leo because all the Leos are Leos we admire. From flawless acting in roles like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Romeo in Romeo & Juliet alongside Claire Danes, to his full-time commitment to cleaning up our world, Leo is a stand-out kind of guy. His circle stubble is our favorite Leo look: 

Circle Beards on Celebs: Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt circle beard

Like Leo, Brad has a whole library of award-worthy roles under his belt from Benjamin Button to Inglourious Basterds, this guy can play any role that comes his way. He’s out there making the world a better place with his philanthropy like Leo, too, and we think that makes his circle beard look even better: 

Circle Beards on Celebs: Will Smith 

Will Smith circle beard

Will is an absolute icon in pop culture, topping music charts, starring in sitcoms we will never forget, and bringing life to some of the most memorable on-screen roles Tinseltown has ever seen. And on top of all that, he can rock a stubble circle beard like nobody’s business: 

Circle Beards on Celebs: Idris Elba 

Idris Elba circle beard

We fell in love with him when he played Stringer Bell in the acclaimed TV series, The Wire. We became even more attached when he took on the role of Heimdall in the Marvel Universe and we couldn’t get enough of his all-around badassery in the Fast and The Furious. There’s no doubt in our minds, his circle beard just brings it all together: 

Circle Beards on Celebs: Colin Farrell 

Colin Farrell circle beard

Another acclaimed actor who never seemed to be out of work for about ten years there. It kind of seems like this guy doesn’t age because he sports this circle beard just a furiously now as he did when he was just coming up in Hollywood: 

Circle Beards on Celebs: Ice Cube 

Ice Cube circle beard

Few rap groups are as notoriously tough as NWA, and Ice Cube was a big part of that. Since those days, he’s brought so much more to our culture from his television roles to his solo albums. This guy makes the circle beard look extra cool. 

Circle Beards on Celebs: Christian Bale 

Christian Bale circle beard

You’ll have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t think American Psycho when they think of Christian Bale and though the circle beard does soften that serial killer look of his, he’s not someone we feel we need on our bad side! 

Circle Beards on Celebs: Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Arnold Schwarzenegger circle beard

The ultimate pinnacle of peak male form, Schwarzenneger isn’t just a lot of muscle. He’s also got a conscience and likes to use his platform for good. We’re all about Ahnold and his epic circle beard. 

Which Celeb Do You Think Rocks the Circle Beard Best?

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