10 Celeb Men Who Can’t Grow Beards (But Still Rock a Patchy Beard)

So, you’re one of the many men who can’t grow beards but want to rock some facial hair. We get it. It’s frustrating. You try everything you read on the internet and nothing seems to help. 

This could be for any number of reasons, not the least of which is your age. You might just need to wait sometime before your beard begins to fill out. 

10 Examples of Celebrity Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

But no matter what the cause is, we have some good news for you: this isn’t something you need to worry about anymore. Why? Because patchy beards can be just as aesthetically pleasing as that full, bushy mane you long for. Don’t believe us? Check out these 10 celebs who rock a patchy beard:

1. Keanu Reeves

Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

The unofficial king of the internet has about the patchiest beard of them all, and yet we all still recognize this man’s style and charm. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the Bill and Ted era, or John Wick, this man is the definition of cool, proving that you can rock any look with enough confidence. 

2. James Franco 

Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

No one is going to argue that this man’s patchy beard draws away from his charisma. An Academy Award nominee with a long and impressive resume, James’ beard is probably the last thing he worries about and it doesn’t matter, because we think it looks great. 

3. Daniel Radcliffe

Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

If Daniel had the magic skills of Harry Potter, would he give himself a fuller beard? Probably not, because the look suits him and we are here for it. 

4. Justin Timberlake

Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

The man who brought sexy back often rocks a patchy beard without a care in the world. More power to him, we say. That beard is glorious, patches and all. 

5. Chris Pratt

Celebrity Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

One of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces is frequently and proudly photographed sporting his patchy beard. He makes no apologies and nor should he! That’s a beautiful beard! 

6. Channing Tatum

Celebrity Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

Mr. Tatum is not just a famous actor, but he’s also an accomplished dancer and can often be seen unshaven with a patchy beard. He’s a good-looking dude to begin with, but we think that beautiful beard takes him to a whole other level. 

7. Johnny Depp

Celebrity Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

Johnny needs no introduction. From 21 Jump Street to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, this guy has graced the screen in more movies and shows than there are individual hairs in his beard. But this guy has never lost his immense sex appeal and we think he owes at least some of it to his whiskers. 

8. Iwan Rheon 

Celebrity Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

Iwan’s most recognizable troll has to be one of the worst villains television has ever seen, Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones. It’s amazing how his patchy beard added to the overall evil feel of that character, and at the same time, offscreen, the beard adds to Iwan’s overall attractiveness. It’s a beard with a dark side!

9. Ed Sheeran

Celebrity Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

Redheaded singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran looks like a million bucks with his scruffy orange whiskers. His adoring fans all over the world agree: his beard rocks. 

10. Matthew Mcconaughey

Celebrity Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

Alright, alright, alright. No man on earth could rock a laid-back beard as well as this laid-back King. It just feels like kismet that this guy, whose very demeanor could lull a caffeine addict to sleep, has a no-fuss beard and owns it. 

Who is Your Favorite Celebrity?

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